Scarlet eyes, wrists and the back of the hand burst out, and the veins stood out as if they could kill people at any time.

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And he clung to his arms as if it were a treasure and as if … it was his heart.
"Three report this person is a prisoner on death row, you are …" Xu Yan looks black at this time, but his face is black and ugly, but he is not to be taunted and can ask so lightly.
"She kills people?" Mu Junze laughed, and his face was very strange. It looked like some demon charm made his cold face look very …
Let people dare not look!
It’s hard for others to say
Anyway, Lin Yu is afraid to see Mu Junze at the moment!
Look at his eye that eat people!
I knew that Xu Yan had a stall this time!
"Lin’s adult …" Spring surplus was caught by Lin Yu, and she realized that she had been holding on to others.
Oh dear!
It doesn’t look good!
Let’s play it!
"I’m sorry ha chun surplus girl! "Lin Yu put spring surplus after concentrate on watching the drama.
Xian Xu Yan knows that Mu Junze is not right today, but he is stubborn!
But he is going to ask!
The somebody else is punishments Shang!
"Third report, this man killed Tianxianglou before the assassination of the envoy of the Great Wei. The evidence is conclusive, and the court evidence was presented during the trial. Do you want the official to show it to you?" Xu Yan said confidently.
These two crimes are really big enough!
Even Lin Yu thought about it at first, but it was interrupted by Chunying. Her name was heartbreaking, and a pale little face turned red with anger. "You are talking nonsense! Qiuran didn’t kill anyone! It’s you! You bullied Qiu Ran! And killed mom! Meowed … "
Speaking of this, Chun Ying is even more difficult to restrain her resentment and anger. Even a woman can infect her grief and indignation.
Kuang Linyu has already seen Chun Ying give her blood.
Write the ins and outs clearly word by word!
Of course, without verification, Lin Yu dare not say that the writing is correct.
But now that the execution ground has intercepted people, the case cannot be developed as before.
Qiu ran was beheaded by people!
"Where come unruly! Come and get it for the official! "
Spring surplus crying angered Xu Yan Xu Yan immediately grabbed her before killing people. Spring surplus, a weak woman, had seen this before, but she went to hide from her when she remembered Lin Yu’s consciousness.
Lin Yu again silly also can’t let Xu Yan moved spring surplus.
She is an important witness!