It’s our turn to choose on the third and fourth floors.


"Take the wild and AD, Ai Shi, and you will finally choose what Feng Shanze chooses. You will play against him then," I said.
Yu Mu took the emperor again.
No, BAN Huang Yumu usually takes this.
I chose it on the fourth and fifth floors opposite.
I got the blind monk on the fourth floor and the blind monk on the fifth floor.
We are all a little surprised.
Yasuo has been cut into "work" ropes and still takes them out in the competition?
In the current rhythm, even DADE rarely makes Yasuo feel that Yasuo is not suitable for the competition, and Feng Shanze still has to take it out.
But frankly speaking, this array is quite suitable for Yasuo’s blind monk GANK, and it is good for Yasuo to play.
It’s Ai’s turn to select poems.
The opposite of this one focuses on Yasuo.
If Yasuo doesn’t get up and play across the street, there will be loli. Loli has no displacement skills. I will let Huang EQ take a big move and cooperate with Crow to kill him.
This is a very accurate goal. Catch Yasuo desperately.
"Aish, who are you going to choose to play Yasuo?" I asked Aishi
Aishi stuck the pointer in the body.
I immediately got nervous and said, "No, no,no. You can’t beat him."
For Ai Shiyu’s robbery, he can beat the platinum subsection child care rope to beat others, and Feng Shanze’s flurry swordsman will definitely not be able to beat him!
Ai Shi Qiao Pi smiled and said, "Why are you so nervous?"
Then Aishi stopped the mouse pointer on Anne again.
Annie, it’s still good to hit Yasuo. Our array is single. The Fatan crow is a meat and the front row Yu Muhuang is also a front row Ai Shixuan. Such an outbreak AP should also have a good effect, and the middle road can also suppress Yasuo well.
"You can choose this one!" I said to aishi
"hmm!" Aishi nodded and clicked on an interface to confirm.
So the two sides are sure to come.
My phalanx is like this
Road crow road Annie hits the wild emperor road is wind girl plus mouse
The opposite array is like this
In the middle of the single big worm, Yasuo hits the wild blind monk road, and the hammer stone is Garoli.
Our side is purple.
"Welcome to League of Legends!"
Both sides officially entered the game.
"Switch this line," I said.
The mouse’s line ability is only stronger than that of the big mouth before level 5, AD.
After the big mouth reaches the fifth level, the line ability is excellent, but the hero mouse gets the sixth level and has a little ruin, so that it can barely be seen as an AD with weak line alignment in the early stage.
In fact, this is due to mouse modification.
The wave of grabbing the second grade when the former mouse was not cut was abnormal.
To reach the second level, a W picks up the opposite speed, and then the auxiliary is a belt control, such as Japanese hammer stone, to control the opposite side, so that the mouse venom can be stacked on the sixth floor, and then the auxiliary belt can ignite that E injury, which simply explodes, and the venom on the opposite side is 12 o’clock every second, and the real injury lasts for six seconds. At this time, it is simply a hooligan injury. At that time, it was the golden age of mice, and Obama could punish him …
Now that the mouse has grabbed the second floor and stacked it on the sixth floor, maybe the fragile little body will add AD to the opposite auxiliary and A will die …
But fortunately, now the passive damage of mice has been revised back to the first level, that is, at two o’clock every second, the real damage is not so weak that it can’t be hit, but it’s best to change the line, which is still very weak …
This changed me to the purple side and went to the road.
Although Lori and Hammer Stone can ensure the development of AD by changing the line now, the price is to throw Xiaolong across the field and play the single assistant. In three minutes, they will definitely knock Xiaolong out. If there is no way, the first line change will be lost.
This is the first routine of changing lines. You can take Xiaolong on the other side while changing lines.
Then there are a few points.
The auxiliary line is mixed to the second level, and then the AD base piles up the lines, so that the AD itself has no pressure on the single SOLO line.
In this way, the assistant will go to swim and look for opportunities in the second level. If we can’t bear it alone, he will go to help us through a difficult period.
This is the regular way of changing lines in the game.
Crows are on the road against Hammer Stone and Lori. It’s impossible to fight in the first six levels. It’s a question whether the wind girl can eat it or not. When she reaches the second level, she must go to help him swim in the middle of the road to give him some advantages.
Now that we’re in the bureau, we still want to do a routine. How to do a routine? Learn Q from the mouse level one, then squat down on the left or right side of the middle road. The wind girl will give extra attack power to the mouse E, and then the mouse will hide in the past. Yasuo can directly make Yasuo’s point less stressful in the middle road.
But it’s gone for us, because when we were lying in ambush, the other side gave us a look and saw us …
So it’s a long way to talk about the other roads of the replenishment brigade, and it’s also a change of route. In the early stage, it was the most talked about. It’s hard to catch the road. It’s hard to catch the middle road. It’s very chat to be vigilant and fight wild, and it’s also a purple knife to brush wild.
It took about 3 minutes to arrive.
There are three levels on both sides of the middle road
Yasuo is a long sword, and three reds go out to make up for the soldiers. There is less blood than Anne, and Anne is obviously suppressing Yasuo.
It’s really hard for Yasuo to hit Annie. Yasuo’s body is fragile. Annie can’t stand a few skills once put away. The CD length in the early stage of the wind wall can also resist Annie’s skill damage once. The root can’t stand Annie’s crazy consumption.
Yes, if Aishi can successfully suppress Feng Shanze here, then this one has already won.
Now Yasuo has dropped two bottles of red blood and barely made up the blood.
Feng Shanze’s Yasuo alignment is not fierce, which is a far cry from the first six levels of the SOLO competition men’s knife, which is weak and a B can still play with one blood. He has been guarding the recruitment and never found a chance to consume Annie, so he accumulated a layer of Q to see if he can blow Annie to consume blood.
There are fewer soldiers on both sides, Yasuo, and more Anne.
Annie has a dizzy hand.
Yasuo carefully ran to the front to make up for a soldier with Q skill.
At this time, Anne immediately went over and released the W skill to stun Yasuo, and then received a Q skill.