Although killing the black-horned deer is a unicorn knife, it can be killed later.

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Liu Yuan absorbed the residual vitality of the black-horned deer with the fire phoenix knife.
This man’s head is k, that’s a good one
It is also this that speeds up the awakening progress of Fire Phoenix Knife.
If Lu Yuan is right, he must defeat this ghost yak again.
And absorb that words of this ghost yak’s blood.
Your own fire phoenix knife will be able to wake up
This is what Liu Yuan did in this battle.
The reason why you will take out the fire phoenix knife instead of the Kirin blade root.
Because actually got a Liu Yuan’ Bai Lei Yu Long Fu Super Magnetic Gun’
As a result, the strength of ghost yak has changed from the original half-step platinum level.
It has fallen to the point where it is barely four or five stars in gold.
If it weren’t for the ghost yak devouring the black sheep egg
These days, it has been greatly promoted, which has brought a lot of vitality to the ghost yak
A ghost pet beast body is absolutely impossible to be attacked by Liu Yuan.
Can barely die and even retain the gold strength.
But it’s almost over
Liu Yuan walked to the front of the fire phoenix knife and held the handle in one hand.
This grip immediately felt the fire phoenix knife contains terrorist flame force.
It was almost awakening …
With a crisp metal drag
Liu Yuan easily pulled out the fire phoenix knife.
Liu Yuan holds the fire phoenix knife and walks towards the ghost yak in front of him.
And the ghost yak saw its own fatal blow.
There is no way to affect the land source.
It’s completely desperate.
It was a huge wound that was bombarded by Bai Lei Yulong’s blessing and super magnetic bombardment.
Let the ghost yak’s vitality be rapidly lost.
Looking at the ghost yak becoming dim, Lu Yuan said lightly, "… farewell."
Say that finish Liu Yuan raised his hand in the fire phoenix knife a knife out.
This knife directly cut off the head of the ghost yak.
One knife, fire, hot sun and red mirror!
A huge firm but gentle sword was waved out by Liu Yuan along the fire phoenix knife.
With the fire phoenix knife cut into the ghost yak body
Ten meters long flame shock wave also runs through the ghost yak body.
There was little resistance.
This flame shock wave completely ended the ghost yak’s life.
Look at that ghost yak that has lost its vitality.
Liu Yuan didn’t take out the fire phoenix knife in his head.
So it’s time to wake up the fire phoenix knife
Is constantly devouring the ghost yak this half step platinum pet beast vitality.
The vitality of two half-step platinum pet animals
Let Liu yuan’s fire phoenix road reach the point of awakening immediately
And once the fire phoenix knife can complete the awakening
That is definitely a very huge rise for Liu Yuan’s strength.
In the process of the fire phoenix knife constantly absorbing the vitality of the ghost yak
Lu Yuan also took out the black goat eggs located in the ghost yak body.
After the black goat eggs leave the ghost yak’s body,
Quickly return to its original appearance.
With a royal beast light appeared.
Liu Yuan that has been cultivated a double hook jade sharingan appeared in his hand.
Liu Yuan fingered this sharingan lightly.
A drop of JingXie suspended Liu Yuan’s palm.
Then Lu Yuan dripped this drop of Jingxue into the newly obtained black goat egg.
And put their spiritual imprint.
Branded the egg of this new black goat in front of me.
Later, this land source newly acquired black goat eggs.
It slowly began to develop in the direction of sharingan
The second sharingan is finished!
At the same time, Tam and others came along.
They looked at Liu Yuan’s’ Bai Lei Yu Long Blessing Super Magnetic Gun’ and were seriously injured.
Later, it was used as a fire phoenix knife to awaken the ghost yak.
Eyes full of sympathy.
It’s too bad!