Yan clenched his fist and thought that he had experienced everything. Wei Ya bit his teeth bitterly.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 Yan clenched his fist and thought that he had experienced everything. Wei Ya bit his teeth bitterly.

If Wei Ya, who is being benefited and taking risks, can understand it, then being completely regarded by people has already gone out of his psychological bottom line.
"You bastards! One day, I will let you know that I look down on our field. "
The more I think about it, the more I feel angry. Wei Ya can’t hold back her anger any longer. She suddenly throws a punch and explodes the thick clouds above her head. Although the moves increase, the power of this punch is still staggering.
After the Armageddon, Wei Ya’s strength improved a lot. With a muffled thunder and a loud noise, the clouds cleared a long and narrow crack radially, and a touch of bright moonlight crept out through the clouds. At this moment, Wei Ya’s expression was ferocious, as terrible as the evil spirits from hell.
Volume 11 Section 10 came into being.
The rain is near Chongyang! The human world has been cut off for thousands of years, and it seems that it is intended to regain control of the middle earth. At the same time, the landlord, the patriarch of Qiyun Mountain, Xun Qingfeng, refused to accept the imperial edict to attend the prayer ceremony, and the spiritual leaders split the two factions on the spot and almost fought.
Describe a series of extremely explosive news. There are many wonderful hexagrams. The center of South Qiyun Mountain spread rapidly to the whole middle-earth world, and the audience did not move.
No matter what Wei Ya thinks of the participants in this big event, his arrogant behavior of burning down the heaven in full view can be understood by the outside world.
Naturally, it took Wei Ya a little time to think about the cause and effect after staying in a three-star hotel in Huangshan City. However, even if he was so angry, he could not change anything.
After a night’s rest and pranayama, Wei Ya’s complexion returned to normal, and she looked at herself in the mirror. Wei Ya was thoughtful and casually found a non-rational gallery near the hotel to make it a tough and meaningful inch plate.
Wait until Wei Ya returns to her room to rest after breakfast in the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, and a visitor calls from the hotel desk.
Two minutes later, Xu Keer and Yin Qian anthracene appeared outside Wei Ya’s door, and two women and one met. Wei Yajiang cheered up and laughed.
"oh! You are here! "
Before entering the house, Yin Qiananthracene nervously grabbed Wei Ya and looked at him carefully from head to toe to make sure it was okay. Then he said
"Chloe said you were robbed yesterday."
Sense motive Wei Ya sure Xu Keer didn’t tell Yin Qian anthracene honour person about Xun Qingfeng plan, but it’s not surprising that he smiled at Xu Keer meaningfully, Wei Ya nodded and said.
"well! There is this time come in to talk in advance. "
Xu keer first approached the room and took out a letter from the dry Kun bag and handed it to Wei Ya and said
"Master asked me to give it to you."
Xun Qingfeng, an old Taoist priest, didn’t feel much sad about benefiting Wei Ya, but he was very angry when he was later regarded as a scene. He has always been bitter about it.
Glanced at Xu keer Wei ya quietly took the letter but didn’t open it, put it on the coffee table and said to Yin Qian anthracene.
"Were you all right yesterday?"
Yin Qian anthracene is also born with an exquisite mind. Wei Ya deliberately snubbed Xu Kerr at the moment. She immediately noticed the bad feelings between the two people and Xu Kerr replied after a short meeting.
"I didn’t know what was going on outside until Chloe came back."
Wei Ya seems to be casually asking and saying
"That’s good. Things will be over soon here. Don’t worry."
Say that finish Wei Ya reached for the letter, I don’t know what to think of, but I paused and finally opened the envelope.
"Thousands of anthracene have been worshiped in the old gate. Since today, it’s Qiyun Mountain’s younger brother. The old man is sorry for her bitter life and he thinks that Wei Xiaoge’s hit with a lonely evil spirit is also a wooden show. In the future, Linger’s six parents will suffer a lot, and even if it’s hard to be good, it’s hard to be good. Choose Qiyun Mountain’s breeze and pass the road!"
