Purple clothes aside said, "Nowadays, there are many players who have passed the level 50 and are approaching the level 50. Most of these guys are from the surrounding districts. The central cities of those districts are controlled by several large organizations. It is not easy to find them. They all put their targets in this undefended Xiangyang City."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 Purple clothes aside said, "Nowadays, there are many players who have passed the level 50 and are approaching the level 50. Most of these guys are from the surrounding districts. The central cities of those districts are controlled by several large organizations. It is not easy to find them. They all put their targets in this undefended Xiangyang City."

"But there shouldn’t be so many fifty-level guys?" At the same time, the two directors questioned each other and shook their heads after looking at each other. Obviously, the purple clothes method fully explained the reason for this phenomenon.
When the three directors saw the sword light of the earth, they all retreated sideways. Soon they arrived at Wu Chi near the gate and frowned, "How do you get in? Those people are packed like canned human flesh. It will have to wait until then."
Before Tang chop could answer, there was a situation around him. A player flew in from behind and shouted, "Back off and let me go into the city first, or I’ll chop you puppies."
Oh, arrogant, arrogant. What kind of person is this smiles send us light who is so daring and daring to nearly a thousand senior players? When Wu Chi looks intently, he finds that this person has a high nose and deep eyes, but his eyes are black and pure black.
Beside the purple clothes grunted, "The Knights of Justice are arrogant. Although Xiangyang City is undefended, it is at least our alliance area. They seem to see that this is their backyard."
Tang chop pointed to the player and said, "Watch this, obscene songs. This is the player of the Order of Justice. They have a specific clothing logo, which is very easy to identify. The flashing sword pattern on the sleeve is the logo of the Order of Justice."
After that, he said coldly, "They three knights are used to being down a peg or two in the world of Ezra, and they even behave like this in our Chinese-style games. Unfortunately, this is not a Western-style game, and they will suffer. This day will not be far away."
Looking at the flame winding knight sword flashing silver, Wu Chi feels a little familiar. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I saw this pattern for a while. I should have seen it. How can I not remember it? Wu Chi warned myself that I must be tired after training and killing too many brain cells. Don’t be so hard.
"What are the three knights?" Wu Chi listened to Tang’s words and asked questions curiously.
"It’s not a thing, it’s a large-scale western-style game, and three players have a very big organization name. The Knights of Justice is one of them, but it’s a big name in western-style games. In our Chinese-style games, people don’t talk with their tails between their legs ……" Tang was still wanting more.
Just then, those gathered players were a little noisy, but they still made a way. The guy of the Order of Justice swaggered first into the city. Tang cut a wink and three people followed him. They were also a group and didn’t stop them.
The arrogant guy heard the flying sword behind him and turned his head and scolded, "Who are you to take advantage of me? Hang it all!"
Tang Chop snorted. "I’m the director of Shennong Alliance, the murderer. Don’t you want to borrow you when you go to town? Didn’t your head tell you?"
"Oh, it’s Tang Dali. I don’t know if you’re rude or disrespectful." Although the player is disguised as a disguise, it’s a pity that his face and expression are exposed. Obviously, he doesn’t take Tang chop seriously, but Tang chop still plays a certain role. The player will no longer speak and fly into the city.
There are a sea of people in Xiangyang city, which is more dense than outside the city. There are swords and awns, and there are collisions and rollovers from time to time. But it is not easy to kill in the city because the fighting is too small. Both sides have scruples.
One of the disadvantages of P in the city is that it is not a wild battlefield, but it can escape quickly. There are many buildings, flight height restrictions, and street twists and turns are all factors that increase the difficulty of flying. It is also very difficult to fly to the only safe area-metempsychosis in this crowded city
In Xiangyang City, the original Tiancheng disappeared and replaced it. The original location was Zhenyao Tower. Now it still hasn’t put the huge black tower that rises and falls into the clouds, which gives players a sense of oppression. How to get into this thing, such as what is inside, is unknown.
Three people turned around the town demon tower and went to Xiangyang satrap mansion. It was amazing that thousands of people surrounded the mansion door. Even thousands of people saw the sales. Tang cut in distress situation. "What happened to these people? They didn’t come to level 50 to gather together. Now even the door is blocked."
