At this time, Wang Haidong doesn’t have his own secret or clerk, so it’s interesting to find Chen Jiaxing at this time. If the leader wants to talk to someone, unless it’s the Commission for Discipline Inspection, generally speaking, it’s all a signal.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 At this time, Wang Haidong doesn’t have his own secret or clerk, so it’s interesting to find Chen Jiaxing at this time. If the leader wants to talk to someone, unless it’s the Commission for Discipline Inspection, generally speaking, it’s all a signal.

If it’s anyone, the general leader won’t be a villain himself. It’s always people like Huang Can, the office owner, to say directly that Chen Jiaxing is also very happy at this time
I’ve been a clerk for six years. Is this my chance?
The mayor is sent from the city to hear that it is very hard. If it is possible to follow the minister closely, it is definitely a promising thing at this time. After Wang Haidong returned to the office, he just sat in Chen Jiaxing and picked up the teacup to pour water.
Wang Haidong fiddled with the tea in his hand and said, "Mr. Chen, you have been working here for many years and you know a lot about the town."
Chen Jiaxing quickly got up and said, "Mayor, I have been here for six years. I know a little about the town."
The mayor has asked this question. It is better to tell the truth if you have a certain understanding of yourself. However, it is obvious that Wang Haidong can be the mayor at this young age. The background is deep and the official pipeline is smooth. Look at himself for six years, but he is still a Guji clerk and not a career establishment. If it is not his own writing style, it is not bad. The town government needs to have a facade. At this time, it is estimated that he has made a quilt.
Wang Haidong noncommittally nodded and said, "Since you are an old man here, let me ask you something. What do you say? We can’t get rich here. It’s a highway. We also have a national road leading to the river city. This is unique.
If you can’t develop, there should be nothing like roads. "
Chen Jiaxing knows that he must have practical information to impress the new mayor. If he can’t seize this opportunity, he estimates that he will never have a chance to rise again.
Therefore, at this time, Chen Jiaxing wanted to think, "The problem of drunkenness here is really not the road, but there are two points. One is the name of the automobile maintenance factory in Gaotang Town, which is a road car bully, but it is very bad. None of the drivers who come and go to Gaotang Town are not biting their teeth. Another point is that we have no resources, coal, iron and oil, so we can’t talk about developing heavy industry."
Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "This is on the one hand, and this is also an important reason why our Gaotang Town has always been unable to develop. Most of our cadres believe that our Gaotang Town cannot develop because there are no resources, not because of the poor geographical location, nor that there are no resources in Daqiuzhuang. What resources are there in Huaxi Village? How can it be built into one of the best new rural areas in the country without others?
Actually, I have studied the situation here before I came. It is because of human reasons that leading cadres should bear the main responsibility. "Chen Jiaxing thought for a moment." The Lins are also one of the reasons. Naturally, no one dares to invest. "
Wang Haidong nodded and said, "These are not problems. If you want to solve them, you can solve them. You can draw up a plan, I will give you an opinion draft, and you can make me a copy according to the meaning of the draft." Obviously this is an olive branch extended by Wang Haidong.
This small clerk who has made no achievements for six years finally has a chance to soar.
Although this day is just a day in Gaotang Town, it is obvious that if Chen Jiaxing writes good things, he will be Wang Haidong’s secret at this time.
Chen Jiaxing looked at the manuscript and said, "Mayor, don’t worry, I will go to investigate today and finish the manuscript in a day or three."
The manuscript is about the development of high-efficiency agriculture. The land in Gaotang Town is relatively barren, so it is not worth the loss to grow crops. How to develop high-efficiency agriculture is to do your homework before moving in.
However, there is only a general intention in the hands of housewarming, so if you want to put it into practice at this time, you must have detailed data to support it
This key is that Chen Jiaxing is frustrated. He has been here for six years and should be very familiar with Gaotang Town. Therefore, it should be trustworthy for him to investigate. Even if he remembers words at noon, he must go to the canteen.
Because Gaotang Town is too small, it is impossible to get a small room for the mayor, so it is a place to eat with everyone. However, the leading comrades such as the mayor and the mayor are on the second floor, and the first floor is where everyone eats. Local leaders always have to be a little different.
Behind Liu Dabao’s sound of sex, "How about Mayor Wang? We are used to Gaotang Town. There is no way to compare it with the river city, but the environment here is beautiful. I believe Mayor Wang will like it here."
Wang Haidong stopped to let Liu Dabao go to the front, but Liu Dabao didn’t take it up. He wouldn’t move until he knew all the details of Wang Haidong, so the two men walked side by side to the second floor. At this time, Ji and the mayor were still in harmony
Both Lai Ji and the mayor have a second-floor list, but this time Liu Dabao did not go to his own special list, but entered a list with Wang Haidong
Then Liu Dabao looked back to Huang Can outside very nobly and said, "Lao Huang went to tell the kitchen people to get me some specialties." Lord Huang was ashamed of not running errands. He thought such a thing was to remember to value himself and bow to the kitchen supervisor.
At this time, Liu Dabao said with a sigh, "Mayor Wang, you just came here and didn’t know that our Gaotang Town was for financial meals, that is, the tacit acceptance of receiving noodles was first established, otherwise our government wages would not be paid on time. You are from the city and must have a set of skills for developing the economy. What do you think of this thing?"
At this time of reality, Liu Dabao was also secretly observing Wang Haidong, but he also wondered whether this guy was very busy when he saw Wang Haidong’s calm appearance.
Wang Haidong said slowly, "After all, it is a license operation. Although it is acquiesced, I don’t think it is a long-term solution." This made Liu Dabao look a little ugly. This collection is the only one in Gaotang Town to subsidize the small treasury.
Do you dare to intercept the agricultural tax? That’s what the state pays first, and then the state gives you a certain subsidy. This is a financial meal.
With this collection, Liu Dabao feels that he has a lot of money.