The imperial power of feiyunmen gulai led many people to feel a little depressed when they heard this name. In the eyes of ordinary mercenaries, the suspicion of feiyunmen is like that of ordinary people.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 The imperial power of feiyunmen gulai led many people to feel a little depressed when they heard this name. In the eyes of ordinary mercenaries, the suspicion of feiyunmen is like that of ordinary people.

Zheng Liang quickly walked over to suppress the tense atmosphere here and said dryly, "Don’t care too much about all the other disciples."
"Hum" a few people at the same time or cold hum.
All of them make the strength reach the level of Wu Zun. Zheng Liang said that he was under great pressure.
Seeing a group of people who seem to be acquaintances and can’t understand what they are talking about, Feng Yang came over to Zheng Liang and said, "Thank you for accompanying me all the way. There are still some things to do. Please leave now."
"Well, since the little brother has something to do, go ahead," Zheng Liang said indifferently.
The wind Yang’s line of sight once again fell on Wu Hua and Michelle with a smile. The latter also smiled back and the wind Yang turned and walked away from the mountains of Warcraft.
Wangyi was surprised and suspicious when he saw this. "This guy is going to break into the Mountain of Warcraft alone. He won’t be tired of living and want to commit suicide, will he?"
Others heard wangyi’s words and saw Feng Yang striding in the direction of the Mountain of Warcraft, which was quite surprising.
At this time, six people sitting on the floor were staring at the step by step coming from a distance. Feng Yang, a young man, said to a man in his thirties next to him, "Boss, this little thing seems familiar."
"Yeah, I feel familiar with the head, too." Another young man also said that he was staring at the young man’s face and suddenly revealed a bit of ecstasy. He suppressed his desire to go on a rampage and looked at the male bass next to him and said, "Boss, he is the chief of the fathers to kill the little one."
"The wind is blowing?" The man who was called the boss turned to look and saw the striding meteor coming and the wind blowing.
This man’s name is Chen Huo, and he is the captain of a detachment of the Fengjia mercenary group. He has the strength of six samurai. When Fangshan and Fengyang were both hurt, he suddenly appeared to kill Fengyang and then quickly.
"Cut him off." Chen Huo Huo Ran got up and then five young people got up together and ran towards the wind.
Suddenly, the rubber band is constantly being stretched, and the wind is blowing. I saw two young people stop their way and stop in astonishment.
The wind raised his eyes and looked around, only to find that people on both sides and behind him seemed to present a trend of surrounding themselves.
"Guys, what are you doing?" The wind raised his face and gave me a hint that he didn’t smile. He also recognized that this man was the master of Zeng Qingfeng Town who came after his own family. Although his face was smiling, his arm was quivering and instantly entered the fighting state.
"It’s no wonder that there has been no one in the chief of the fathers’ town, so you ran here, but your luck doesn’t seem so good." Chen Huo looked thoughtfully and stared at the wind and Yang’s words, and he could hear his disdain for the wind and his pride.
Fang Batian has made anyone who finds the wind blowing up and down or directly kills people rewarded. Chen Huo didn’t expect to bring a few brothers in to kill some Warcraft to exchange money for a sleep in the Red Chamber, but he met this God of Wealth.
It’s not a problem to take Feng Yang’s body back, not to mention sleeping with a woman in a red chamber, or working directly with a red chamber chief several times.
Seeing the wind and fire seems to have seen the high-order techniques and wealth, and the red chamber chief waved to himself.
"Are you mistaken for someone else?" The wind Yang wryly way
The wind young show cowardice immediately for six people despise eyes.
Chen Huo quipped, "It will be a little bloody to let the heads of families try their best to kill people. I didn’t expect it to be a soft-footed crab. It seems that the heads of families will reward me."
"Ha, ha, ha, yes, boss Ying SHEN WOO met the boss today, and it’s hard to fly."
Several young people have kowtowed against their will, and they naturally know in their hearts that once they catch the wind and fire, they will inevitably become the masters of the world, and the high-order achievement techniques and higher post strength will definitely be indispensable.
"Zheng Shu seems to be a little troublesome!" Wangyi stared at the wind with no color in his eyes, and his tone was indifferent, just like saying that the kitten and puppy had a fight.
"Look at it." Zheng Liang didn’t make plans for the time being. In his eyes, these people are not in the same position as themselves, and there is no need to interfere too much in their lives
The people around you didn’t look at this scene before, and there was a lot of prestige in this area. Some people who didn’t like it in their hearts were afraid to stand out because they were afraid of the influence of Fangjia Qingfeng Town.
Some mercenaries in Qingfeng Town won’t be an ordinary teenager, and the culprits just turned into an injured tiger because of the strange death of three yuan soul force terrorists, but the injured tiger will still bring deterrence to people, which will not change for a while.
"Why don’t you hand over what the patriarch wants, and then drill through our boss’s crotch and call us a few grandfathers to leave you a corpse?" A young man in front of Feng Yang laughed and said.
"Really?" The wind Yang eyes suddenly narrowed slightly.
However, when the young man seems to really want to do this, his face is full of people and animals, and his mouth is abrupt, leaving a hint of evil smile.
The wind Yang arm suddenly swung out to kill God, and the rubber band in his hand suddenly sounded sharp like a whip. The wind Yang was biting and sharp and dumped at the young man.
The young man’s face felt as if he had been stabbed with a knife, and his head felt dizzy.
Don’t wait for the young man to breathe out the wind and raise his right leg and kick the young man’s lower abdomen at him.
A stuffy hum youth body fell three meters away was livid, clutching his belly for a long time before he breathed out, stretched out his hand and touched the stabbing pain in the face, but he touched the blood with one hand.