"Yes, it’s been dragging on for too long. I hope it will succeed this time!" Hai-ping song will sigh for a while suddenly added. "By the way, Dean Sun, I don’t know why the stone at the top of the mountain in the center of the circle suddenly collapsed last night, but I still can’t reach the top of the mountain by any means!"

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 "Yes, it’s been dragging on for too long. I hope it will succeed this time!" Hai-ping song will sigh for a while suddenly added. "By the way, Dean Sun, I don’t know why the stone at the top of the mountain in the center of the circle suddenly collapsed last night, but I still can’t reach the top of the mountain by any means!"

"Oh, let the research team study when they get together." Speaking of this, Dean Sun seems to have remembered something and said with a smile, "What is the situation of my little grandson now?"
"Hehe." Lieutenant General Song Haiping said with a smile: "I think Dean Sun, why did you make a special trip to talk to me about the research team? Usually, this kind of thing is directly contacted by your assistant with the liaison officer of the main base of A star. You are here to ask about Lin Feng. Hehe, you can rest assured that I arranged the easiest route for him according to your instructions. And my adjutant just reported to me that he is on his own route and the situation is normal. "
"Really? That’s good." Dean Sun nodded his head satisfactorily.

Chapter 20 "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Xie"
The aura of heaven and earth on the top of Xinshan Mountain is still dense and almost suffocating, but the place where the original boulder is located has been covered by a piece of rubble.
Suddenly, after a loud bang, a figure rose from the rubble, crossed a beautiful arc in the air and fell to the ground.
Windson looked at the scenery in front of him and was stunned. "That piece of hexagonal stone? Why did it collapse? What’s going on here? "
On that day, Lin Feng lost all his senses after he entered a chaotic state until he just woke up a moment ago. When now he seems to be buried alive, Lin Feng immediately jumped out.
Touched the head a mystery windson simply don’t want to turn to explore their present state.
"Oh, so the clothes are rotten?" Just looked at the body windson appeared on the set of field training clothes somehow turned into a rotten piece of cloth loosely draped in the body, and the spring scenery poured down!
Although there was no one around, Lin Feng hurriedly took out a set of training clothes from the ring and put them on. Fortunately, he thought, "Fortunately, I have prepared all kinds of things for the ring, or I will wear a fur skirt."
When I was wearing clothes, Lin Feng was surprised that there seemed to be a strange luster in her skin, which was as moist as jade and crystal clear.
"What the hell happened? Is this what then looks like after the breakthrough? " Windson dare not neglect cross legs and sit immediately began to look up.
God read in the whole body a glance windson and silly to live in the body completely out of his expectation.
The original longan-sized elixir in Dantian is gone, and there is no imaginary baby. There is hardly any true element flowing in the meridians, but there is a strange energy in the cells of the whole body, just as it is manifested on the skin. This energy is as moist as jade and crystal clear, and the cells of the whole body seem to have been tempered. Full of life. Full of energy, it seems to be stronger and stronger. Is this the unexpected change mentioned in the nameless achievement method?
"That’s it? Is the elixir that has been painstakingly cultivated for many years gone like this? " Although I feel that muscle cells are dozens of times stronger than before, they lack the support of true elements. Windson strength at best is similar to then dacheng. Although there is a strange and mysterious energy in the cell, this energy can’t be mobilized at all. In short, all this is definitely not the change that windson wants.
Windson unwilling to fully encourage spirit force in the body above, he searched the Green Void, below, the Yellow Spring to search. Finally found a strange thing in the abdomen.
In the original location then windson found something similar to then, but whether this can be called then windson wondered.
This thing is almost as round as the original then, with a faint golden awn. But this thing is really too small, only the size of a grain of rice, and there is not the slightest real force inside. Scattered gold awn is also extremely bleak. No wonder windson didn’t see it before.
Windson completely speechless.
Sitting on the ground and thinking for half a ring, Lin Feng remembered the nameless achievement method. Every time there is a breakthrough in the realm of Lin Feng, there will be a corresponding higher-level practice in the nameless achievement method. Maybe. This time, there will be an explanation about the situation of windson at the moment.
