Don’t lose your ideal because you don’t have a palm.


Actually, every road leading to sunshine avenue is full of ups and downs.
Every path to the ideal is full of hard work and sweat!
Many things are destined to come to an end, enjoy the beautiful process and pass by. We should learn to forget, laugh once, cry boldly, look up at a bright sunshine and believe that it can change everything!
Don’t let yourself cry easily. There is spring breeze in spring, winter in winter and elegance in winter. Life is beautiful and chic. You laugh at the world and laugh with you. You cry at the world. When you can’t have it, the only thing you can do is not to forget yourself.
Yes, if you miss it, you miss it. You come back from the 16th Hill that day and think a lot. Maybe our love lacks setbacks and letters, but how can our love continue without them?
It’s a shame not to continue, even if it can last for a lifetime, but it won’t last forever, and those everlasting promises will become fragile
Maybe I know I’m wrong now, but when the time comes, we can turn back, even if it hurts, but I have to be the executioner.
Chapter 196 Fit
Chapter 196
If love deceives you.
Don’t be sad, don’t be impatient!
Calm is needed on a blue day.
Believe it, Happy Day will come.
The heart always yearns for the future;
Now it is often melancholy.
Everything is instantaneous.
Everything will pass;
And that’s over.
Will become a kind memory.
It’s been two days since Sixteen Hills, and life has been the same in these two days, with ice rocks and singers’ new albums. However, there is still a troublesome thing in these busy things that can’t be dumped.
The trouble is that ice really gives me a headache.
In the past two days, he came to my seat every so often and talked about the previous events or it was dry there, saying that even if I ignored him, he could say that I was too restless to do other things. I have to say that this is also a realm, but it is too unskilled.
I had to want to beat him up several times, but I held back deeply. It’s not the time yet. I can never bow my head. I can never admit that I am the ice house so that I can take Yi Haochen with me, and then he will come into my radius of 1 meter and stop him so that I can have my own leisure time.
Because even though I insist that I am not ice, he is still so stubborn that I have to admit it.
On this day, I received a report from Xuan, who said that there were some things that needed temporary treatment in the ice rock mass, so I didn’t go to school.
I didn’t come to school until lunch, but when I came to the classroom, it was noisy and I didn’t know what to say. It seemed that there were some students, but I still hung up and ignored them.
However, when the bell rang, I felt the noise in the classroom quiet. I looked up curiously and saw everyone looking at the door. I followed.
But I was in a mess in the wind, and I didn’t know how to imagine the scene at that time.
Some handsome boys and girls came into the classroom on the bell. These handsome boys and girls were none other than my good friends, their boyfriends and Ge Xuan.
What should we do? Why are they here? It’s a coincidence that he just passed by there and didn’t ask Chen them to check. I didn’t expect them to transfer to this school and this class today.
This time, I will never believe what a coincidence it is. It is definitely premeditated.
It turned out to be such a coincidence that I didn’t come early because of something, so they came at this time, and they were cool enough to sit at the same table with me.
Jesus, are you kidding me? Haven’t you played enough?
I was stunned to see them coming to me, and then they greeted me happily and said, "Bing, why are you here now? We’ve been waiting for you all afternoon, but you’re not coming. How can you just leave without saying a word?"
I miss their familiar sounds, but I can’t let them recognize them
I said as a stranger, "I’m sorry, I don’t know you or who you are." I think you mistook one for another. "
"You are ice, you are absolutely ice." Qi said without hesitation, and her eyes were so firm and serious.
"I’m sorry, I don’t know why so many people regard me as ice in your mouth these days, but I’m sure it’s me, not what you call ice."
"And this gentleman didn’t expect to see you again, but I remember telling you clearly that I’m not frozen. What do you want to pester me? I think you have to explain to your friend." I turned to show my fingers and secretly made a move to Chen to ask him to come to the rescue.
"What? Hyun, when did you see the ice? "
"Xuan said to you afterwards" and then turned to me "I …"
"It seems that you still haven’t listened to me. Well, I’m telling you formally and seriously who I am. I think most people know that please don’t mistake me for someone else, so I will be in trouble."
With that, Chen came to me knowingly and pretended to be talking in my ear. Then I pretended to nod my head.
Then Chen went up to them and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry, I think you really mistook one for another. Now we have forgotten the notice. We have to go first. I hope you won’t mistook one for another again. Now, can you please make way for us?" Then he took me to the door in his arms.
When I walked to the door, Xin shouted at my back and said, "Ice escape is not the solution to things. You should face it. Since you have met it, let’s face it openly."
My heart moved, but I walked out without stopping.
Chapter 197 I escape
Chapter 197
Maybe I can imagine in the gentlest way that I can stop being sad.