Because the bumblebee is still half-self-fighting, it will definitely not work. Therefore, it will invade the mind and personally command the bumblebee to fight. Because of the different design concepts of the bumblebee, the two puppets are much more agile than the pink puppets. It is gorgeous and perfect to show all kinds of strange movements one by one in the mind.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 Because the bumblebee is still half-self-fighting, it will definitely not work. Therefore, it will invade the mind and personally command the bumblebee to fight. Because of the different design concepts of the bumblebee, the two puppets are much more agile than the pink puppets. It is gorgeous and perfect to show all kinds of strange movements one by one in the mind.

Where have people ever seen a puppet festival so flexible? One by one, I was dumbfounded, almost speechless. When I felt that I was about the same, I punched the pink puppet with a sharp angle and easily blew it out.
The people present, especially the Gongsun family, are all good at puppets. Of course, at first glance, they feel that this puppet is different and powerful, which is far from being matched by Gongsun Qing’s puppet. It is obvious that the two sides have played for so long, which is the result of giving way to each other.
"Sunny conceded" throb indifferently arch hand.
"Fourth Uncle deserves to be a powerful puppet of Fourth Uncle. What’s his name?" Gongsunqing also lost her heart. She even used the flame cannon during the battle, but she was easily avoided by the yellow puppet.
"Bumblebee" thundered and stole the familiar name. It was a moving state. The bumblebee changed into a single-row car state in an extremely gorgeous and dazzling way. Before Ray left, the whole body was yellow and full of exquisite streamlined beauty. "Just now it was in a humanoid state, but now it is a flying car."
"What a beautiful flying car!" Gong Sunqing pleaded with big eyes. "Fourth Uncle took me for a walk."
Willy didn’t refuse, so he let her sit in the co-pilot’s seat, and he took the chairman’s spirit force to control the flying car and flew straight to the sky. Although it was a low-performance flying car with willy, the speed was still beyond people’s imagination, flying like a bird for a long time before he fell back to the arms drill field.
Although GongSunQing also has a flying device, it’s the first time to take such a strange flying boat. It’s really exciting. The little face is a little flushed with excitement. "Fourth uncle, fourth uncle, this is so fun. I want to forge such a puppet."
"Ok, I’ll give you the drawings, and you can play with them slowly." Willy is also the so-called one. Anyway, his goal is to transform the gods into puppets.
"Great fourth uncle" GongSunQing heart very took the jade Jane more see throb more pleasing to the eye.
Willy is so ostentatious, but it’s just a matter of getting a little attention from some families. It’s better to get a name. When you get it, you will perform well and be too abrupt. Because the limelight is too strong, people will be hostile to Willy, but you don’t care about these immortal families. How far can you play with a junior?
"There is no problem for you old four to participate in the puppet contest on behalf of the family?" Sun laoer didn’t expect this elder to have refined such a strange puppet, but he said while the iron is hot.
Naturally, no one will object, but a pair of mean eyes are staring at throb in secret, and the expression is jealous. Obviously, the appearance of throb has seriously affected him.
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Not in Jianghu
? Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Not in Jianghu
This, of course, has never been the cousin Luo Hongqing of Gongsun’s family. This is the old son and two daughters of Gongsun, but a strong family of cultivating immortals nearby. The Luo family is more powerful than Gongsun’s family, and it is not a class. In its family, the bodhi old zu impressively has the strength of the then period.
Old son Sun married two women to the side branch of the Luo family, and there was no idea of climbing the branch. However, the Luo family’s vision was extremely high, and the position of his married Roche brother in the family was not obvious, which did not help the Sun family much. Therefore, old son Sun felt quite a bit like stealing chickens and costly rice.
Fortunately, I gave birth to a son, Luo Hongqing’s qualification is ok. It is that kind of qualification. At home, there are many adults, but the Luo family can only rank in the middle reaches. I’m afraid it will be extremely difficult for a family of three to get ahead in the Luo family. Finally, I discussed an idea to put this Luo Hongqing in the company of Gongsun Jiagu and Gongsun Qing in the hope of getting a cousin to marry a cousin.
You know, GongSunQing is very loved by the old clan leader GongSunQing, and she hopes that she will be given a professor of puppet art from an early age. This is to train GongSunQing as a successor, and I’m afraid she will be willing to get married in the future.
If we can combine with Gongsunqing, Luo Hongqing will rise because of this. If we can still deceive the Gongsuns into keeping secrets, then Luo Hongqing’s position in the Luo family will increase dramatically, and in the future, he will be able to mix with an elder Dangdang, which will be very generous for the meritorious brother family. Otherwise, who in this family will contribute to the family?
Therefore, Luo Hongqing held a list of orders and grew up in Gongsun’s house almost at an early age. However, although he is a grandson rather than an old son of Sun Gongsun, he also gave him puppet art, but it is not a secret puppet art of Gongsun’s house after all. Fortunately, Luo Hongqing’s talent is still smart, and staple goods’s puppet art, which is not so outstanding, has also emerged among the younger generation, only slightly worse than Gongsun’s.
It is also because of this that three years later, two of the places in the puppet contest, Gong Sunlaoer, finally intended to let this grandson change his name to Gong Sunhongqing to participate in the puppet contest of Wan Houmen. However, it is still inconclusive, but it is abruptly killed and blocked Luo Hongqing’s way.
In the family of hundreds of thousands of immortals, the Gongsun family has now declined to a certain extent, and the number of places that can be recommended is only two Gongsunqing accounts for one, and this newly emerged Gongsundong accounts for another. How do you calculate that Luo Hongqing feels that he will not have a chance? What’s more, Luo Hongqing has almost regarded Gongsunqing as his own daughter-in-law. Now this "daughter-in-law" is so affectionate with that gigolo-like fourth uncle that makes him feel good? When I cried, I felt that I was a tragedy. At that time, all kinds of jealousy and negative emotions spread. Jealousy is the original sin and often the origin of all kinds of troubles.