Taishoufu is a special construction method. Flying in can enter these hundreds of players from the government gate. If you don’t drive them away, you can’t get in. Wu Chi scolded, "Are these smiles send us light crazy? What are they doing in Taishoufu? They are full."
Purple clothes eyes flashing next to "Tang, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. It takes a few minutes for the satrap to meet each person, and the satrap players can’t attack when talking. I don’t think these players are joining in the fun. I’m afraid …"
Tang chop smell language bowed their heads and meditated for a while and then said, "Purple clothes, do you mean that these players are instigated or instigated to reach level 5? Players can’t meet their orders …"
"If you ask, I’ll know that you two don’t want anything." Wu Chi couldn’t bear to fly to stop a player and asked, "What are you doing here? What are the benefits of seeing the satrap?"
"Don’t you know? The day before yesterday, a player took one from the satrap, and when he finished it, he got the imperial order and became a city magistrate. I don’t know how nourishing that day was. Everyone came to the satrap."
"Does anyone get it?" Wu Chi continued to ask, "I haven’t heard of it yet, but how awesome the magistrate is. Maybe I will have this chance. You should walk away from me." The player was tired of even asking Wu Chi to make way.
Wu Chifei said that Tang chop and purple clothes were all amazed. "Where did the rumor come from the day before yesterday when there was nothing to flow?" It is afraid of really some problems … "
"What should I do?" Fang Da’s chief watched Fang Ant Colony hope that the two Dali events can come up with a solution. It is necessary to wait here, but when will it wait?
Tang chop eyes sen cold "go back first and send someone to find out. If someone instigates them, then I’m sorry for them. My murderer Tang chop is killing people, that is, the player will miss my big event because of these idiots. My knife can’t promise."
After watching the crowd, the three directors silently left the Taishou House and spent a lot of time squeezing out Xiangyang City. Soon after leaving Xiangyang City, they received a special message from the perineum general hall that the guards in the first team of perineum were killed by the human body. At present, the murderer seems to have sneaked into the Shennong Department.
Three people immediately flew back to Shennong District to find those members who were hung up. When asked, they found that these players were all instantaneous seconds to kill the terrible strength. The three directors looked at each other and their hearts were all surprised. The guards were all elites, and the perineum guards were all level 25. It was really a little scary to be killed by the enemy’s strength.
Tang chop looked up at the low-pressure clouds with a cold face. "Now the formal alliance is just around the corner, so many things are coming together. I will be interesting to see who has the ability to play tricks in front of me …"
At the moment, it’s dark and cloudy in Shennong, and the blue arc flashes and the rainstorm will come.
Twelve times listening to the tide, Jiange longevity hall
Twelve times listening to the tide, Jiange longevity hall
The rain poured down like a flood, and the mountains were like fog. This rainstorm lasted for three days. The members of the alliance shuttled through the rain curtain and patrolled the Shennong District. One of them found those murderers, and they had to do so even if they had left. This was a matter of attitude.
If investigators have to do it, even if it’s futile, we must continue to do it until the organization hopes that the members of the organization will be killed. This shows that we put the interests of the members first and the organization will not let the murderers get away with it.
Shennong Alliance has not suffered such a great shame since its establishment. An elite United team was killed by people without anyone knowing it, and the murderer did not even expose a figure. Such a bloody case not only shocked the alliance’s top management, but also made ordinary members wary.
After the April war, the members of the League walked with their heads held high, and it seemed that they were walking sideways. This bloody case immediately made them realize that the game world is vast and there are countless superior people. However, the Shennong League is not just self-centered even in their own homes.
Three days of heavy rain made the main trunk and tributaries of Mianshui full, and the water surface rose a lot higher than usual. When the inspection teams of Shennong branches were out, several figures were rushing through the water on the surface of a tributary of Mianshui, and the river was busy without touching clothes. It turned out that the sword was a strong man who passed the 20 th floor.
