Even if there is a floating palace, it is not easy to find such a profound universe in the heavens.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx Even if there is a floating palace, it is not easy to find such a profound universe in the heavens.

A long time ago, the new universe was also witnessed or personally participated in the innovation and evolution, which was promoted by the secret.
But in the end, they just got a standard congenital fire and water, and cleverly occupied the position of congenital gods in several newborn universes.
Of course, when others hear this, they are afraid that micro will will choose to recite it himself.
"Good God pays off and finally lives together!"
The universe to which Taiyi Emperor belongs has a profound foundation and great potential. Qingwei also took advantage of itself to seek the high position of "Taiyi Emperor" as a trinity of god, enlightenment god and extinction god, and successfully mixed a "innate magic weapon" for Milo Palace. It was a success to make up for the loss of tens of thousands of years, and it was also improved.
After all, although the newborn universe is far less than Shenzhou, all kinds of opportunities and environments are still very rare.
When ordinary dharma bodies wander around the heavens, it is difficult to have this opportunity because of restrictions such as practice. Even if it happens sometimes, it is difficult to catch the right time. Can you have enough exercise?
Where is it that it is not much more difficult to search for the heavens and the earth than it is because of the help of the floating palace? There is no other difficulty except that it takes a long time.
At this time, the three treasures in Fuli Palace are unexpected, and all kinds of strange images are even more remarkable. The three treasures and five virtues converge to be born and die, and the fire, water and wind surge constantly, and there are more mixed elements banned in the wishful body, and in an instant, there are several mysteries.
And more importantly, as the required parts gather together and enter self-improvement, they are fed back to Qingwei, the future master, with two multiplication gates or magical powers.
Sanbao ruyi seal!
Five Taiwu Dequan!
The two methods are all jade, and the mystery of the dharma is better than that of the three treasures. The three treasures can strengthen their spirit, heal and cure diseases, and have extraordinary effects. Besides, they can control the sun, the moon, the stars and the three treasures, and they can calm down the earth, fire, water and wind and return to the chaos of heaven and earth.
The Five Tais and Five Virtues Boxing is a set of attacking and attacking magical powers. It seems that martial arts is actually closer to Taoism, and the magical powers contain the mystery of Five Tais and Five Virtues.
There are five stages before chaos: Tai Yi, Tai Chu, Tai, Tai Su and Tai Chi.
It is expounded that the process of chaotic things from physical quality to tangible quality and then chaotic formation, yin and yang differentiation and gestating thousands of things is refined by the Buddha.
Five Taiquan’s gestures have the power to turn everything into chaos and disintegrate opponents from the root.
And the innate five virtues, Shengde, add to the body and never touch the law; Merit protects the body and does not invade evil; Morality shelters all sources of law; Ford’s protection does not fall and kill; The hidden virtues are accompanied by vitality, so there are five virtues that destroy us with heaven and earth!
Although Wude Boxing seems not as amazing as Wutai Boxing’s attack, Wude’s physical attack at the same time has the ability to make opponents feel more defensive and resist all external killings and robberies.
These two magical powers were a pleasant surprise, but after collecting all the materials, they were directly fed back to Qing Weiyuan God with complete true meaning, which made them master a lot quickly.
When the two magical powers are taken out separately, they can all be derived into a pulse bearing.
For example, there is a kind of Taoist multiplication of Jade Qing and Three Treasures in the seal of Ruyi, and the same is true of Wutai Wude Boxing. It seems that the jade Qing and Wude’s body is different from the Phoenix Wude’s body.
The original memories of these two magical powers are also somewhat impressive. It seems that I have heard from Master that some people have practiced in the door, but it is not as concrete and perfect as this feedback.
More importantly, to practice the Sanbao Ruyi Seal, you need to visualize the Sanbao Ruyi body, rhyme and mystery, and you can also borrow the breath of peerless magic weapons to practice, so you can initially mobilize some peerless magic weapons afterwards.
Even if you can’t really move the magic weapon, it can have unexpected effects sometimes.
Seeing the slight momentum suddenly changed, it seems to be faintly strong for three points, not only the sun, the moon, the stars, the light gathering feet, the fire, the water and the wind surging, but also the vastness of the air, which is more sacred and dignified, and it is different from the heavy when it is printed. At this time, it is somewhat ethereal and natural
Heaven, earth, man and talent converge into a complex, which is like wishful thinking. The ancient and simple French seal will have an extraordinary potential before it falls.
"Sanbao Ruyi Seal can temporarily increase its own magical power, but it can be combined with Fantian Seal to add more power."
Later, I saw that the appearance of Qing Wei was born and surging, and the palm of my hand seemed to accumulate the wonderful evolution of heaven and earth.
The innate five-too-true meaning emerged one after another, including Taiyi Boxing, Taiquan, Taichu Boxing, Tai Su Boxing and Tai Ji Chuan, and then they shook their heads.
Even if the feedback and the true meaning vary from person to person, I still have a deeper understanding of Sanbao Ruyi Seal and Wude Boxing. Although Wutai Boxing is well mastered, it is somewhat less interesting.
Finally, looking at the five virtues outside the body, the bird of God and the phoenix sometimes turn into a canopy, and the cloak boxing seal is accompanied by innate power, and Qingweifang is satisfied with all the movements.
Although I have many means, I will not abandon it and continue to add cards.
Deep in the heart, the ancient and towering Taoist Buddha holds a handle of simplicity and wishful thinking, which is more real. It seems that it can always clean up and strengthen the three treasures of the spirit.
No matter what happened in the Qing Dynasty, there was another large-scale subtle shock in Shenzhou during the Qing Dynasty, and the scope of each continent once again showed a certain distance.
The most obvious is Yingzhou. Now, looking from the North Sea, the outline of Yingzhou can be directly observed. It seems that it may completely fall out from the boundary between reality and reality at any time.
Accompaniment is naturally more energetic and active. This doubt is even more called the joy of group practice. Now Shenzhou is more worthy of the name than before.
Some ordinary spiritual mountains have been affected, and more powerful spiritual vitality has emerged, which has benefited many small and medium-sized forces. This has also caused some waves, but these nature can’t disturb the Qingwei Dojo.
On the contrary, Yanzhou came to Longshan and took the opportunity to borrow the trend of heaven and earth to make the context of the dragon and the earth recover greatly, which is also a pleasant surprise.
The recovery of Shenzhou’s great world naturally makes everyone happy to see good things, but the recovery and improvement of the world environment to such an extent makes Qingwei quite doubtful.
Now, there are still about two thousand years before the "prediction" period of Taixuan Daojun in those years. If the current trend period continues to rise, I am afraid that the world environment can surpass the ancient times!
"Spring has revived the Avenue of Heaven and Earth, but since the Middle Ages, there should be a lot of loss of sentient beings. The original environment of Shenzhou has nothing to do with the’ last dharma’ and belongs to the top cultivation environment."
After a long time, I couldn’t help exclaiming at the top of the mountain with my eyes closed.
"I’m afraid it’s not someone pushing …"