"You can rest assured that Yang is not my opponent, even the forces behind him can move my hair."
Liu Yu assured them
Who is the joke? I won’t talk about pretending to be a king for the time being. Is it a wool for him to be just a Yang family?
"Well, let’s go there after school at five tonight."
Qisheng said, and then gave Qiao Mian a kick, knowing that this guy was a little timid, but at this time he had to go to the dormitory with one heart and one mind.
"the amount? Ah? " Qiao Mian was stunned for a while, but he compromised with Qi Sheng Yin Wei.
After an afternoon class, it is close to the end of school.
"Liu Yu is looking for someone."
At this time, a man named
It was Chen Jiali who came running from the far north campus after hearing the news. Shiyang went to see her many times and gave her a lot of things, but she finally refused. I didn’t expect him to find Liu Yu.
Liu Yu glanced at the innocent girl’s face across the street with a doting smile.
"Brother Liu, are you fighting with someone again?" Chen Jiali was a little dissatisfied to be able to make college dull, and Liu Yu became famous again.
Liu Yu was silent for one.
He did promise that Chen Jiali wouldn’t fight hard during his college years. He was too lazy to fight hard and felt it was unnecessary to finish.
"Well, you are my girl. Of course not. I have to take good care of it." Liu Yu said with a smile.
Actually, some things don’t just hide.
It’s time to settle things with your fists. Have you finished forcing them?
"Well," Chen Jiali also knows that things can not be Liu Yu’s fault …
"Don’t worry, I promise it won’t happen again on campus after today." Liu Yu swears that just recently, some old students always like to provoke themselves. Now, Yang, this stupid fork, sends his own door to bully himself. The opportunity is also a sleepy pillow.
Looks like we’re going to beat the crap out of it this time.
Even if you really want to fight … it’s also playing Chen Jiali outside and you won’t be so worried.
School ends at five.
A large wave of people rushed to the gymnasium to occupy the position and the building, and took the mobile phone.
In just ten minutes, the gymnasium was completely full, and Yang even changed his clothes and asked the coach to be the referee.
"Everybody be quiet!"
Yang picked up the microphone and the field was almost quiet.
"Most of the games may be freshmen. I’ll explain here that today’s competition is not about fighting hard. We learned Taekwondo for self-defense and fitness, not for fighting. Today, there is an excellent sports genius among freshmen. I hope we can learn from others."
Had said a microphone lost.
Just now, talking was like farting, and it’s over.
For him, hehe … Taekwondo is for him to earn the edge. Today, he has to give everyone a hard time stepping on Liu Yu before buying.
"Is the water fish small?"
Qisheng was a little nervous sitting in the front row, looking around.
"Didn’t see that his uncle wouldn’t fool us?"
Into a small gun, even the iron potion is ready
"No, I don’t. I analyze the character of water fish. He means what he says. Although he looks very calm and moody, I don’t think he should shoot indiscriminately. After all, today’s game … ah? Here comes "Qiao Mian pushed his glasses to explain that he just saw Liu Yu entering the stadium at half time.
"No … how can he bring a younger sister?"
"Don’t you think that sister looks familiar?"
Qi Sheng and Cheng Xiao Bao looked at Nima one after another … This little one really appeared calmly, but why did you take a woman with you?
"Lie trough! Lie in the trough! Lie in the trough! That’s Chen Da’s school flower, our new goddess. "
Suddenly a buddy got up and exclaimed
Chapter 457 How much are you?
Chen Jiali Liu Yu both entered the stadium, especially the female reserved and beautiful man handsome and steady, which won many people’s hot eyes.
But what is the entrance of the new goddess and Liu Yu?
What is the entrance of Goddess and Liu Yu?
Uh … What is this? What is a goddess?
This is unscientific. Bullshit. This is bullshit.
"Ah ah cannon, aren’t you very good at analysis? Why don’t you tell us about the water fish? When did you pick up our new goddess? This is not scientific. "
Qisheng was shocked and today Liu Yu gave him a stuffy mouthful of spirit Erguotou.
"Yes, yes, brother Bao, you tell me that I think this is nonsense." Qiao Mian is not calm. A deep novelist should not have this kind of exercise no matter how routine he is.
"Mom …" A small gun ass all sit crooked god he understand?
There’s nothing wrong with water fish soaking up our newborn goddess and scattering flowers.
Is Taiwan Yang is going to be sick. Chen Jiali has been regarded by him. Before graduation, he has to catch up with the goddess. Now he has gone with his opponent? This bloody story
"Wow, there are so many people. Isn’t that what it is? Is it necessary to have so many people?"
Liu Yu froze. Is the school here?
"Hum, you’re the only one who doesn’t think so." Chen Jiali took a white look. "You, where are you?"
Liu Yu "chicken flies a dog to jump?" This shape … "
"Hee hee, okay, easy for a while."