Kill! Qing Ye heart now only this idea.


Offering the sword of HarmonyOS, Qing Ye directly revealed the vengeful armor, and then stabbed Amia with the sword. This sword, in Amia’s eyes, was like a light, which was gradually magnified. Without hesitation, Amia’s divine power was released like a raging wave, and the surface formed clouds and waves.
This is the guardian of the earth, which is one of the laws of the earth elements that he understands. It forms a kind of wind and waves similar to protective armor on the body surface, and its defensive nature, coupled with its own body, is comparable to the general Chinese artifact.
Looking at Qing Ye’s sword, Rapier in Amia’s hand struck like the wind in an instant. This is one of the laws of wind system elements. The fluctuation of wind, in addition to material attacks, is even more terrifying. With his current attack, it is a god who is stronger than his strength, and he will also be seriously injured.
Suddenly, Qing Ye’s sword grew bigger and bigger. Space actually produced a static phenomenon under this sword, and Rapier in Amia’s hands was not delayed a lot. How is that possible? This is the idea in Amia’s heart, but it is too late to think about it, and the wind and waves on his body surface are more intense.
Zheng ran sound, two people hit a collision, the surrounding space under the blow, seems to be broken. Cracks occurred, and the sacred mountain below could not bear the strength of the two people, shaking, and many mountains were broken.
Qing Ye back, in the eyes of some dignified, just the Seraphim attack, through HarmonyOS sword, strength unexpectedly directly through the yazi armor. Shake the insides of the body, if it weren’t for Qing Ye’s physical toughness and terror, Qing Ye would be seriously injured directly.
The force of the faery in the body was mobilized, the strength in the body disappeared, and Qing Ye returned to normal.
And Amia was under the blow of Qing Ye. The wind and waves on the surface of the body were directly broken, and then they were blown back. Qing Ye’s blow had already caused him a lot of injuries.
Qing Ye this sword, unexpectedly let the space stagnate, amia horrified in the heart, can’t think of this Qing Ye’s understanding of the law of elements is so high, although Qing Ye’s strength is not high, even the median god hasn’t arrived yet, but by understanding the law of elements, plus HarmonyOS scraping, the attack is almost equivalent to the upper median god.
Two people blow, just in an instant, Julia behind Amia wants to make moves all too late, and two people blow, the guard of the holy mountain of the Holy See is away from the holy mountain ground in horror, watching from a distance.
After Qing Ye and Amia hit, they flicker and attack again, but when they see Qing Ye and Amia attack, Nu Wa and another Seraphim Julie also show their strength, so. Four people are in the air near the holy mountain. At that time, the mountain collapsed and the ground cracked.
Although Zhu Huihui’s strength is also a god in the middle, but the understanding of the elemental law is not as deep as that of Amia, so the attack and defense are lower than that. The female breast has qingluan armor for protection, and Zhu Huihui’s attack even broke the qingluan armor of female prostitutes. So it didn’t take long Zhu Lisu was in a fierce battle with Qing Ye. Amia also noticed Zhu Lihui’s situation, but she was trapped by herself. Under Qing Ye’s HarmonyOS sword, she also repeatedly retreated. They slowly hit the barren hills hundreds of miles away from the holy mountain.
Gradually, Amia noticed that her attack couldn’t hurt Qing Ye at all, while Qing Ye’s attack could break her own defense, so Amia tried to avoid a head-on collision with Qing Ye, and unexpectedly wanted to rely on her own understanding of the law of the elements of the wind.
The sliding of the wind is a kind of meaning of the wind, which can blend the figure with the wind and slide instantly. With Amia’s strength, her body moves like a snake for miles, which is strange and unpredictable. However, Amia ignores Qing Ye’s understanding of the law. Pangu Xingyu and Qing Ye are saints. Although the laws of the elements in this world are somewhat different, they all lead to the same goal, especially the four laws of earth, wind, water and fire. Although she has only been in the mainland of Dragon God for a few months, Qing Ye’s understanding is that some superior gods have no understanding.