Windson will spirit force into the ring in a special space to adjust the frequency. Almost immediately sensed the nameless achievement method. But at this time, it can no longer be called the nameless achievement method because Lin Feng sensed its name-"Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Xie"!
Windson patient "look" down soon roughly understand what happened to yourself.
It turns out that "Gan Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie" is a special training method. It is different from other methods of fixing truth, which are based step by step. Congenital Jin Dan Yuan Ying was distracted by the out-of-body experience, and finally Du Jie soared to these realms to practice. Instead of breaking through the Jin Dan period, she broke the Dan and failed to become a baby, but she directly refined it with the powerful true force of breaking the Dan.
The elixir of the practitioner who practiced the "Nine Transformations of the Yuan Dynasty to the True Solution" will not disappear completely after being broken, but will leave an elixir. With this kind of Dan practitioner, it is still easy to condense the elixir, and then the true force generated when the elixir is broken again after the elixir is completed is still used for refining. This process needs to last nine times, that is to say, the practitioner should condense the elixir nine times and break it nine times. When the last crushing of Dan is finished, it will come to an apocalypse. After the apocalypse, the practitioner’s body will be directly transformed into the golden body that can only be possessed by Luo Jinxian.
You know, if you practice step by step according to the ordinary method of repairing truth, it is impossible to succeed in repairing a golden body without tens of thousands of years. However, it is estimated that it only takes about 30 years to achieve the golden body by practicing "The True Solution of Nine Transformations of Dry Yuan". Just from this point of view, "the true solution of the nine turns of the Yuan Dynasty" can make countless practitioners feel crazy.
However, there are both advantages and disadvantages. It is also very dangerous to practice "The True Solution of Ganyuan Jiuzhuan". Every time you break Dan, it is a dangerous test. Because every time Dan is broken, it is beyond the practitioner’s control. If you are not careful, you will be devastated. After nine times of crushing Dan, the apocalypse is also the most dangerous nine-fold heart-addicted robbery in the field of repair, and there is no one in the field of repair who can survive it safely.
And even if you can survive the natural disaster and achieve the golden body strength, it is a far cry from what he thinks. After all, it’s just a golden body. How can the accumulation of energy in the body compare with those guys who have been practicing for tens of thousands of years?
It’s also unfortunate that although people who practice "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie" will be more powerful after each crushing of Dan, it is impossible to have the training of the true Yuan of the then Dan period before the apocalypse, because the true Yuan in the body will be crushed once the then Dan is accomplished. That is to say, the comprehensive strength of those who practice the "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie" grows much slower than that of ordinary people who fix the truth before the apocalypse. However, once you achieve the degree of golden body cultivation, it is almost the same as riding a rocket.
Windson "see" here also don’t know what to say. The reason why he tried to practice this achievement method is to become stronger as soon as possible and have a certain strength to find his parents. I didn’t expect that the special cultivation method of "Gan Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie" before Jin Shen’s achievement was doomed that his strength would not grow too fast. This makes windson feel very discouraged, but once Dan is broken, it is impossible to practice other methods, so we can only make do with it.
But it’s good to get a comprehensive strength after each crushing of Dan.
There will be some improvement. This somehow let windson feel gratified.
After a cursory glance at the "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Xie", Lin Feng has a little understanding of the situation in the body. That small place can’t be in a small one must be an elixir. The body cells are more energetic and vital than before, which is estimated to be the result after the second quenching. But those who are entrenched in cells. What is the strange energy as moist as jade and crystal clear? This makes Lin Feng feel puzzled.
Put aside what you can’t figure out. This is windson consistent behavior.
Stand up windson began to seriously look up the surrounding environment.
The top of the center mountain is gentle, about 100 feet Fiona Fang. The middle part is the hexagonal boulder that has collapsed. There is nothing else, not even a grass and a small tree.
"By the way, what about that strange little beast?" Windson suddenly remembered.
I remember when it suddenly entered the rocks and disappeared. Windson went to the gravel in the middle of the top of the mountain and searched carefully. After moving a few big stones, Lin Feng finally found a hole with a diameter of more than two meters directly below the original hexagonal stone. There seems to be an invisible barrier at the entrance of the cave, and the collapsed rubble is blocked around. Looking down from the hole, layers of stairs lead to the depths of the cave. The stairs are made of a strange jade with a faint white light.
