Director Lin lit a cigarette and smoked while wondering that many people objected to Duan Qingyun, the inspector of the sports bureau, before the meeting. Now it seems that Xiao Duan has been slowly accepted by everyone, which can be seen from everyone’s expression. If Xiao Duan can really do something good for the sports cause, then I am not mistaken as a director!

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 Director Lin lit a cigarette and smoked while wondering that many people objected to Duan Qingyun, the inspector of the sports bureau, before the meeting. Now it seems that Xiao Duan has been slowly accepted by everyone, which can be seen from everyone’s expression. If Xiao Duan can really do something good for the sports cause, then I am not mistaken as a director!

Listen Duan Qingyun continued, "I have one more thing to tell you. After that, I will perform my duties as an inspector according to the requirements of the bureau leaders, which means I will trouble you. There are still many places where you can leave me alone! One more thing, I assure you that if you have any difficulties, just follow me. I can solve them. I can’t solve them. I will report to the Bureau and Secretary Lin at the meeting. I believe that if we work together in Qi Xin, we will be able to do our work better! Thank you! Sometimes I invite everyone to dinner! If you need my help, please call me! Thank you! " Heart, if any man wants to have an aphrodisiac, he can come to me. I have an aphrodisiac prepared by my ancestors’ secret recipe to ensure that you will be cool for a minute and you won’t get hard. Hey, hey!
At the same time, Duan Qingyun’s eyes stayed on the beautiful girl’s face while he was sitting in his seat. She found that the beautiful girl’s eyes had been staring at his face as if she had met a bosom friend for a long time …
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This small-scale and short-term inspector ordered the county sports system to set off an uproar. The word "Duan Qingyun" put a question mark in the heart of every sports worker in the county. What’s the small position?
Although Director Lin explained to everyone clearly that Duan Qingyun was as good as excellent, as outstanding, as winning, no one would believe what Secretary Lin said. People are speculating on the same question: Is Duan Qingyun going to be an inspector of sports bureau?
Duan Qingyun walked out of the sports bureau meeting hall with this beautiful woman around him.
Because it is the first time to meet Duan Qingyun, although she has a strong desire to strike up a conversation, she finally forced herself to dress up as a sincere and conservative appearance. The girl smiled and stepped into a car full of luxurious black running license plate number mantissa "8888"
Seeing this license plate number, Duan Qingyun’s heart fell a thousand feet and came to pick up the beautiful car. The owner of this big rush must be a rich brother! Alas, my old man is destined to marry this beautiful woman as his wife in my life!
It’s a pity that Director Zhong Lin came over and smiled. "Little paragraph, you just scared me!"
Duan Qingyun laughed "chief, are you …"
Director Lin said, "I didn’t expect you to make a speech without writing, and I didn’t expect you to speak so well. I really didn’t realize you had a gift for speech!"
Duan Qingyun smiled naively and took out the sweat-soaked paper from his pants pocket.
Director Lin looked at the speech and turned it into a pool of paper. He frowned and asked how to ask questions.
Duan Qingyun naturally won’t mistake the beauty around him for Lin Yushan. It’s a simple tunnel to tell Director Lin, "It’s all because I was too nervous to get my speech wet just now."
Director Lin laughed after hearing this, and gave a thumbs-up sign to Duan Qingyun. "So that you can show your adaptability! I found another specialty of yours! "
At this moment, Director Lin’s red Bora slowly parked the driver’s car and respectfully gave the forest bureau the back door.
Director Lin took Duan Qingyun’s hand and said, "Today, you should go back to the boxing team dormitory and let’s go to each training team in the afternoon to transfer the situation that you are familiar with each institution of our county sports bureau."
Duan Qingyun is naturally excited from ear to ear. "Well, I’ll listen to you."
Director Lin got into the car and poked his head mysteriously toward Duan Qingyun when he was about to get into the car. "Xiao Duan, did you see a girl this afternoon?"
