Two celadon cups on the table


Another handmaiden came in with four inventory hearts, all of which were extremely exquisite.
Angie Chiu poured tea for Su Mian, saying, "Sister is in charge of her own home."
Su Mian took the tea with a smile and took a sip of chrysanthemum tea. It needs to be soaked for a while. This tea bubble is still shallow.
"This tea is good," but she can’t say it.
"My sister likes to have a good snack. My tea may not be a good snack, but it’s excellent. My empress loves to eat it. The house is a good cook, but she calls my mother to develop a good appetite. What is delicious? She knows best." Angie Chiu laughed.
Su Mian tasted it and looked like pea yellow. It was really delicious, which was another taste compared with Su Jia.
"Excellent. It seems that I will take it back today." Su Mian laughed.
"It’s for you. I knew you’d like it." Angie Chiu laughed.
Two people tea for a while Angie Chiu sighed, "I don’t know if I have a chance to come back in the next year’s draft. Even if I come back, I will be a sixteen-year-old girl …"
Su Mian looked at her and sighed, "Sister, don’t sigh, too. Sister will have a good future if she loses or chooses."
"Ah, what’s the good future? You and I have chosen a family like this, but it is a pity that the concubine in each house lost the election … Who knows? "Angie Chiu said.
Two people care for each other at the moment.
A long time Angie Chiu laughed "is called sister to relax didn’t have to say these do? What if I choose to be a concubine? If you want to have something to do, you will naturally have a good life. If you have nothing to say, you can protect yourself. We are all born and chosen, saying that we are excellent. "
Su Mian appreciates Angie Chiu’s direct and confident woman, "Sister, you will have a good life, and you will not be mistreated by her so wise and generous."
"Haha, my sister told me to say, if you can lose this appearance, it will be difficult. You should be careful after saying it." Since ancient times, beauty has been so unlucky
Su mian is too beautiful.
The more they talk, the more speculative they are. It’s already noon before you know it.
The handmaiden came in and said, "Miss Su, it’s already noon. Madam just said that she wouldn’t bother your sisters. She gossiped that the kitchen had prepared food and brought it here for you all. Madam said that Miss Su would be welcome."
Su Mian thanked Mrs. Zhao.
Not long after, there was a table of noodles, and there were thirty-six dishes.
Su Mian is a little embarrassed. The two girls must be unable to eat. This is Zhao’s hospitality.
Su Mian didn’t leave until they had lunch and chatted for a long time.
Angie Chiu reluctantly sent her to the second door.
Angie Chiu went back to the backyard and met Mrs. Zhao in the main courtyard. "I have a great eye. That Su Mian is really a good daughter. She likes to talk to her."
Mrs. Zhao laughed. "It’s good that you like it. It’s all the same show girls who go to Beijing together and have a care."
Su Mian sat in a carriage all the way, listening to the request about how they were treated.
It’s also joy
When he got home, Su Mian went to Rongxitang first and met his sister Su Jia.
SEAO saw her back and laughed. "Zhao Guke has a good life to entertain his sister? That Angie Chiu has a bad temper. If you neglect your sister, you have to be patient. "
An irresistible sour taste in speech.
Su Mian knows that she is not only doing it, but also doing it.
Su Mian seemed to answer SEAO and laughed. "Grandmother didn’t know that Zhao really had rules and manners. Before her granddaughter arrived, she saw two old women waiting outside and led her granddaughter into the backyard. Miss Zhao was straightforward but unusually easy to get along with. When she had lunch, Mrs. Zhao sent someone to send a big table of food, and her granddaughter was embarrassed."
Without looking at SEAO, I know that she looks pale.
Su Yao still glanced at Su Mian, the third sister, and she didn’t know how to be good. First, she was favored by nine emperors, and even Angie Chiu, whose eyes were higher than the top, took her as a guest.
"Well, in that case, you should invite Miss Zhao to come as a reward another day." The old lady Su laughed.
"It’s granddaughter listening to grandmother" Su Mian laughed.
Back to the West Garden, Su Mian laughed. "Can you get angry with Miss Er today? Why didn’t you come to provoke me early every day? "
Jinxiu laughed. "When Sue’s family came to miss Su, she didn’t come back, she took advantage of the long room. Now that Miss Su is back, she is better than her in appearance and nine emperors … Now there is Miss Zhao, and she naturally doesn’t." Jinxiu said while serving Su Mian to change clothes.
"Hum! In a few days’ time? "Acacia pouting 35 Chapter 35 Test Liu.
Sue cotton fudged that the original generation didn’t have any information about SEAO, and it was also a language. Since she entered the house, she has nine emperors …
But no matter what happens to Queen Su Yu, it’s good that she doesn’t mess with her.
After this incident, Su Mian resumed her 3.1-point life.
Yan Gui sent someone to send something twice, once for jewelry and once for snacks.
Sue’s family is gradually becoming less fearful.
But Sue’s family is getting better and better for Su Mian, and now it’s not so good. What might happen after the Nine Emperors Hall is so good for Miss San? Who doesn’t want to get married?