"Well, I’ll take it with me. I’ll withdraw money first and then I’ll go to your securities business department."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 "Well, I’ll take it with me. I’ll withdraw money first and then I’ll go to your securities business department."

The manager made a withdrawal for Ji Shu, and he was a little worried. This helped. Why did the money go to the securities business department?
He, the lobby manager, naturally hopes to store more and more in the branch.
"Uh, uh, I just want to ask Ms. Ji if we will continue to make payments in our branch after this …"
JiShu carefree smile manager heart those career she see white.
"200 thousand comes in every month after nature."
She spoke softly and skillfully, but every word hit the manager’s heart and made his eyes shine.
"Oh, I told you, I bought shares for Ms. Ji, and Ms. Ji will definitely help us!"
At this time, the bank has begun to restructure and "pull money" has become the target of employee assessment, so the manager works so hard.
Ji Shu wanted to buy the shares of Shenzhen Development Bank before, and then the performance was so good because it was the real meaning that the employees of the market-oriented operation of joint-stock banks had to fight for performance.
Otherwise, everyone will die of wages. Who cares if the money is more or less?
Today, the newcomer, Xiao Gu, came to MuMudi wearing a bank worker and was too timid to speak behind the manager.
At this moment, I suddenly interrupted, "Manager, you are still busy here. Why don’t I accompany Ms. Ji to the securities business department?"
The securities business department of this commercial bank is not far away, four or five kilometers away, and the manager comes to sell personal feelings to win the favor of Ji Shu.
Now Ji Shu has promised a large sum of money in the future. Who is willing to run errands instead of him?
"Go, go, you go to exercise, or I’ll hang a message over there and receive you."
Xiao Gu’s face was slightly secretly pleased. She hid it for a while before saying, "Don’t worry, manager, I will keep an eye on Ms. Ji’s bag."
Alas, there is no way. In this era, there is no transfer, and it is really troublesome for the securities business department to buy stocks in cash.
Ji Shu took a big bag of RMB followed by a small valley. Thinking about safety, he beat a scholar.
When we got to the car, we agreed on the destination. Kotani said in a low voice, "Actually, Ms. Ji came because I also want to buy this stock."
She said that her voice was as embarrassed as that of mosquitoes.
Ji Shu carefully looked at the girl in her early twenties, her hair tied behind her ears, and her youthful face was tender and fresh.
Ji Shu smiled and said, "You have a good eye for that small valley."
Xiaogu shrank his shoulders a little shyly and approached "but isn’t that stock hard to buy?" Ms Ji can … "
Ji Shu is certainly willing to help with this kind of easy work.
"Look at me later if you have nothing to do."
After the car, Ji Shu’s purse and Xiao Gu followed him like a footman.
Sure enough, I saw someone in the business hall wearing a bank system, and they took them directly to the reception room on the second floor.
"We can handle large transactions directly on the second floor here."
"This is a big deal. I …"
Ji Shu saw that she was a little anxious and comforted. "I have nothing to worry about. I will sell you how much you want to buy separately."
Xiao Gu’s face showed a surprise expression. "I bought … 5 yuan saved so much soon after he started work."
After that, she lowered her head because she felt that the money was too small to see.
Ji Shu ha ha a smile "that’s no problem"
When signing, the teller asked, "Comrade, are you sure? Buy so much at once. Really? Although it is guaranteed that the stock will have dividends in the future, have you considered this? This dividend may not be high. If the performance is not good, it may not be as rated as you. "
The teller is a middle-aged man, and he is a little earnest. "In the final analysis, this stock is capitalist. I think comrade, you should be careful … conservative."
Jishu has always been too lazy to argue with irrelevant people and laughed. "Don’t you send the door to the business department?" I will buy 11 tickets at the price of 86 yuan, which is 946 yuan. Please do it for me quickly? "
Tellers feel that Ji Shuxin’s ability to calculate is too strong, so he nods.
"If you sign here and here, I’ll do the transaction for you, but it won’t be refunded …"
Jishu shook his head and held his hands with a pair of "need to say more" samples before the other party went to handle it.
In a short time, the teller came with two big stacks of paper stocks.
Now the stock is physical paper, and this real stock is beautifully printed.
Ji Shu took such a thick stack of stocks and couldn’t help playing with them. It was really beautiful and exquisite, with a unique mimeograph fragrance.
This is the fragrance of RMB!
The background of the stock is that the orange component frame is printed with extremely complicated dark green anti-counterfeiting line drawing, and the Chinese side has printed the name of the enterprise and the name of the management.