Windson crouched down. Carefully reached into the mouth of the cave and waved. Sure enough, I felt a transparent barrier, which was soft to the touch but full of toughness. Although windson because just broken Dan really yuan in the body. But he was already very tough, and he was tempered again after breaking Dan. Now his strength is at least ten times stronger than that of ordinary people. But at the moment, windson tried his best and couldn’t put his hand into the hole.
"Strange strange! How did that little beast get in? " Windson wondered.
Then windson and exert all one’s skill. Punching with fists, kicking with feet, hitting the top of the head and even biting with teeth all failed. Seeing a hole but not getting in almost made Lin Feng crazy.
Windson a grind took out a small hole digging machine from the ring and leaned down at the mouth of the cave. No, I can’t get in!
Avoid the hole and start digging holes from the side! The stone on the top of the mountain looks ordinary, but even the high polymer drill can’t get in.
Windson has changed several patterns, pulled out N kinds of high-tech equipment, tossed around for half a ring, but still couldn’t get in through the door. Tired panting windson a butt sitting on the ground began to think carefully.
Obviously, as long as you can enter this cave, you can find the secret of star A, but how can you get in? The barrier of this hole is estimated to be the legendary forbidden or sealed. Windson has tried it many times.
But how can we get in without brute force?
Windson stared at the mouth of the cave in front of him, but his brain was spinning fast. The entrance of the cave is a transparent barrier, which is obviously a mysterious energy ban. If you don’t know the way to get in and out, it is impossible to get in. Unless you are strong enough to force a breach. But windson is impossible.
Why don’t we wait for that strange little beast to come out and see if we can get in? But who knows when it will appear again.
Windson’s spirit force searched in the ring again to find out what other equipment can be used. Suddenly, he had a surprise. Now, there were some things stored in his ring. At the beginning, he could only feel that there were some things, but he couldn’t know what they were. But now those things are clearly in the spirit of windson, who knows that he can take them out of the ring as long as he wants to.
Roughly scanned those things windson some disappointment are mostly some at sixes and sevens bark, grass roots and strange minerals. What is more conspicuous is a half-man-tall cauldron with dozens of fairy crystals and a palm-sized cyan jade block.
Hand a turn that piece of blue jade appeared in the hands of windson.
Lin Feng looked at it carefully. There was nothing strange about this jade, but his intuition told him that this jade was the most valuable of all the items stored in the ring except "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie".
Try to put the mind into it. As expected, Lin Feng felt a lot of information from the jade block.
This piece of jade has a very resounding name-"Fix the True Collection"!
What was recorded in it shocked Lin Feng. There is nothing wrong with the name "The Book of Fixing Truth". The information in the jade block includes almost all the knowledge that the fixer needs to know, including the alchemist, the alchemist, the forbidden Taoist method and the characteristic names and uses of various mineral herbs and special materials. But it’s a pity that the detailed records are all some of the most common and popular knowledge, some of the top refining techniques, array methods, cultivation techniques and so on, and there are only some simple introductions.
But even so, this thing is very valuable. With it, we can have a systematic understanding of the cultivation of truth, and we will not miss some rare materials.
Windson quickly began to look at the knowledge about law prohibition, but he soon gave up. Having almost never been exposed to these things, he couldn’t understand these mysterious and inexplicable knowledge at all for a while. But windson also understood the purpose of other messy things in the ring, which was obviously for him to practice. After reading this knowledge, windson at least knew that the big tripod was a dual-purpose tripod that could be used for refining and alchemy, but the grade was very rubbish.
Although Lin Feng couldn’t learn the knowledge about law and prohibition in a short time, after browsing the Book of Fix the True, Lin Feng knew something about the fix the true world. He guessed that it must be a abode of fairies and immortals in the mountains, but the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals had already soared in Du Jie. Because Lin Feng knows what the aura that he has always felt in his mind is more pure and concise than the aura of Datong, which is the legendary fairy spirit!