Amia uses one of the meanings of the wind, how the wind slides faster than the rhythm of the deeper wind in Qing Ye.
When Amia appeared in another space from this space, Amia found that Qing Ye seemed to have guessed where he was now and appeared before him. Then a sword came out, faster than him.
I saw Qing Ye’s sword stab out, and when Amia dodged, a sword of light instantly passed through a barren hill miles away, and a circular hole with a diameter of tens of meters penetrated the whole episode for miles.
And Amia’s sword, each sword split. There is also a barren mountain curtain in two.
The battle between the two men, all the way down, I don’t know how many barren hills and huge mountains have been destroyed.
Powerful firm but gentle, let hundreds of miles away countless strong people tremble, fighting for dozens of rounds. Qing Ye couldn’t stop fighting for a long time, so he couldn’t help feeling anxious and retreating. If this continues, I’m afraid Buck and others are really in danger.
Looking at Amia, Qing Ye’s face was cold, and he made a decision in his heart, offering the Pangu Bell, and then with a finger of his hands, he unfolded the chaotic world and trapped Amia in the chaotic world.
Amia has no previous arrogance, and the angel garments are full of sores. Looking at Qing Ye, he looks horrified. He never expected that this Qing Ye could force himself into this field.
See Qing Ye offering something like an ancient clock. I didn’t dare to neglect it. Then, I saw the scene change and I was in a chaotic space. Amia was not surprised. Where is this?
Qing Ye’s mind was a thought, and the method was definitely a pinch. The earth, wind and water in the chaotic world attacked Amia in succession, and the deeper Qing Ye understood the elemental law. The attack of geomantic fire in the chaotic world has also intensified, even Amia has to cope with it, and she is also left and right.
Amia was escaping from the endless fire. Suddenly, there was a shocking bell between heaven and earth, which shook, and the sound waves directly invaded the deity in his mind through the wind and waves on his body surface. I saw a visible wind and waves enveloping his constantly flashing deity.
His godhead is trying to gather divine power and try to break this storm, but suddenly, a dangerous signal rises in his heart, only to see that the spirit fire all over the sky has covered his whole body between his distraction.
Before these spiritual fires, the wind and waves that protected his body disappeared, and then his body, which is comparable to the middle god, was swallowed up and destroyed at this moment.
Almost in an instant, his godhead was restored, and his divine power was constantly spreading, trying to reunite the body and restore this busy body.
Qing Ye didn’t expect that in this case, he still couldn’t kill this Amia. His eyebrows couldn’t help frowning, and the force of the fairy in the body was running wildly. Here, the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower in Qing Ye’s mind gave off a Xuan Huang Zhi gas, which was shot on the crystal clear as the sun that was rotating around the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower in Qing Ye’s mind. This crystal, which shot a golden light, directly slammed on the godhead of Amia’s mind. In an instant, Amia was stunned.
When Amia died, a deity flashing khaki light fell down. Qing Ye took it with his hands, but Qing Ye didn’t expect to kill Amia in this way.
Just when Qing Ye’s mind shot out a mysterious Huang Zhi breath from the mysterious tower of heaven and earth, on Zitieshan Mountain, hundreds of millions of miles away, a voice of surprise sounded among the young people this year: "It was him."
This young man today, it is the face guard. At that time, when Qing Ye came from the border river to the mainland of the Dragon God, the protective Xuan Huang Zhi gas emitted by the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth also surprised the young man, but he could not find the source.
After Amia and others left Zhuotieshan. The plane keeper has been using the gods to pay attention to the movements of several people, and this attention has discovered the situation in Qing Ye.
At this moment, a dragon hundreds of meters long flew from the foot of Zitieshan Mountain. After flying on Zitieshan Mountain, the dragon changed back into a human form and respectfully said, "Dragon Lord, the dragon missed the meeting once in a thousand years. Here we go. "
Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Dragon Lord