Three feet of blood sword spurted out and rushed directly towards the mountain behind him.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
The huge impact force is directly embedded in the mountain wall
The strength of the earth shattered LAM Raymond’s bones
Imperial Heaven slowly stepped forward and stared at this so-called LAM Raymond.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
Walking around a few steps at will, the whole body bone explodes, and the refined body sect of the Immortal World, that is, the Audition Temple Audition Temple’ A Prajna’, has some refined body effects, and there are only some. The whole Immortal World really relies on refined body to make strangers, but there are few royal gods. It is estimated that this Immortal World also has those ancient Warcraft that can be compared with the Imperial Heaven.
The power of one punch in the sky is simply earth-shattering
The imperial heaven stepped forward with a fan, which is a mountain fan. This mountain fan is also a top magic weapon. At the moment, Zhongshan River is also broken.
A punch, even a fan, is a way to stop it
With a wave of his hand, the Imperial Heaven hand directly falls into his hand. "Good materials can be transformed into a nine-day magic weapon after a good modification."
The imperial heaven said that the fan had fallen into the ring of seven treasures and immortals, but Lingyu was working on refining.
"No … you can’t kill me … my grandfather is the bodhi old zu …"
Dying LAM Raymond slowly tells the bodhi old zu of mountains and rivers.
I have to say that this mountain bodhi old zu loves LAM Raymond. After all, the mountain fan is a magic weapon for the mountain bodhi old zu to become famous, but this magic weapon is directly given to LAM Raymond.
However, Imperial Heaven smiled coldly and leaned out his right hand just like jade, and his right hand directly touched LAM Raymond’s heart.
"Bang …"
Just gently punch YiGuJin directly through the body is directly break LAM Raymond heart.
Royal day laughed coldly "was the bodhi old zu? Some expectations! "
Said the imperial heaven, but he stared aside. Here, one thing, the imperial heaven, smiled coldly and leaned out of his big hand, and a dark flame emerged.
The flame burned directly, and a man full of resentment emerged in this place.
This is the soul of LAM Raymond, the soul of the Imperial Heaven, and the Yuan God can perceive the soul at will. It breaks through the world and achieves the imperial heaven, and the world of immortals is directly transformed into crystals through chaotic gas quenching. This Yuan God can easily perceive the soul of LAM Raymond.
Imperial day gently refers to the light said, "so that’s it … the so-called nephew turned out to be the so-called son LAM Raymond is the old Zu Er of mountains and rivers, which attracted the hatred of the bodhi old zu of mountains and rivers."
I didn’t think about the imperial angel’s soul-searching occult technique, but I knew that LAM Raymond was the bodhi old zu of mountains and rivers, but he secretly gave birth to heirs. Now, the emperor beheaded the bodhi old zu of mountains and rivers, which naturally attracted the revenge of the bodhi old zu of mountains and rivers, but this revenge attracted the expectation of the emperor.
Imperial day laughed coldly "a clear border? Then come, I hope to attract some real masters. It’s rubbish! "
Imperial day said slowly walked towards the distant town, here is the imperial day eye to small pool town!
Xiaochi town is ruined, but there are not many people in the whole town.
Some old people stare at the Imperial Heaven with longing.
There are monsters in Xiaochi town, which naturally attracts the fear of these mortals. These people directly flee from Xiaochi town. Now the remaining people are unable to escape from here. The poor and the elderly are all full of fear here.
Desperate eyes staring at the Imperial Heaven didn’t report any hope. After all, after all, counting the demon people came, they all stepped into death.
Today, the Imperial Heaven came with a hint of indifference, and my heart was full of thoughts. Even the three-tailed fox didn’t hurt people, but the so-called monster word has been able to have a significant impact.
In the past, some prosperous Xiaochi towns are not as good as turning into a village now.
Imperial heavenly heart thoughts are toward the distant mountains.
The mountain is a demon. It is feared by several people here. These fearful civilians will set up a forbidden area here. Perhaps the so-called three foxes have no intention of hurting people, but just killing some livestock and absorbing some seminal blood is enough to attract several people’s fears.
The imperial heaven steps forward, but my mind is slowly thinking. tian hu clan is the number of tails to measure the number of nine poles in the power level. Therefore, Kyubi no Youko is the strongest power of tian hu clan. According to the strength, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu should be comparable to the strength of Taiqing territory. Kyubi no Youko and tian hu are just one, that is, one of the two foxes imprisoned in Xiaochi Town is Vulpix magic fox, which is equivalent to the strength of Qingjing territory and the strength of Yuqing territory.
Human beings are a master in different Jade Qing realms, but the fox is different. At this time, the three-tailed fox is just a primary school student, and even his own talent avatar can make this three-tailed fox belong to the weakest Jade Qing realm, although it is Jade Qing realm.
Imperial Heaven walked directly into this mountain and slowly into this deep forest …
Suddenly, a sound came to listen to the sky, but it was light and said, "Some meaning …"
"The moon in Komatsu is like frost"
"People are hurt like floating flowers."
"Ten to three thousand years"
"I hope we don’t forget each other."
Although this song seems to be full of sadness and lingering, it has a special charm that attracts people. It seems that when people listen to this song, they will involuntarily want to follow it. Heaven knows that this song is from the three-tailed fox, and they are willing to die.
Imperial heaven walks slowly, but unconsciously it comes to a piece of land, but it has an ancient well …
Chapter 91 Three-tailed Fox
Imperial footsteps slightly listen to this wandering song. After wandering through the forest, I came to a place. It is deep in the forest, but there are few trees. There is a well ten meters away in Fiona Fang.
The stone slabs of this well are very old because people have been here for a long time. These ancient stone slabs are covered with moss. It seems that the ethereal songs have disappeared since they arrived here, but God didn’t mean that his attention was focused on this ancient well at the moment!
Yu Tian stared at this well, but his heart was faint. "This is the ancient well where you can see the love of Sansheng?"
Imperceptibly, the Imperial Heaven stepped forward. This ancient well is considered to be more magical and important in the whole world. In the original work, there was not much so-called Xianxia struggle, but I saw the word love. Perhaps this ancient well is the most precious in the whole world.
Imperial heavenly heart thoughts slowly towards this ancient well.
The ancient well can reflect the three lives and the sky. Just staring at the sharp eyes of the ancient well seems to see everything.
"This …"
Imperial one leng is to see several pictures, this picture is full of women, this woman is imperial experience six world encounter.
Imperial heaven was instantly attracted, but it also showed surprise.
"Hum …" Royal day cold hum a is a wave of his hand and spirit force to encourage is gathering murderous look.
Imperial heaven stared at the ancient well and said coldly, "The so-called three lives are really interesting. The future and the past are just illusory. I just pay attention to it."
In a word, the well water instantly turned into a pool of chaos.
Imperial day smiled coldly and slowly walked forward but stared ahead.
A plaintive sigh entered the ear of Imperial Heaven, and a gentle and lovely girl, pure as water, appeared at the edge of the ancient well in Imperial Heaven’s eyes. This woman was lazily sitting on the railing of the ancient well, but her every move was not moving. Her long hair was like clouds and fog, and her shoulders were picturesque, and her skin was as white as jade and delicate as if she were about to drip.