Willy knows nothing about this, but even if he knows it, he will never take it to heart with a chuckle. Don’t mention this Luo Hongqing. Even the whole Laurence family is just an ant colony in the eyes of Willy, and it can be trampled to death with its feet. Only strength is the foothold in this world.
On this day, throb spent all kinds of congratulations and befriending, and also paid homage to the ancestors of Gongsun’s family, which was officially included in the door wall. Even if he was a strong man in his infancy, he felt that it was too much to eat.
That is, on this day, Gongsun moved to live in Gongsun’s house.
Time flies in a hurry, and half a year has passed. Since I entered Gongsun’s home, I have been living in the shallow, and I have been studying Gongsun’s family and the puppet art. Once I concentrate on it, my memory and understanding have been growing rapidly in puppet refining, and he has the opportunity to repair the puppet art of the gods and lay some solid foundation. This only half a year has passed by for people of this level, that is, it has passed by.
But for some people, they can’t stand the original interests and human feelings. Luo Hongqing, a group of scattered practitioners and small family members, finally couldn’t find the opportunity to go out alone to participate in the puppet contest. It was only two and a half years ago, and at least two years later, I don’t know if that Gong Sundong said anything bad about him. Now he often likes to play with him. Gong Sunqing has never looked for him in the past six months and a half. Everything is because of him. His appearance has made himself a complete tragedy.
If throb knows, he will feel quite wronged. He is just letting GongSunQing practice hard by himself. What have you said about him? Moreover, this disturbing thing is not rooted in Gongsun Qing or Gongsun’s family. It is just a passing thing for him, and there will be no more friends after this.
Of course, I stuffed some Dan medicine for her in the gas refining period, but I want to come. Sun is trying to impact the gas refining higher order on a sunny day.
However, in this half year, celebrities throb quickly, especially the puppet contest is just around the corner, and the agents of various families have already been active to collect all kinds of information. Some outstanding performances of throb are naturally reported to the master after being inquired by the agents.
Although it seems that this Gongsun movement has not yet advanced to the foundation period, it will not pose much threat to the core brother of competition, but after all, people are at the peak of refining gas. Who knows if it will advance in the next two years? Moreover, his puppet art seems to be accomplished, and maybe it will really threaten the competition of the core brother in the future.
It is also because of this that the name of Willy was handed over to dozens of big families in a short time, and then flowed to hundreds of families, becoming a member of the threat list. This is also in line with Willy’s intention to sit on the top spot of the secret weapon of the Gongsun family. When the time comes to participate in the competition, other people’s attention will not be attracted to Willy’s identity and origin. This is the purpose of making a big publicity at the beginning
A few days later, a quiet courtyard wing in Gongsun’s home looked haggard. Luo Hongqing gnashed her teeth and said to Gongsun Rong, the second daughter of Gongsun’s old clan, "Mother, didn’t you take the opportunity from that bastard?"
"Shut up", a middle-aged woman with charm of Jude, thundered at the first porch, "He’s your fourth uncle and he’s your grandfather’s own son with a clear history."
"But my mother’s fourth uncle suddenly appeared and snatched away the opportunity that belonged to the child." Luo Hongqing became angry from embarrassment. "How can you be a mother and turn your elbow outward? Do you really want to see your son succeed in this life and be humiliated? Mother, don’t you forget how those brothers in the Luo family saw us? "
"This?" Gong Sunrong seems to have thought of some bad experiences, and his brow wrinkled tightly. He hesitated, "Qinger, although your fourth uncle took your chance, he is still your fourth uncle. And your fourth uncle is indeed more suitable than you to participate in the puppet contest. If you can enter the outside door now, your ancestors will burn incense."
"Mom fourth uncle is taller than me. Puppet art is better than me. That’s because grandpa is partial to you. Do you think if grandpa subsidizes him a lot of Lingshi magic pills, can he practice so fast? If it weren’t for my grandfather’s puppet art, would his puppet art be so powerful? " Luo Hongqing resented, "Mom, you know that my qualifications are not bad, but it’s just that my grandfather refused to use Gongsun’s puppet art. Now there are still two and a half years before the puppet contest, I dare not say that my grandfather will do his best to support my core brother, but my ordinary brother can still get it."
For son to ensure GongSunRong is not too much doubt is still some doubts, "but we GongSunGu because of poor grades for several consecutive years now there are only two places, it is absolutely impossible for your grandfather to give up your fourth uncle and cousin like one and become you"
"Mom, because I’m always an outsider in grandpa’s eyes, my surname is Luo instead of Gong Sun." Luo Hongqing gritted his teeth and looked gloomy. "But I also have my mother’s blood and grandpa’s blood. How can he be so eccentric? Mother, I don’t want to go back to Laurence family and be bullied and angry again. If I can become a common brother, I will be able to stand tall. Laurence family’s brothers must be afraid to gasp in front of me, and Laurence family heads must be kowtowing to you when you see your mother again. "
As if attracted by some scenes described by the son, GongSunRong gradually inclined to the son whispered, "What shall we do? But I must not endanger your fourth uncle’s life in advance, so that he can’t recover after two or three years. "
"It’s up to you, mother," Luo Hongqing said with a respectful face, but the low eyebrow and a yoshimitsu passed and continued to coax, "Mother and other children will be bitter and sweet when they become ten thousand brothers."
Gongsunrong was said by him to be a hot mother, and the two of them discussed it.