Many death thronged to the nearby Maohuawu, but they were afraid to go near it.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 Many death thronged to the nearby Maohuawu, but they were afraid to go near it.

Captain Mao Hua smashed the home team’s house, and he must be in a bad mood to approach it rashly, even being hacked to death by her directly.
"Captain, what happened?"
Finally, Xiao Ye Zhongxin walked over and was cautious.
Mao Hua said coldly, "tidy up the house. I want to see it repaired when I come back."
Xiao Ye Zhongxin hurriedly said.
Maohua snorted and turned away and walked towards Fushan, a carp.
When he came to Lushan, Xuexin was holding a huge stone and squatting constantly. When he noticed the arrival of Maohua, he threw the stone and turned around. He was surprised and shouted, "Captain, why are you here?"
Mao Hua said sullenly, "I didn’t control the strength when I used the knife and smashed the home team house. I came here first without a rest place."
"Ha ha ha, captain seems to be trying to control his mental pressure but he didn’t." Snow letter burst out laughing.
Seeing him smiling, but not feeling a little offended, unlike those who are afraid in front of him, he can show his true feelings.
But when I saw him smiling, I was still unhappy and said coldly, "Shut up."
Snow letter immediately shrank his head, then stepped aside, pulled out a knife and looked at Maohua and said, "Captain, come and fight. I won’t lose this time."
"talk big"
Maohua threw the scabbard aside with a cold hum and looked forward to it.
Can you please me this time?
Chapter one hundred and eleven Battle
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The spiritual pressure has been reduced by a full grade.
In front of me, the spirit pressure emitted by the fierce flowers is swallowed up. If there is a spirit pressure away from the body, it will disappear and the spirit pressure will remain.
Can win.
Snow letter looked at each other and had an idea in my heart.
Snow letter naked back Lei Guang flashing energy instilled in his limbs with great power and instantly came to Maohua to cut it out with a knife.
Lei Guang blade
Sword pressure wrapped Lei Guang carrying great power and crackling in the air.
Mao Hua Qian Liu raised his right hand and the long knife also split a knife.
The two men collided with long knives, and the airflow instantly exploded and swept away. Lei Guang was still flashing in the airflow.
For a moment, a great force came to make her knife sink slightly.
"Feel it"
After spending thousands of years, she narrowed her eyes. The other side’s strength broke and the pressure was handed to the blade, which made her feel the power attack for a long time.
very good
Take a step in the blink of an eye, and the body appears next to the snow letter, and a knife swings out.
Snow letter turned around and blocked it with a knife, resisting the force of thousands of flowers and pressing forward at the same time.
After the spirit pressure of Maohua is reduced, there is no way to fly or explode with a simple blow, so we have to hold down the spirit-cutting knife.
The two knives stick together tightly and press the long knife. The distance between each other’s faces is less than one foot, so you can feel the breathing of both sides.
I have never had such a distance.
Snow letter corners of the mouth with a smile instantaneous retreat disappeared and then rushed again.
Cutting and lifting cutting frame
Two people instantly attacked more than a dozen strokes, but they were easily resolved by each other. Two people gave and received, and no one could beat each other regardless of the outcome.
Snow confidence emerged with a touch of confidence, and the long knife suddenly cut a knife.
Eagle strike
The sword crushed an eagle and suddenly fell straight, and Fang grabbed the knife in Mao Hua’s hand with great power.
This knife is aimed at the opponent’s weapon to suppress the opponent’s weapon and then use the second recruit eagle wave to attack the enemy.
But for a moment, Mao Hua’s body suddenly fell with a long knife and cut it obliquely.
The release of sword pressure is like a huge bear standing upright and embracing.
If it is an instant eagle, it will be caught by the bear to escape the bondage.
And at the moment, the giant bear came face to face and opened his mouth to bite the snow letter.
Bear bite
In the face of this blow, Xuexin’s long knife was pinned down and avoided.
Xuexin’s chest was covered with a blood stain. Looking at the flowers and flowers, he sighed, "As far as fencing is concerned, it is still inferior to each other."
Maohua suddenly stabbed several times, and each knife seemed to disappear and then appeared as a ghost claw.
These claws will haunt you.
The ground burst and cracks appeared as if they had been scratched.
But for a moment, a blood flower shot from the back of the flower.
"so fast"
I was surprised by the speed of the snow letter when my eyes shrank.
Snow letter 60 years ago, it was reliable that the thunder was instantly coaxed and the instantaneous step was used to suppress the wounded spirit pressure for a short time, which was more wood blade.
Now 60 years later, his mental strength and mental pressure are both high, and his pace of progress is even faster.
The speed of catching up with him is also limited.
"Come again"
Mao Hua cut out the snow letter with one knife, but Mao Hua recruited a knife and stabbed it in the chest.
However, this knife just pierced the snow letter, but it was blocked halfway.
Hand speed, moving speed
Now the snow letter exceeds the flower.
Stuck moment he cut a knife.
Maohua turned around and blocked, but the collision force between the two knives was close to that, and Xuexin had taken this opportunity to appear on the right side of Maohua.