Deng Yuanjue’s body shape once again fell to Luda near the mixed iron mord and swept to Luda’s waist mord, which meant a lot to cut Luda off.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 Deng Yuanjue’s body shape once again fell to Luda near the mixed iron mord and swept to Luda’s waist mord, which meant a lot to cut Luda off.

Crescent shovel, a flicker in Lu Da’s hand, smashed the iron mord with crescent shovel, which was like sticking together. In general, the two men took a step back when their bodies were in order.
Deng Yuanjue laughed. "It’s really fun to be happy."
As the saying goes, diamond cut diamond will meet a good talent, and both Lu Da and Deng Yuanjue will fight with anger. It’s just a blink of an eye when you come and I go. Even if there are not hundreds of tricks, you can’t tell the outcome.
A galloping horse rushed in, impressively aware of the movement here ChuYi to catch up.
Deng Yuanjue fought with Lu Da, two gods of heaven and man, especially when their breath was released from Fiona Fang for more than ten miles, but all practitioners can feel these two amazing breath of the earth.
Chu Yi, however, knows that Fang La’s hand is strong, and there are not many people. Even Lu Da may stumble if he is not careful. He is aware that Lu Da will play against his fans and immediately bring people to catch up.
To plan to let Shi Bao or Li Tianrun help Deng Yuanjue slay Lu Da or capture him alive. When Fang La saw Chu Yi and his party, his eyes narrowed.
Fang La’s impression of Chu Yi is quite profound. To be honest, the two of them have met several times, but they have never dealt with each other and exchanged ideas.
Looking at Fang La Chu Yi, I can’t help secretly sighing that compared with the previous two changes in Fang La, Fang La didn’t have the lean spirit at the beginning, but now Manichaeism has swept across the south of the Yangtze River and occupied several States in the south of the Yangtze River to recruit hundreds of thousands of people. It can be said that Zhang Xiao’s spirit is rich.
Chu Yi looked at Fang La and Fang La looked at Chu Yi at the same time. To tell the truth, Fang La was deeply surprised by Chu Yi’s temperament. What do you think of it? It doesn’t look like a person from a deep palace. Even a family of fragrant families may not be able to cultivate Chu Yi.
"Saint Fang La!"
"Wang Chuyi of Guangyang County!"
When they looked at each other, they suddenly heard Fang La yelling at Chu Yi, "Can Chu Yi dare to fight in the first world war at noon?"
Fang La threw his cloak behind him and invited Chu Yi to fight.
Chu Yi smiled slightly, and said, "Since the main battle of Fang Jiao is Chu Mou’s own company."
Speaking Fang La’s eyes flashed a little unwilling to color at Deng Yuanjue’s way "Master, let’s go"
Deng Yuanjue took a look at Lu Da’s figure and flashed Fang La’s side to leave with Fang La and his party.
Lu Da vomited a mouthful of polluted air, and Chu Yi’s near look took a somewhat dignified look from the back box of Deng Yuanjue, Fang La and others, and sighed, "This time, thanks to the governor’s adult, I arrived, otherwise I will even run this time."
Chu Yi smiled and Lu Da would give birth to such a feeling. Obviously, Fang La and his gang put a lot of pressure on Lu Da.
A Deng Yuanjue has already made Luda have to concentrate on coping with the worse. Besides, Manichaeism has made him eyeing up the strong, saying that Luda would have said that if Chu Yi had not arrived at him this time, he might have fallen into the cool river.
Yang Zhi couldn’t help but be surprised to see Lu Da’s dignified appearance. "Master Lu Fang La is only a few people. Is Deng Yuanjue so difficult?"
Yang Zhi seems that Lu Da xiu Han Yong is strong every day, but few people can. But when they arrived, Lu Da actually tried to suppress Deng Yuanjue, which surprised Yang Zhi.
Lu Da, if I don’t know Yang Zhi’s thoughts in my heart, can’t help but shake his head with a wry smile. "That Deng Yuanjue is a strong man."
Said Lu da look solemnly blunt ChuYi way "du adult this time we even it is difficult to continue the previous glory"
Even Lu Da, who has always been confident, said such depressed words. Everyone except Chu Yi, including Lu Junyi, looked worried.
Fang La and his party’s theory of whether Shi Bao or Li Tianrun are all heaven and man, and the number of heaven and man is no worse than theirs. What do you think of them all at a disadvantage? Everyone is worried.
Yang Zhi opened his mouth and looked at Chu Yi’s way. "Why don’t we wait for Hua Rong and Wu Song to arrive with their troops and then wait for a few days to consider when the first world war will take place?"
After all, Hua Rong and Wu Song, who were brought into the army, were all dusty and undisciplined. If they were tired just because they were on the road, it would be difficult to kill them the next day. Yang Zhicai suggested delaying them for a few days.
Will a look change in the eyes of all ChuYi is muddy unpreparedness way "du has its own plan".
Chu Yi’s prestige is extremely high. Since Chu Yi said this, even if others have any opinions in their hearts, they will not make any more decisions. Although Chu Yi in the East Factory rarely makes up his mind, it is necessary for Chu Yi to decide that no one can change things.
Especially just now, Chu Yi has promised to invite Fang La to fight. They know about Chu Yi, but everything Chu Yi promised has never been broken, which means that there is bound to be a big war between Japan and China.
Since the law has changed anything, it is better to save your strength and prepare for World War I.
As night falls, the cool river flows through the river, and insects are heard all the time. When I don’t know, a figure appears by the river.
I heard a stereo voice say, "Since Master Fang is invited, can’t you ask Chu to find the pavilion himself?"
Chuyi voice fell to see a figure metamorphoses, not Fang La and people.
Fang La looked at Chu Yi and smiled. "The king of Guangyang County is not afraid that this is Fang’s deliberate deception?"
Chu Yi’s calm look was not influenced by Fang La’s words at all, and his mouth was somewhat smiling. "The party leader might as well give it a try and see if he can leave Chu."
Listen to Chu Yi say so. Fang La can’t help but stare at Chu Yi with narrowed eyes. It seems to be to determine whether Chu Yi’s confidence is coming from this.
Is it true that Chu Yi is so confident, but can they Manichaeism join hands with several strong men of heaven and man to besiege and escape from heaven?
It’s a pity that Chu Yi’s look is more obvious than calm.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two A recruit to reverse GanKun
Fang La’s look changes naturally because Chu Yi smiled at this in his eyes. Fang La himself was in danger and didn’t know it, not to mention whether Fang La brought the Manichaean strong. As said, even if Fang La really brought the Manichaean strong Chu Yi, he could keep all the Manichaean strong in World War I if he wanted to.
Glancing at Fang La faintly, I heard Chu Yi say, "Did the master of Fang invite Fang to come out and know nothing?"
Fang La convergence mind no longer to think about ChuYi exactly what emboldened look one is looking at ChuYi way "as far as Fang Mou knows, the situation in the court of Guangyang County is even quite bad. This time, the pioneer of cabinet body has 10,000 military forces going deep into the south of the Yangtze River. If you don’t want to be impeded, Fang Mou’s head is willing to serve."
This is true, but anyone who has a clear mind can see it. But this is a conspiracy of Zhao Yang. Unless Chu Yi directly resists the purport and does not respect it, if you know Zhao Ji’s calculation, you can’t help but accept it.