"There’s one more thing, Dad." Yang night looked straight at Yang Zhen’s eyes. "Those words you said every time made my heart very worried. Can you tell me which one or those people you mean …"

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx "There’s one more thing, Dad." Yang night looked straight at Yang Zhen’s eyes. "Those words you said every time made my heart very worried. Can you tell me which one or those people you mean …"

Yang Zhen-kui looked at Yang Ye, narrowed his eyes, nodded and said softly, "Ha ha, I’ll tell you this. We Yang’s family secretly sent people to know ourselves and know ourselves, but we Yang’s family also had people in it. It can be said that except that we and South rong family are clean to each other, these families are hiding each other. It is also inevitable that our five families have been intrigued for so many years."
Yang night was taken aback. The fact that wait for a while looked at his father made him feel a little stupid and felt like living in a spy world.
"Dad! Do you … do you know who they are? "
Yang Zhenkui also smiled and showed that he was calm and sophisticated to pat Yang Ye on the shoulder. "Ha ha, little late, now I’m dead, and some people who hide our Yang family are about to give away. You can definitely see that."
Because Yang Zhen-kui asked Jingjing about things, Yang Ye made up a few words at random. My mother was having a rest because she was too hard, so she hurried out of her father’s room.
When I was out of the house, I was so upset because according to my father, everyone around me could suspect and observe the clues of the hidden man. Did he observe it?
When I walked upstairs to the third floor, Xiaoxiao and Zheng Dan came face to face, and Yang Yexin got up with a face of panic.
The two girls ran to Yang Ye, and the first sentence of Yang Ye asked, "What’s the matter?"
Zheng Dan is almost crying when he talks. "Brother! Brother! Xi Shi is gone! "
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine "wholesale green hat"
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~! !”
Hear Zheng Dan hurry to say this sentence, Yang night’s first reaction was not shock, but anger, waving his arms around and shaking back and forth, shouting at random what put Xiaoxiao and Zheng Dan aside and scared them.
Vented for a while, Yang Yeli bent his arms and turned his head to stare at Zheng Dan with his hands on his knees. "What’s the matter?" What’s wrong now? What’s the matter? "
Zheng Dan was so frightened that his mouth opened a few times and asked carefully, "What’s wrong with you, brother?"
Yang Ye frowned tightly and his expression was a little painful and annoyed. He was really upset. He felt that things had been completed one after another and he had never stopped since he came back! What kind of perfect fucking life is this? Domain master, domain master in broad daylight, do you want to play me to death?
It’s still necessary to solve the problem of irritability. Zheng Dan said that Xi Shi was gone, but Yang Ye didn’t worry too much. After all, this is the Yangjia mansion, and the funeral is held today. It’s not so easy to say who wants to take a big living person away.
"I have nothing to tell me about Zheng Dan?" Yang night straight body laugh as far as possible, stretched out his hands and took Zheng Dan and xiaoxiao shoulders respectively.
"Brother! Sister Xi Shi is gone! " Zheng Dan repeated, talking like asking for a certificate, glanced at Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao and nodded with nervousness.
"Don’t worry, how can such a big living person disappear so easily?" Yang night smiled "could it be that where did she go and didn’t tell you? Yang Zhai is so big, have you found it? "
Xiaoxiao’ s face is also anxious and anxious. "I found it! Mistress! We’ve been looking for Xiao Shi’s sister, but we’ve been looking for her for a long time. Cheng Bo also said that she didn’t see her, and Xiao Dan was crying! "
Yang Ye listened and looked at Zheng Dan. He knew that Zheng Dan and Xi Shi had been inseparable since they came to Yangjiaji. Even though they were familiar with the surrounding environment, they were naturally close from the same dynasty and generation. At this time, there was something strange about Zheng Dan’s disappearance of Xi Shi here.
"Where did Xiaoshi go? How can I share the land with you? " Yang Ye asked Zheng Dan.
"Come … come to Xi Shi’s sister. I was busy with the trivial things in the mourning hall together, but Uncle Cheng said that he had something to help, so he left with Sister Xi Shi and later Uncle Cheng came back, but I didn’t see Sister Xi Shi …" Zheng Dan said, and some eyes were red.
"What? What did Cheng Bo say? " Yang night asked
"Uncle Cheng said that he had already let Xi Shi’s sister come back, but we didn’t see her figure in the end …" Zheng Danyue said the lower the sound, and then hid his face and sobbed.
"Don’t cry, don’t cry, it will be fine. This is our Yang family residence. How can it be so easy to lose a living person?" Yang night smiled and put her arms around Zheng Dan’s shoulders, but she made a whisper in her heart. Xi Shi’s character can’t walk around Yang Zhai alone, and she can’t leave alone. Is it really caught? But who would dare to kidnap the Yang family in Yang’s house?
"Brother, everything is not going well recently … I’m really worried about Xi Shi’s sister …" Zheng Dan put her head on Yang Ye’s shoulder and cried.
Xiaoxiao was anxious and wet. She stretched out her hand and pulled Zheng Dan’s arm to comfort her for so long. She naturally had feelings with Xi Shi Zheng Dan. Although everyone didn’t want to think about the worst, she was relieved of each other. But now Xi Shi can’t find you, and when the Yang family has one accident after another, everyone will naturally have a sense of foreboding.
Yang night comforted Zheng Dan and told Xiaoxiao and Zheng Danxian not to make the Yang family panic again, and then took Zheng Dan and said, "Let’s ask Cheng Bo."
Looking for money, Lu Yang’s mind has been spinning all the time. If Xi Shi is really missing, there are quite a few people who are suspicious. Although he didn’t arrange for Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to keep guests in the mourning hall, there have been too many things recently. Xi Shi and Zheng Dan don’t know whether it is better to help or comfort Yang Ye, a senior, or some funeral trifles. They are also busy outside the mourning hall by themselves.