Chapter 151 Chapter 151
At this time, the store was as busy as a bee. Ye Chunzhi and Su Ping, the new single mother, were spinning around the store like gyroscopes.
These days, the temperature drops suddenly and the cold wave makes passers-by rush to the store, and the people waiting in line outside are so angry that some people have to give up because it is too cold.
Ji Shu leaned over and quickly said to Su Ping, "There are two coal stoves burning outside. Don’t save money and line up when it’s cold. Finally, many people ran away."
Su Ping smiled softly and went to work again.
She is more rosy than when she came at the end of April last year. Many people are like fermented dough, and now she looks like a woman enjoying life.
Wang Shunyue took Jishu and asked, "I want to talk to your mother. They are too busy in the kitchen. What competition did Master Xiaoding and you attend temporarily at Polytechnic University? How come I haven’t seen you for two weeks, and you’ve played new tricks again? "
Xiaoding has changed his clothes and rushed to the kitchen to help. When he left, he was very busy in the Fandian shop.
Jishu led Wang Shunyue through the kitchen and went to the back door of the shop to put the sundries, and then they chatted.
Ji Shu first briefly introduced the matter of preparing to underwrite the canteen. "Anyway, it should be stable now. My mother is going to become the canteen owner."
What she said is cute and playful, and she doesn’t look like a person who wants big projects at all.
Wang Shunyue covered her mouth. "In the second sentence, you said that Ma was going to play in Shanghai. Who knew that it was terrible for you to come up with such a big project after playing for a circle?"
JiShu smiled "sometimes people push things away; Sometimes things push people away. I’m here to resign. Who knows if I’m being teased, then I’ll play along. "
Wang Shunyue smiled and pushed Ji Shu. "I have long heard from Aunt Xu in the store that Comrade Mo and you are different. It turned out to be the real me and she was joking. I really want to see what he looks like. Aunt Xu said that he is as handsome as a movie star or a doctor!"
When it comes to these things, Wang Shunyue doesn’t look like a professional designer at all. She is very funny.
Ji Shu drum gills help suppress a smile a little want to take out a photo of Mo Kuangfeng to show her, suddenly realized that she didn’t have a mobile phone at this time and she didn’t have a photo.
Besides, Xiu En ‘ai died quickly, so she’d better keep a low profile.
"Okay, okay, don’t make fun of me. Did you really win the prize?"
Wang Shunyue took out a magazine from her backpack. "This is the second page of Hong Kong Home Magazine."
This magazine is very heavy, and it is not so common in this era. Copper paper has good pixels and texture.
Ji Shu turned to the second page and won the silver medal in the third Asian home improvement design competition.
The photo of my new home is impressively written at the bottom of the column with the words "Jury Comments"
Wang Shunyue, a cutting-edge designer from Wushi, followed the innovative design concept of "lessisre", abandoned the grandiose and explosive design, and built his friend’s new home into an exclusive garden.
Combining the natural beauty of green plants with simple and livable industrial design, Wang Shunyue’s unconventional design fully conforms to the rhythmic beauty of nature and won unanimous appreciation from the jury.
Especially in a number of luxury houses and villas, Wang Shunyue created a spiritual effect of only 54 feet …
Ji Shu laughed while reading and couldn’t help but stop saying, "This magazine is really professional!"
Wang Shunyue said, "Ji Shu, thank you so much for coming to the room. It has been decorated for more than four months. You haven’t moved in, so that I can take part in the competition and the photographer can take the best photos. You still rent the room."
"What’s the matter? I can’t live in the newly renovated house anyway. Besides, my master doesn’t charge me much rent. By the way, how about helping my master design things?"
This room was decorated last year. Ji Shu went to see it. It has a simple style and a sense of design.
Wang Shunyue got a lot of green plants into the door and painted it light green with dark green leather sofa and small glass coffee table, which is very fresh and natural, much better than the dark old-fashioned decoration or local style popular at this time.
On the one hand, Ji Shu wants to ventilate and disperse formaldehyde; On the other hand, I heard that Wang Shunyue wanted to sign up for a design competition and needed to be in perfect condition. Ji Shu simply asked the judges and photographers to take pictures.
I didn’t expect to win the prize!
Ji Shu’s budget at that time was that Wang Shunyue spent more than 4 yuan on the decoration of 5 yuan, so it was reassuring for Lao Ke to find someone to do it, all of whom were acquaintances.
Jishu has been busy, and things in this room haven’t been taken care of, thanks to Wang Shunyue’s worry.
"No problem, you are the same type. I will change the design this time, which is more suitable for people of your master’s age."
Lin Cuilan has been trying to find a way to help Jishu. Thanks for thinking about it and preparing to help the master decorate the room directly.
If you tell her to decorate her, Lin Cui Lancheng will refuse to wait for the workers to come in, and I believe she can’t help it.
"Congratulations, Shunyue. I knew you wouldn’t be buried. Speaking of it, the two of us are really destined to pull a talented designer at random!"
Wang Shunyue laughed and suddenly turned her eyes and said, "I have something I want to discuss with you."
"I won an award for this design, and a Hong Kong company wants to invite me to work. I am hesitant to go. You know I work in the District Design Institute. In my parents’ view, this is an iron rice bowl. I should never leave."
"What company is formal?"
"You may not know it, but this company is very famous in foreign design circles. I like to do room design when I come. The manager of this company saw me in a magazine and took the initiative to find me … saying that if an interview can be arranged years ago, he will help me work in Hong Kong!"
"From your tone, you seem to have an answer in your heart. Why do you ask me?" Ji Shu raised his eyebrows and asked
Ji Shu’s words silenced Wang Shunyue.
"I want to go, but I’m afraid my parents won’t agree."
"Really afraid of this?"
Jishu curled her head and nodded a little. Her fluffy hair crossed her fingers. She pulled her hair and stared at Wang Shunyue’s eyes.
"… in fact, I’m afraid my parents are right. If I don’t get along well in Hong Kong, I’ll never find such a job again. I want stability and adventure. I’m too greedy."
Wang Shunyue finished hanging his head, which is really heaven and earth compared with just being in high spirits.
"I think although your parents have concerns, they are not unreasonable. Otherwise, they won’t let you always help me design privately, and even help you find workers to come to the construction site. The most important thing is your fear and uncertainty."
Ji Shu pointed to his heart and said, "The person who really has doubts may not be your parents, but yourself."
"It’s a rare opportunity, but I’m afraid to leave the iron rice bowl. Oh, it’s so hard!"