Blue dad sighed and fixed his eyes on Mei Xuan. "Mei Xuan said that you hate your parents and Bing Xuan, but do you know that your parents love Bing Xuan so much? It’s not that they are partial, it’s that they feel indebted to Bingxuan. "

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 Blue dad sighed and fixed his eyes on Mei Xuan. "Mei Xuan said that you hate your parents and Bing Xuan, but do you know that your parents love Bing Xuan so much? It’s not that they are partial, it’s that they feel indebted to Bingxuan. "

"Uncle, what did you say? What is owed? " Mumeixuan asked doubtfully.
"Your parents asked me not to tell you about this because they didn’t want you to feel guilty, but it’s no good saying it now. Although you are twins, you don’t have a good heart attack when you were born. When the doctor said that you were hopeless, your parents felt very sad. After all, you are their own flesh and blood. What parents would not love their children?" Blue dad recalled the past and said with emotion
Everyone listened nervously and patiently to what Blue Dad said.
"I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news. The doctor says you may be saved. If you find the right heart, you can continue to give birth …"
"Is it the heart of Bingxuan?" Leng asked in a speculative tone because he remembered that when he first saw the ice, she was very weak and had a heart attack, and that report said that two heart operations were this?
Everyone looked at Blue Dad and held his breath waiting for his answer.
"Yes," Blue Dad said firmly.
Ice turned white and took a step back. Accidentally, when the ice was about to give Mother Earth a hug, Lan Chengye held her. "Ice ~" was full of pity and distressed shouting.
Blue dad took a deep breath and continued, "Your parents were very excited but happy after hearing this, but this happiness didn’t last long. After testing, finally, the heart of Bingxuan was in line with Meixuan. This doubt gave your parents another deep blow. They hesitated for a long time and finally decided to give up Bingxuan in exchange for your life. Because you came to this world before Bingxuan, you were their first child. They selfishly kept you and abandoned Bingxuan.
Tears of ice rolled down her pale cheeks, and everyone around her looked at the ice lovingly.
"But instead of dying, Bing Xuan miraculously survived. Your parents felt that they owed Bing Xuan to make up for their selfish decision, so they always loved and cherished Bing Xuan. But too much love for Bing Xuan turned out to be the fuse of the whole tragedy." Blue dad looked sad and sorry that he failed to tell Bing Xuan about it earlier, which led to this tragedy.
"Why? How can … "Mu Meixuan murmured sadly that she couldn’t believe that she had always hated and wanted to kill her own sister, but it was for her life. When people touched the heart, they could feel the health and dirty beating. It was her sister Bingxuan’s heart.
"This is really beautiful. You have always been your parents don’t love you. You are wrong. Your parents really love you. Otherwise, your parents wouldn’t have given up Bingxuan’s life at all costs to save you."
Blue dad’s words shocked everyone’s heart again.
"Mom and Dad" ice eyes become holes, and they hold the ice in their arms lovingly at night. They also look at the ice rink lovingly, and your eyes are all wet.
"I’m sorry that Bingmeixuan told you this when I didn’t. I’m sorry! !” Blue dad painfully blamed "husband" and blue mom walked over to him and hugged him.
Just as everyone was immersed in pain, Zhijian threw a gun from the bag and shot at the ice. The ice didn’t come to react. "Ice …" Everyone shouted in horror.
A bullet passed through a body and saw Mu Meixuan blocking the ice. The blood in front of him poured out in a pool of blood like a gushing river.
"Elder sister …" Bing mournfully shouted the long-lost and strange name.
"Peng-"Frost pulled out a pistol and shot at Zhijian’s heart. "Dad-"Fei Ying wailed and shouted through the crowd into Zhijian’s ear to see him smile with relief …
"Sister" Bing immediately ran to Mu Meixuan’s side, picked up her hand and gently arranged the messy silver hair.
Mei Xuan grabbed the ice hand. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry …"
"Sister, don’t talk. I’ll help you heal."
"No," Mu Meixuan stopped her. "I’ve done too many wrong things. I’m too guilty. I deserve to die. Now I finally understand what I will have." You’re right. I’ve done a great job. I deserve it. I’ve lost everything, including my sister. "Touching the ice face with my hands, my eyes are full of guilt."
"No, sister, you are not the only one. You still have me!" Ice tears rolling in the eyes
"Bingxuan, have you forgiven elder sister?" Ask in an expectant tone
Bing nodded heavily. "Well, sister, I forgive you. I have forgiven you."
"Thank you" said with a smile and closed his eyes tightly. At last, his eyes were filled with happiness after being forgiven and liberation.
"Sister-"Bing Xin felt very painful. She finally tasted the pain. It was really uncomfortable. She had no scruples about the people around her. She cried and shed tears down her cheeks. Mu Meixuan’s cold face was boiling hot, but the cold body could no longer feel it.
Lan Chengye watched them silently, and they didn’t know how to comfort Bing Neng, who shared the pain silently.
In the past, jealousy was full of despair, and it disappeared in crying. In the past, hatred and pain ended in tears, but sad music still echoed with blood …
Lan Chengye took off his coat and gently covered it with ice.
The faint sound of "thank you" touched Lan Cheng’s heart at night.
"Ice" Lan Chengye cried lovingly.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine. Maybe death is a relief for my sister. I should be happy for her. It must be very hard for her every day or in hatred. I’ve tried this taste before." Is it right that Mu Meixuan’s heart is full of hatred for herself? Isn’t that how you come from hatred?
"Well, Mi-chueh must be very happy because she finally got your forgiveness and walked away with a smile. You freed your sister."
Bing shook his head. "It’s not only me but also a person."
"hmm?" LanChengYe crooked crooked head a confused look at the ice.
Bing stared at the grave next to Mu Meixuan.
Jay mouth to ice ear lips slightly peristalsis-
"Bingxuan, listen carefully. It was your sister-Mumeixuan who was behind the murder of Mu’s family."