"Don’t think it’s over. The fracture of meridians is nothing compared with your physical problems!"
Jiang Feng received words and made Xin Lao angry.
The grimace of a grin looked at Jiang Feng "what do you mean by this! ?”
"You are sick and poisoned. If you are half a month long, you will die of poison in a year."
Jiang Feng pursed the lips.
"Speaking of which people are you so hated!"
Since the identity of Xin Lao, the whole person has a little more fear
"Who are we? Mind your own business."
"I’ve seen a lot of good alchemists like you, deliberately alarmist, trying to take the opportunity to defraud my fairy stone!"
Xin Lao smiled grimly.
Root doesn’t believe what Jiang Feng said.
He knows exactly what his physical condition is. He is strong and has no signs of poisoning.
This little thing is nonsense
"If you don’t believe me, forget it. I’m not dead or alive."
Jiang Feng waved.
If you wake up with kindness, you won’t be ungrateful, and he won’t stick his face on others’ cold ass.
Time goes by bit by bit.
Everyone packed up and got ready to go. Compared with when they came, they lost a lot of people this time.
Everyone’s face shows sadness.
Fairy Escort is a dangerous profession.
Although they are sad, they are ready to lose their lives at any time when they enter the business.
A line of people moved on in a mighty way.
Before the accident, there was a safe trip to Cyclops
Some monsters with no eyes jumped out to provoke them, and they were driven away by the fairy guards.
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone
Lv Yunxiong eyes wrinkled up again.
With the previous lesson, I saw a "rustling" in the grass! Heart immediately alert.
Grasp the sword and tighten your hand.
(just) as expected/anticipated
See the grass rushed out of a few fighters one by one strong face ferocious.
"Cyclops you have finished! ?” Lv Yunxiong gave a huff.
Everyone’s heart immediately went to their throats.
I didn’t expect Cyclops to return.
But soon the crowd let out a bloated middle-aged man from the inside.
"What Cyclops! ?” The man showed some was stuck.
Lv Yunxiong a look indeed as expected is not Cyclops heavy give a sigh immediately hand asked "I don’t know this brother is! ?”
"You don’t need to know who I am!"
The middle-aged man waved impatiently.
Take a look inside the motorcade and put the carriage in the end. "Cut the crap, your motorcade can pass, but you must hand over one person!" "
This words a Lv Yunxiong heart sank again.
Feelings are also what Bai Jing came from.
In his heart, he regretted that he had been obsessed with such a bill.
How is it now?
Two consecutive groups of people robbed the road.
What exactly is this Bai Jing son?
"Brother, we have some fairy stones here. I don’t know if you can show leniency. You must be so haggle over every ounce with a woman."