"Lin Yu, be careful that my sister said that Cang Lingying is a lackey of Yuan Wei. Finding him is Yuan Wei." Yuan Lan sounded in Lin Yu’s mind. "And I am afraid that Yuan Wei Cang Lingying has cheated in this flesh."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 "Lin Yu, be careful that my sister said that Cang Lingying is a lackey of Yuan Wei. Finding him is Yuan Wei." Yuan Lan sounded in Lin Yu’s mind. "And I am afraid that Yuan Wei Cang Lingying has cheated in this flesh."

Lin Yu said quietly, "Don’t worry, Dad is staring at him there. He can’t move his hands and feet."
Lin Yu never let down his guard against the enemy.
When Cang Lingying came to the training room, she carefully swallowed the Dan medicine as others did.
The sky is always staring at Cang Lingying, but Cang Lingying’s realm is rising again and again, but he still finds nothing.
At the same time, Yuan Wei smiled proudly in her lair. "Cang Lingying is still himself. Of course you can’t find anything. Haha!"
Reverse monitoring Yuan Wei Yuan Mo told Lin Yu and Ming Tianqing Lin Yumeng this matter through Yuan Lan for the first time, frowning. "What should Dad do?"
Ming Tianqing is very calm. "Nothing, let him continue."
Although I don’t know what my father’s card is, since he is so calm, it is naturally not good for Lin Yu to ask anything more.
On this day, a strong reincarnation of Cangyu in Yun He City impacted Cangyu. Although most people in Yun He City did not know the news, they felt strange from the surging clouds and fog around Yun He City.
Sometimes it rains cats and dogs, sometimes it thunders, and it snows. It’s just that there is no sunshine all day. This extremely abnormal weather has been pestering Yun He City for three days and three nights until the light beams with different colors rise from all corners of Yun He City and go straight into the sky. Yun He City genius regains light.
"Did it work?" Knowing this matter, the Lins are delighted, and they are all looking forward to defeating the inferno at an early date.
Contrary to them, Lin Yu is getting more and more worried.
Regardless of the abnormal departure of Yan, Cang Lingying is out of control, and the fact that the Great Devil has not come to harass it makes Lin Yu feel abnormal.
"What’s his cause? What’s so quiet? " As the name Cang Yu in front of the strong Lin Yu Lin Yu frown even deeper.
"Feather, do everything you can, listen to your destiny, and don’t work too hard." Lin Yu’s mind rang out. "Well, all these people have come out. It’s time for a decisive battle."
"Well," Lin Yu restrained his chaotic mood and headed for the man. "You have worked hard."
Feeling that this person is stronger than his father, Lin Yu can’t help secretly rejoicing.
Among these people, Wang Haoxuan, Zi Qingyun, feathermoon, Xiaofei and Ouyang Xiu have reached the quadruple of Cang Yu’s territory, and the three of them have reached the triple of Cang Yu’s territory.
After they told Lin Yu their respective strengths, a woman in red reappeared in front of Lin Yu.
The inflammation is here.
Lin Yu’s heart is tight. Has this woman promised herself something? Has she done it?
As if I saw something from Lin Yu’s eyes, Yan Yan smiled slightly. "My reality is that for the time being, it’s just a little short of the six-fold situation in Cangyu. Lin Yu will ask you to wait a little longer."
Cang Yu Jing Liu Chong?
I have a strange face, but I didn’t expect the strongest to be phlogistic.
Lin Yu’s face turned heavy and said, "Didn’t you say that after that thing, your strength can reach the lofty realm?"
Yan Yan spread something the size of an egg in the palm of his hand and instantly released a strong light, which made everyone wonder what this thing was. "This is …"
"Huoli is still here. I’m worried that it will take me a long time to refine it. I’m afraid I’ll be delayed and join hands with the big devil."
Yan Yan smiled calmly. "If you are so anxious to see Ruoning, I will swallow it now."
"Cang Yu Shen Huo Li!" He several pale space in the strong staring straight at the fire, Lin Yu can see from their eyes that they are eager for this fire.
Isn’t the purpose of cultivation to achieve the goal of breaking through life and death in Cang Yu Gao Jing?
Now that there is such an excellent opportunity, I can’t believe she didn’t benefit from this fire. What’s her plan?
Lin Yu guessed their thoughts more or less, and his face could not help but show a trace of ridicule.
I wonder if they would be so enthusiastic if they knew that reaching the lofty realm of Cangyu was just jumping from one cage to another?
Since Yan Yan himself said so, if Lin Yu forced her to get angry now, it would be tantamount to saying that Lin Yu was so angry that she ignored the plan.
"Good inflammation, then I’ll wait," Lin Yu said solemnly. "Now let’s discuss together when to deal with the great demon king."
At this time, the mocking voice of the great demon king Xi rang out from Yun He City. "Haha, just make it seven days later, as in Chapter 438, Wang Haoxuan said goodbye.
When Lin Yu heard the voice of the Great Devil, he finally confirmed one thing, that is, the Great Devil has been paying attention to Yun He City.
The Great Devil Liu can so easily make Zi Qingyun and Yan Yan refine into the deep and remote Tandan, and also let them rise to Cang Yu realm smoothly. If he has no tricks, Lin Yu won’t believe it.
However, since the personnel are ready and the Great Devil has made an appointment, it really doesn’t make sense if they don’t fight again.
"Seven days is seven days. Where is the battlefield?" Wang Haoxuan, who has integrated the memories of past lives and achieved the strength of the four-fold Cangyu territory, most readily agreed to the challenge of the Great Devil.
Wang Haoxuan is a man who has never been afraid of war, whether in his previous life or in this life.
"Refreshing haha!" The great demon king Liu laughed and said, "The place is the desert in the far west of Cangyu mainland, and it will be there at the same time after seven days."
I wonder if anyone will get goose bumps at the thought of dating the Great Devil.
"What else do you need to tell your family? Go back first. After six days, let’s meet again in Yun He." Lin Yu said to the crowd.