As a pledge, a white hair with high hair and white clothes, cold eyes like eyebrows, and strong murderous attitude, a colorful sword rainbow passed by, and fish and insects were all destroyed. One day later, several people wearing black robes had red sun and moon patterns on their sleeves, and their faces were as cold as ice.
"Tianxin, we killed the Shennong Alliance. Is this inappropriate? When Shennong Alliance and our Dongting are far apart, the forces do not cross. Isn’t it necessary to recruit a strong murderer, Tang Yan, who is famous in the forum?"
White-haired longing for heavenly heart smiled coldly. "It’s not a day or two to kill another murderer, Tang chop, and spy on the theme of the four big platforms. We want him to fight in Dongting sooner or later. Today, all kinds of things are not because of me. Presumably, my uncle won’t blame me. If I were to enter his altar on weekdays, I would kill him without a single person."
While speaking, a blue sword awn cut three iron-backed tiger sharks ten feet away into two pieces. That tiger shark with a level of up to 55 was killed by a sword, and even a little support could not be achieved. I came back with a few pieces of equipment and longed for heavenly heart. "But this time I sneaked into Shennong District mainly to find those three green dumplings. Shennong Alliance will let him go for a while."
These seven players are Mu Tianxin, who belongs to Dongting Lake Tianxin Yuemeng, the murderer of the perineum guard, and his hands are all strong men with swords reaching the second floor. They sneak in the water. If the members of the alliance can be found, if the former members of the alliance reach the second floor, they will not be able to get three indexes.
Mu Tianxin’s baby equipment was exploded without revenge, but when it was hung that day, Dongting Lake coincided with an important event and couldn’t get away. Three days ago, everything was in order, and he rushed to level 50, so he came to Shennong with a few tough hands to find green dumplings.
If the heavenly heart and the moon ring are exploded, it is impossible to find three green dumplings. If the player doesn’t necessarily pick up the equipment, the baby will be afraid of disappearing after many days. Every time I think about it, I feel sad and angry.
On that day, the attribute of the heart and the moon ring was tough, but it was even more important for someone to make a promise. How can you not be angry if you lose it for no reason? If you want to kill those three green dumplings, you can vent your hatred. Unfortunately, after three days of searching for more than a dozen tributaries, you can’t see the shadow of the green dumpling.
Where have those beasts gone? Mu Tianxin is still looking at the current water. The water is full of low-level fish and insects, or there is no sign of green dumpling. He sighed, "If you can’t find it for half a day, go back to Dongting and build a help event soon. You can’t delay it."
Where did disciple Wu Chi Sanqing Jiao go?
Fang Da’s chief tried his best to brush the level for 10 days. Not only did the level of five-flowered green carp reach 90 yuan, but the level of two-way and three-way rose several times. On the ninth day, Wu Chi rewarded them with two thunder and firm shock waves, and they also became the first-class Teng Yun technique. After ten days of brushing experience, the apprentices and apprentices gained a lot.
Mianshui Dragon Palace
At this moment, Sanqing Jiao is just like a good baby, quietly lying down at the edge of the green carp pool, absorbed in watching the green glass refiner rush to the next level on the 10th, which makes the green dumpling green glass a little bit more relaxed. On that day, after Wu Chi rushed to the 20th level, the green Jiao took the initiative to show kindness and expressed their willingness to make efforts for the green glass pool to repair Tengyun.
Although the path of Wuhua green carp is high, it can’t be repaired for a long time. When the demon master Wu Chi watched it, he pointed out that the green glass at the key lacked the necessary distance for gliding. The figure of Wuhua green glass was not as high as that of Qingjiao, which led to the insufficient gliding distance. If Tengyun can be repaired.
The three green dumplings watched for a long time and then got together and whispered to the green glass. "Sister, we are willing to help you with this sliding distance. We brothers have a way." The method of green dumplings was discussed by the four teachers and students and found to be feasible
Green dumplings are prepared to condense water into ice and form a big ice block, and then let the green glass attach to it, and then send the ice block to the sky with a hose. As soon as the ice block reaches the required height, the green glass can slide, and the sliding distance is enough. The green glass prancing skill is not good, but there is still the ability to lie down and not drop the ice block.