Duan Qingyun smiled at once. "Director, your eyes are really fierce!" Duan Qingyun knew that Lin, the director of the body, had an extremely high ability to observe colors and feelings, so he had to tell the truth and let Lin recognize that he was untrue.
Director Lin really praised Duan Qingyun as saying, "You are an honest boy in a short paragraph. Don’t worry, you have to conquer this mountain first. If you can’t attack it, hey hey, let me go!"
"Ah?" Duan Qingyun was so frightened that his mouth was wide open that he couldn’t speak for a moment. What a director Lin. He meant that in the face of this beautiful woman just now, director Zhang also wanted to go after but he didn’t hurt their feelings. Let an old section go after me first. If I can’t get it, then he will go after it!
Director Lin saw Duan Qingyun with a stunned smile. "Don’t get me wrong. I mean, if you like that girl, you should go after it boldly. If you can get it yourself, it’s best. But if you can’t get it for various reasons, how about I come forward and act as a matchmaker in the name of the leading class of my sports bureau to ensure that you can get the beauty?" When he said this, Director Lin stared at Duan Qingyun with a tentative look.
Duan Qingyun listened to Director Lin’s words, and there was a lack of energy in his heart. Isn’t it chasing a woman? If you don’t have this ability, don’t mix a fart! Suddenly, a man’s self-esteem immediately rose from his heart and laughed. "Director, don’t worry about chasing women. I still have it."
Director Lin seems to be interested in lowering his voice. "We are good friends for a short period of time, so I can tell you the truth. Just now, that little girl was so fucking watery. When she came to the sports bureau, I had a tree-lined tree, but when I saw her, I had a nosebleed. Later, when I thought about it carefully, I dismissed the idea. She is an employee of our sports bureau. My director wants to play with women and can’t play with herself, don’t you think so? The old saying that rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests is always true! "
Listen to the words of director Lin Duan Qingyun secretly admire or somebody else’s director Lin want to see far and wide that an old section had to!
Director Lin said, "This girl’s name is Yan Meng, and she is a long-distance running team. Let’s go around her in the afternoon."
Duan Qingyun quickly said, "Thank you, Director!"
Director Lin pointed a finger at Duan Qingyun’s forehead and said, "It’s the most difficult for our sports bureau to attack the mountain. How many beautiful guys come on an impulse and come back disappointed? You should be prepared for a protracted war!"
Duan Qingyun heart way I Duan Qingyun not letter, if you can’t even catch a woman, what face is there to mix in the sports team?
Low Chapter 30 Visit benefactor meets strong ACTS ()
Brother, this is a new issue. I like this friend. Please ask my friend and brother to collect it as an encouragement! Brother must have a good code word! Let everyone see it happily! At the same time, brother, the old rogue reporter is finished. Although it is not correct, thieves are flying all over the sky. Interested friends, please go and have a look. Thank you! ! ! ! ! !
Looking at Lin, director of the car quickly started, it was out of sight. Duan Qingyun just pulled himself together and walked out of the sports bureau. He bought a bag of fresh fruit from a nearby vegetable market and took a taxi to the home of Miss Mei and Lao Zhang in Suzaku Street.
Along the way, Qingyunxin looked at the scenery of the street, but he remembered Yan Meng’s beautiful face. He vaguely remembered that the aroma of Yan Meng seemed to float into his nostrils just now. It was a fresh chrysanthemum flower that was light and pure and memorable, and the taxi brother was playing a very sad song in the car.
"Chrysanthemum residue
Ground injury
Your smile has turned yellow
It’s heartbreaking
My mind is running quietly.
The night is not yet spent
You keep cutting.
Leave me alone on the lake
In pairs … "
Duan Qingyun thought to herself that Yan Meng was a maverick woman who didn’t like the way of common love between men and women in big cities according to the fragrance floating in her body!
Thought of here Duan Qingyun a clap a thigh speculation and excited.