Watching Wei Ya’s face rain or shine, Xu Keer and Yin Qian anthracene exchanged glances.
Two women made brief eye contact, knowing that Wei Ya Yu Nu didn’t have to worry about annoying him again. Xu Kerr repeatedly indicated that Yin Qian anthracene pushed the spy letter to her, so Yin Qian hesitated to gather around Wei Ya and carefully stole a look at the stationery in his hand.
Wei Ya, after all, is not an ordinary person. Yin Qian anthracene’s eyes swept his skin and immediately aroused his alert response and consciously put on a defensive posture.
Wait until you see the expression embarrassed Yin Qian anthracene Wei Ya this just relax and say
"hey! It is you! What do you want? "
Small mind was caught Yin Qian anthracene simply big enough to point a letter in his hand and said
"What did Master say in the letter?"
With a sigh Wei Ya stretched out his hand and put the letter paper to Yin Qian anthracene said
"Since you want to know, take it yourself!"
Learn from what people always get together with Wei Ya, an informal legal person. Unlike those who were cautious earlier, Wei Ya stuffed the letter into her hand. She even picked it up and read it directly. After reading this text, the new Yin Qian gradually turned cold and handed it to Xu Keer.
Xun Qingfeng gave this letter to Xu Keer before two women came out. She also didn’t know that the letter was so sloppy. After reading it, Xu Keer couldn’t help but exclaim and looked up at Wei Ya.
In the face of Xu Keer’s sympathy, doubts and eyes, I have long had a dead pig who is not afraid of scalding water. Wei Ya said frankly
"Look at me? The letter is true. According to the first destiny, my generation is destined to be a lone star in Dreadwind. Even if I have relatives, it is not much different from no relatives. "
Don’t have the heart to see Wei Ya so depressed Xu Kerr encourage said
"One life, two fortunes, three feng shui, four products, five virtues, don’t be discouraged."
Hear Xu keer Wei ya suddenly burst into a hearty laugh, almost even tears to laugh and then said
"No, you are wrong. I have never been discouraged in my life. Even if the sky is going to die, I have to ask the old fist if he will agree."
Smell speech gave his boss a supercilious look Xu Kerr said
"All right, Qian Anthracene and I haven’t had breakfast yet! You have a hard time to accompany you! "
People eat every day, and the biggest one is Xu Keer. Wei Ya, of course, has no room for rejection.
The competition in the hotel industry in a tourist city like Huangshan City is quite fierce. Although it has passed the standard breakfast, Xu Keer is still satisfied according to the breakfast specification menu. Among the three people, Yin Qiananthracene is the shallowest, and Wei Ya and Xu Keer can’t cut off the water, but they just taste everything that is tempting. Soon they put chopsticks to talk.
"This time you tore up the heaven, and it was a big disaster!"
Even if Xun Qingfeng doesn’t tell Xu Keer, he can see that his heart secretly delights in destroying heaven. This kind of thing can be big or small. If heaven refuses to let it go, Wei Ya will be in great trouble.
Is Wei Ya this party a face of easily smell him a grin and said
"Hum! Nothing, don’t make trouble, something, don’t be afraid of things, and who will find fault with the old doesn’t care what to say. It’s always a detour. For thousands of years, we attacked Wu Wei with words of criticism. Didn’t we destroy Yuan Zhimen for anyone? There are only a handful of people in the world who can’t get a glimpse of the Tao in dozens of winters and summers. Naturally, the yogi is no different from those ants crawling all over the ground. If the weather is right, I will go against it. If it is right, I will go against it. "
Unconsciously, Wei Ya’s high voice attracted many strange eyes around him, but he seemed oblivious to a wave of his hand and said
"It’s better to be poor! Then let me see what a poverty is like! "
Volume 12 Land Fair Volume 1 Peace
People feel happy. After Qiyun Mountain’s journey ended in a hurry, Wei Ya and others’ lives returned to their original old ways, causing great disasters. Someone seems to have forgotten the hidden crisis and continued to eat and die every day in Mi Chong.