Xiao Qing’s eyes were clouded by a storm. "Why don’t you worry about her? I won’t allow anyone to damage her, nor can you?"

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx Xiao Qing’s eyes were clouded by a storm. "Why don’t you worry about her? I won’t allow anyone to damage her, nor can you?"

Xiao Qing has always been warm and jade-like, and it is rare for him to be so ruthless. He is also mad.
So angry because Su Wan entertained female guests for Jun Li, because Xiao Qing looked at Su Wan in front of his future princess, and he was going to cultivate his feelings with Su Wan and then went to the palace to ask his father for instructions.
If Su Wan entertains female guests for Jun Li today, his father will hear about it, so he will ask his father to refer to the marriage in the future.
If the emperor refers to marriage, it will not happen.
In the eyes of father, his daughter-in-law can’t have any flaws. She must be a perfect family to deserve him. Because he is a toffee in the eyes of father, how can he have a bad name?
He is deeply aware that the former Yongshou Palace will only be designed to let the guards save Yuan Jia because he knows that if Yuan Jia is saved by the guards, his father will not agree to let her benefit the princess.
Now Su Wan actually entertains female guests for Junli. You know, entertaining female guests is equivalent to being the hostess of Wangfu.
Of course, it’s not a big deal, and it’s okay to ignore it, but just entertain a guest
But if you really pay attention to it, it will be flawed.
Xiao Qing, at the thought of this burning mood, blamed Junli, so he lifted his foot and walked back. He wanted to go to Lasu Wan. Don’t entertain any female guests for Junli. He went to find someone else himself.
However, Jun Li will not let him get what he wants. It is his thoughtlessness. But how did Xiao Qing rush into the backyard like this? This is a matter between him and Qingling County Master, and he will tell her.
But is by no means let Xiao Qing so rushed to the backyard to pull people.
"Huiwangdian, please respect yourself and don’t lose your identity."
Jun Li held out his hand and stopped Xiao Qingli. The weak man is getting weaker now, and his face is even whiter than before. He is white with anger from Xiao Qing.
However, he was firm and didn’t give in at all.
Xiao Qing was so angry that he raised his hand and punched Jun Li. He was also mad. He was afraid that his father would take this matter to stop him from marrying Wan. He didn’t want to marry another woman, but wanted to marry Wan.
Jun Li dares to destroy Wan’s reputation. Can he spare him?
The Huiwangdian, which has always been warm and jade, was furious. Many people exclaimed around, and then someone hurried to Lahuiwangdian. You know, if this king is killed by the North Jin state, he will be too much and will probably be punished. There is also a favorite sister in the Duanwangdian Palace who can’t beat the Wangdian.
"Don’t want the temple."
Being closer to King Hui, I quickly took hold of King Hui, and someone pulled Wang Junli to see that Wang Dian’s face was a little bloody. They were really worried that Wang Dian was so stunned.
At that time, the male guests made a mess here.
On the other hand, someone had already reported to the female guests, and the informant was still directed by Xiao Huang.
Su Wan soon received the news, and her face could not be said to be ugly. She quickly led people to come over and followed her, and there were many young ladies.
When they heard that Huiwangdian had a fight with Duanwangdian, how could they stand it and come and watch the fun?
Male guests and female guests come not far apart, and Su Wan comes very quickly.
When she appeared, someone shouted, "The master of Qingling County is coming."
Su wan’s face is very ugly. She didn’t look good, so she fought well and said it was because of her. What happened to her?
As soon as Su Wan appeared, Xiao Qing ignored Jun Li and quickly rushed over to hold Su Wan’s hand and said seriously, "Wan Wan, you come with me and don’t entertain any female guests for this man."
Su Wan frowned and didn’t understand why she could make such a mess by entertaining a female guest for Junli, which also caused the two of them to almost fight.
Su Wan looked at Jun Li not far away and found that Jun Li’s face was very white. Seeing this, Su Wan was a little worried. She ignored Xiao Qingxin and asked Jun Li, "Why do you look so ugly?"
As soon as Su Wan’s words fell, Xiao Qing couldn’t say how sad he was, and at the same time, he was unhappy. There was also Ning Wang Xiao Ye who didn’t know what. When he saw Wang Junli in his heart, he felt a burning heat in his heart, and he couldn’t wait to rush over and severely clean up Junli.
Besides Xiao Qing and Xiao Ye, Xiao Huang’s face can’t say how gloomy it is. The whole body is cold and overflowing.
Be careful to stay away from him around. Stay away from him slowly. Previously, this evil spirit kicked off the little Hou Ye of Anping Houfu. But they saw that even Ye Xiao Hou Ye was kicked off. The situation is that if they are closer to this Ye, they will not be directly kicked to death by him.
Su Wan didn’t pay attention to other people’s hearts. She looked at Jun Li. She really looked at Jun Li’s face and didn’t look very good.
Jun Li saw her eyebrows suddenly interrupted, so she felt that she was angry and hindered. He smiled and shook his head. "It’s okay. It’s okay."
He paused and said, "I was thoughtless before, thinking that the female guests didn’t have a guest house to ask you for help, but I didn’t want to bring you such trouble. Please go with Huiwangdian first, and I’ll look for the female guests and see if anyone can help entertain them."
When Jun Li faced Su Wan, Wen Ya chuckled lightly, unlike when facing others. This look stung several people’s eyes. They would never believe this guy without any thoughts.