The queen mother looked at Xiao Huang with red eyes and finally turned around and left.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx The queen mother looked at Xiao Huang with red eyes and finally turned around and left.

The people left in the hall looked at each other and finally looked at Xiao Huang together. Xiao Huang raised his eyebrows and quickly gathered his breath and said, "We haven’t eaten much yet. Go on."
Then everyone went on eating as if they had forgotten what had happened before, and soon forgot the previous episode, and the two sides talked about some things at the court with joy.
There are three people left at the second table, Mu Qianqian and Xiao Lin, and five princesses. Finally, Ye Tingye Xiao Hou Ye also leaned in.
Ye Ting leaned in near Muqian and asked, "Did you do something before?"
Otherwise, how could that woman have lost her mind?
"You can eat more when you see my hands and feet, but you can’t talk nonsense. If such words fall into the ears of the empress dowager, I have several heads to cut off."
Ye Ting chuckled, "It’s okay, I’ll protect you."
Mu Qian gave him a white look. "You just have to protect yourself. I don’t need your protection."
The two men fought back and forth.
The banquet lasted more than half an hour before it ended.
After the end, Xiao Huang hosted the East China Sea Emperor and Phoenix from the night, and Anguohou Su Peng Ye Ting and others went to the Royal Heart Temple to talk.
Su Wan greeted his mother and Bai Qin Mu Qian and others to live in hall of mental cultivation.
Princess Xiao Lin and Princess Jia Rou of Jiayi were afraid that Su Wan and Feng Linglong and others would say that they had spoken to each other, so they definitely couldn’t say, so they left.
Sue wan didn’t stop them from letting them go to rest.
Finally, Su Wan took Feng Linglong Bai Qin and Mu Qianqian and others into hall of mental cultivation to serve tea and then let the eunuchs and maids in the temple go back.
No one in the hall was the first to get angry. "Your mother-in-law is really not something. You are pregnant now. She just wants to stuff people around your man. It’s really amazing."
Dian Baiqin and Mu Qianqian are not easy to talk about, but they are the empress dowager empress.
Feng Linglong said it’s okay. They can’t criticize the queen mother. If she comes to the emperor’s ear, she will definitely punish them.
Su Wan’s face is not good either, especially the thought that someone has been trying to cram people into the harem recently makes her feel upset.
Su Wan sneered. "It seems that if I don’t make an example, they won’t give up and look at me easily or what?"
Before she was a princess, those women were still very afraid of her, but recently she has been content to have a baby. Those people seem to forget that she is vicious. It seems that people are still a little evil. People are easy to be bullied.
As soon as Dian Su Wan finished talking about Mu Qianqian, he said, "If you want to kill the chicken and respect the monkey, there will be a chicken coming out tonight. Please make good use of it."
Su Wan looked at Mu Qianqian.
Looked at Muqian and then thought of another girl in Lujia.
A face of incredible "you won’t tell me lujia another still thinking about the emperor?"
How stupid is this Lujia? The previous one was beaten 20 times. Haven’t you woken them up yet?
Mu Qianqian shrugged his shoulders and said, "I’m afraid I really haven’t given up. I’m sure I’ll come to the night party tonight. Just make an example of those monkeys."
Mu Qianqian said that Su Wan laughed. "Well, since Lujia is shameless and rushing to send the door to let me hit my face, then what am I polite to them?"
Su wan came to give the queen mother some face, but the queen mother treated her like this, which made her very chilling.
She would have died if she hadn’t heard the fragrance of butterfly and saved her.
Now it’s good that when she became the queen mother, she didn’t think about her kindness in the past, so she calculated her like this. Then what face does she have to tell her?
Mu Qianqian clapped his hands and smiled. "You are the decisive slayer, and you are almost not you. You see how many people in Beijing are moving the emperor’s mind, and you will ignore you and ignore others. If you don’t make the means out, those old guys behind you should let the emperor accept the princess."
Muqian finish after phoenix and exquisite also nodded his head.
"Wan son, before you were a princess of Wangfu, it was fine to ignore worldly things, but after you were a queen of the place of Chu, you should have drastic measures, otherwise you would not be able to suppress others."
"Don’t say that others are your mother-in-law and it’s not easy to get along with you. If you don’t hold her down by any means, how can you fight with her?"
"Palace outsiders are looking at you, empress."
Feng Linglong’s words made Su Wan have a plan in his heart. Yes, she was Jing Wangshifei before, and she didn’t like to meddle. It’s okay, but how many people stared at her this day when she was the queen? If she just meddled, wouldn’t she just call those people? Is she easy to bully?
Su Wan wore Guanghua eyebrows and smiled coldly. Su Wan, who was sharp and proud, came back.
"Mother, I did it after I knew it."
Feng Linglong chuckled and turned around and looked at Muqian Feng Linglong and stretched out his hand and pulled Muqian over.
"Sandy is a good boy and should help the queen more."
"Don’t worry, adoptive mother, I won’t be bullied by anyone."
"Good boy"