chapters and sections
The first chapter Tengjiazhuang
Yangzhou in Kyushu is the most prosperous and rich in the sky.
Yangzhou Jing Jiangning jun Yicheng
There is a big mountain in Yicheng, and there is a village at the foot of the mountain, Tengjiazhuang. The whole banker’s house is close as a whole, and there is a large wooden fence as high as nine feet outside Tengjiazhuang.
With this wooden fence to protect the mountain, wolves can’t easily enter the village to eat people.
A dozen people are gathering in the courtyard of a family in Tengjiazhuang, and a strong man with a short shirt in his late thirties is wandering anxiously outside the house.
"Yongfan, don’t dangle like that." The serious sound is a gray-haired but kind-hearted old man.
"Master, I …" The short-sleeved strong man didn’t know what to say.
He can’t help but be nervous that his wife is giving birth to a child. Generally, the first child is more dangerous, and dystocia leads to the death of a woman. Tengjiazhuang is not without his marriage. His wife was pregnant in recent years, and he also attaches great importance to this child. At this time, of course, he is flustered.
"Brother Fan, have you thought about your child’s name?" A lean man next to him changed the subject with a smile.
"My child’s name is’ green’, and I have decided that the boy will be called’ green hill’ and the girl will be called’ green rain’." Teng Yongfan, a strong man with a short shirt, rarely reveals a smile.
The words sound just fell-
A loud baby cry came out of the room.
Everyone turned to look at the door of the house at the same time, and heard creaking. A woman ran out with her baby in her arms. Her face was full of surprises and she laughed at the road "Every boy is a boy."
"Where’s Alan?" The burly old man was the first to shout
"Alan, the patriarch, she’s fine, and her mother is safe." The woman smiled.
At this time, Teng Yongfan has taken the baby from the midwife and specially took a closer look at Xiao Sheng. "Ha ha ha, I finally have a son …" At this time, the burly old man next to me took the child from his arms.
"Master, look after the child. I’ll go and see Alan." Teng Yongfan rushed into the room immediately.
While the burly old man smiled at the baby in his arms.
"This little guy just cried loudly. Yeah, it’s good." The big old man’s face was full of laughter
"Master, this little guy is staring at you." A group of people walked over to watch.
"Look at this dark little eyes staring at me unblinkingly, haha …" The big old man smiled brightly and then reached out and fiddled with the baby’s small nose. "My lovely grandson Qingshan, come and call grandpa!" Said the old man himself couldn’t help laughing.
After all, how can a child talk when he is just born?
Laugh around, but Teng Qingshan’s mind is a mess
"What’s the matter? I am I not dead? "
Teng Qingshan clearly remembers that Yuehu and the two giants of the kingdom organization, Shiva and Vishnu, killed Shenyang in World War I and died.
When I regained consciousness, I was already in the womb, and I was born soon.
"This old man is my grandfather? My mother’s father? " Teng Qingshan carefully observed the old man in front of him. "I can understand the language of the people around me, and it’s also Chinese. Look at the clothes style of the people around him … It’s not a modern society. It’s ancient! How did I come to ancient times? "
Even if Teng Qingshan is trained by a killer and his mind is firm again, he is completely shocked at the moment.
At this time, Teng Qingshan felt tired and sleepy in his head. "The baby’s head is not mature yet, so I am tired after thinking about it for a while."