"Yes! What is your expression! "


"It seems that you are not!"
Brother Hui stopped and looked at a few guys who didn’t know how to live or die. "So what?"
"Don’t do it!"
Battalion chief presided over the welcoming ceremony and returned to his office. Just after sitting in an officer, he came running breathlessly. "Battalion chief is not good! The first team and the second team fought! "
"Did you fight?" Battalion chief Huo Ran, get up.
"Simulate confrontation with them at the training ground …"
"Can you stop panting!" Battalion chief sat down to simulate confrontation again. There are ten games without confrontation every day. Although these kids are young, they are measured. "A team should be measured and won’t hit the second team too much …"
"No … the problem is that there is Hui Qi himself on the other side!"
"Huh?" Battalion chief up again "this is too much! Six to one? "
"The problem is …" The officer said, "Hui Qi laid a team dry … my god …"
The officer ran away before the battalion chief finished speaking.
Brother Hui in the training ground is tidying up his clothes. Just now, six people have been turned over. His clothes are a little messy, just a little neat and neat.
Not far from him, a group of people lay on the ground and struggled to get up, but they couldn’t afford it for a long time.
Next to the second team, several people are talking and laughing. I don’t think this result is strange.
And surrounded by a group of stunned soldiers.
"Let go!" The battalion chief squeezed into the crowd, took a look and lay down in a group, then looked at Huige and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "You said that you were playing VR games in the virtual city before?"
"Yes!" Huige avenue
"What exactly is the game you play? !” The battalion chief wants to roar.
Xu Jianfei, outside the pyramid gate of Lanshiye Manor, is practicing several surrender prisoners.
"Crossfire! Cross! Which word you don’t understand! "
"Push forward! I am asking you to move forward, not to push others! "
"formation! Stay in formation! No matter how fast you run, you can still come out alive when you go in alone? "
"Mom, you people are not even as good as recruits!" Xu Jianfei is tired.
Just then his cell phone rang.
"Hey? A large group? " Xu Jianfei asked, "Did you go back to the camp? Is everything all right? What? Your battalion chief wants to see me? Mm-hmm. Okay, let him answer the phone. "
After a while, Xu Jian hung up and cheered, "Great! Finally, I won’t practice this group of recruits!"
Master Zhuang, there are guards again!
Chapter 461 Arms drill field upgrade
"no!" After hearing Xu Jianfei’s report, hou zhuang directly shook his head and vetoed it without thinking.
"What?" Xu Jianfei almost misunderstood himself. Although he was a soldier and habitually obeyed orders, he still couldn’t help asking "What?"
Isn’t this a great thing?
"Daqun and Huige are my friends. What they call it, but others can’t make it up. It doesn’t make sense."
"So … do you mean to pay them, Master Zhuang?" Xu Jianfei at the head.
"Are you stupid?" Not far from Zhuang, I hate iron and can’t produce it. I wish I could slap it in the past. "Pay? Why don’t you pay the servicemen? I’ll arrest you in minutes, believe it or not, and are you wrong? I mean, let them hand in the training! "
"Huh?" Xu Jianfei Ba almost fell to the ground. He knew the owner was ashamed, but he didn’t expect the owner to be so ashamed!
Let these soldiers fight the invaders in exile and charge them money?
"First, they are not guarding the manor, but guarding the earth and guarding the state. This is their sacred duty!"
Xu Jianfei consciously wanted to refute, but he scratched his head and thought about it. It seems that this sentence is also true …
If those people invade the manor, they will invade the earth and invade the state.
The manor is like a village on the border. These people are stationed outside the village to guard the border, not the village. You can’t collect money from the people in this village for protection. That’s not an army, that’s a hooligan.
I always feel that something is wrong, but it’s true, yes …
Sure enough, the landlord still sees things thoroughly.
Xu Jianfei xinyuecheng
It really is the owner of the villa. No matter whether he is ashamed or fresh, others can’t compare with him!
"Second, our training is not only particularly effective, but also necessary. Don’t you feel strange that you don’t accept them? Feel strange and don’t think? Thinking about it will not be explored everywhere? "
Think of a large group of people in the manor output and agile rabbit meat plus three pounds of four second-class sparring after special training, the effect of touching and knocking people’s necks hurts the back of their hands. Xu Jianfei also refuted this point
"The third key point … you have to give them a proper name! Modern personnel should be carried out in the legal framework in a justified way. "
"Go to An Danyue to register a formal training institution, and then they will entrust the training application and submit it to the training. This must be done according to the rules."
"What about training? How much is the training? " Xu Jianfei stared.