The waves pushed the bedroom door and saw Lan Tianxing wearing a nightgown and lying on the bed. His eyes were looking at the video screen. Super luxury home theater video screen Lan Tianxing’s lover Dong Yunfang was singing and dancing, which turned out to be a CD.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 The waves pushed the bedroom door and saw Lan Tianxing wearing a nightgown and lying on the bed. His eyes were looking at the video screen. Super luxury home theater video screen Lan Tianxing’s lover Dong Yunfang was singing and dancing, which turned out to be a CD.

Lan Tianxing saw the waves coming in. Turning down the CD just doesn’t affect their conversation.
Lan Tianxing waved and smiled. "Come in and sit down!"
The waves went over and sat down on the sofa near the blue star bed and laughed. "Who is manager Lan so happy to drink with today?"
Manager Lan picked up a pack of cigarettes from the small table next to the bed and threw it to the waves, saying, "Who else can I smoke with? Some friends in the sea are old friends. If I don’t drink, I can’t do it. In the past two years, my health has become worse and worse. I have drunk too much."
The waves reached out and grabbed the cigarette. When they saw that the cigarette case was extremely smoky, they laughed. "Does Lan always smoke domestic cigarettes himself?"
Lan Tianxing said with a smile, "To be honest, I smoke foreign cigarettes and drink foreign wine outside, which is for others to see. If I don’t do this, people will say that you have no class and are an old hat. My family is full of foreigners who smoke national cigarettes and drink national wine. It’s just a decoration that is not good at all!"
The waves laughed. "I feel the same way-except for foreign girls!" "
Lan Tianxing laughed. "The foreign girl is not good in bed either. It’s just a ghost. It’s too fake to return MD like killing a pig. It’s better than a girl’s name in a few days!"
The waves said, "Japanese people are so abnormal. I don’t like Japanese girls. Blue always likes Japanese girls. I must have had a lot of sex, right?"
Lan Tianxing said, "A few years ago, I often went to Japan to play some games, and I felt good. There are Japanese girls, Tokyo Song and Dance Club Town, and geisha, but geisha usually busk and don’t sell themselves. It’s hard to meet my friends and help me. Fortunately, I played two."
The waves know that Lan Tianxing called him to chat. On the one hand, he was trying to woo his feelings. On the other hand, there must be something to say. Sure enough, Lan Tianxing said that if you play Japanese girl, the conversation turned and said, "Xiaohai, did you have a lot of enemies with the Black Dragon when you were there?"
The waves said, "Here comes the topic!" When I nodded calmly, I said, "I killed the president of the Black Dragon Club, and my daughter was raped by me. If my business is delayed, should I choose to quit?"
Blue Sky Star waved and said, "That’s not what I meant. Don’t panic. I knew you would have some friction with the Black Dragon. This time, I arranged for you to be the owner of Xuanwu Hall to take charge of the real estate, so as to avoid dealing with the Japanese. You are my Japanese. I don’t know yet, but they will know sooner or later that they will force me to hand you over and let them punish you. Don’t worry, although Blue Sky Star is not a good man, I am the most loyal. I will never hand you over to the Black Dragon Club. I won’t cut off business with you, but
The waves said, "Thank you, Lan. I’ll pay attention."
Lan Tianxing said, "If you have a conflict with the Japanese Black Dragon Association, it won’t affect my business, but it’s not convenient for me to intervene in your personal vendetta. Be careful yourself, but you can always mobilize me and forget it."
The waves smiled. "I always thank you!" "
The waves found that Lan Tianxing was not as terrible as outsiders said. He is wearing a robe and has just taken a shower. His short hair is not outstanding, but his facial features are somewhat like honest, family-oriented, easy-going and kind. The waves of course know that people have many faces. This is the blue sky star, a vertical and horizontal black and white side!
The mobile phone waves dressed and said, "Talk to Lan another day. It’s always possible that I drank some wine and wanted me to chat with him."
Li Jie was envious and jealous, saying, "Manager Lan really believes that you dragged you to talk in the middle of the night, but I have never been blessed."
Wave pants buckle the belt and laugh. "I don’t believe you when you say this. Are you and Blue Head Bed in broad daylight?"
Sister Li smiled, "Bed is about sex, not heart-to-heart"
The waves have a good belt and reach for a suit. Wear it smartly. "Well, let’s have a good chat when I go."
Sister Li finally refrained from telling the waves, "Well, you should go first. I’m going to this red chamber, too. I can’t rest until two o’clock in the morning!"
The waves smiled, walked into the shower, washed their faces, walked out of the shower, went to the bedroom, waved goodbye to Li Jie who was dressing, and walked out of the living room.
The waves know that Blue Star is the bedroom in the office on the seventh floor, and the office is also the place where Blue Star works, relaxes, entertains and sleeps.
The waves went from the stairs to the stairs on the seventh floor. Two bodyguards were waiting at the stairs to see the waves and nodded and smiled. "Hai Ge is so blue and always waits for you inside."
The waves took out cigarettes from their pockets, and everyone sent a smile. "I just came here and asked my brothers to take more photos."
A bodyguard laughed. "It’s our brother who is polite. Please take more photos."
The waves said, "Let’s take care of each other. It’s all about General Manager Lan. Let’s work together in Qi Xin."
After the waves greeted the two bodyguards, they headed for Lanting Star’s office.
There are three people in Lanting Star’s office. The first person is staring at the waves walking briskly. This person is about thirty-five years old, with short hair and resolute face, a pair of eyes and a close-fitting sweater. It shows his strong body and looks powerful, free and easy.
The waves also saw this man far away. This is the first time he saw this man, but from his style, we can see that this man may be a bodyguard, and the leader is a senior messenger from Blue Star.
The waves approached the door of Lanting Star’s office and smiled and said, "Hello, three!"
When the other two bodyguards saw the waves, they nodded and greeted "Hai Ge". One person looked at the waves coldly and said slowly, "You are the waves."
When the waves saw this man, they didn’t show closeness or hostility. They smiled and said, "I’m the waves. What’s your name?"
This one also said indifferently, "My name is Hud."