"Sou" a streamer passed through.


"Bang" came from Zhang Nan’s hand as if someone had stepped on an oversized balloon. Zhang Nan was hit by recoil and fell back more than ten steps, sitting on the ground.
Everyone turned their heads in amazement and seemed to have been left with a white trace flashing.
What’s this? Magnetic cannon?
They dumbfounded to follow the trace to the direction of the hammer, and they saw that the hammer was just there at the end of the trajectory.
A few seconds later, there was a loud bang and the shield fell to the ground.
Then the hammer man fell backwards on his back, and smoke billowed from a wound on the right side of the shield and the hammer man’s shoulder
A white thing jingled on the hammer man’s shoulder, and the hammer man seemed to be stunned until it fell, clutching his injured shoulder and screaming.
"This … what the hell is this?" Everyone’s eyes are about to pop out
What is this, a new launch weapon?
A bold guy rushed over to pick it up, took a look at it and exclaimed, "Is it … is it a bottle cap?"
Yes, it was a bottle cap.
This is a clay-sintered ceramic bottle cap in the bluestone leaf manor. The hardness of this ceramic is higher than that of rusty gold, and the coating body of bluestone leaf is tough enough.
And this bottle of fermentation produces ultra-high air pressure, which produces great impetus to penetrate the thin rusty gold, just like playing.
After all, gunpowder weapons are just to promote the flight of bombs with instantaneous high air pressure when burning, and the principle is no different.
Seeing that everyone was shocked, Zhang Nan patted his ass and got up from the ground. "This is the strongest liquor in Zhuangji Winery-the blade is quiet!"
He looked at Bohei and smiled slightly. "Wine can kill people, but it can also kill people!"
Bo black a face of Meng force "you … are you playing with me? You say this thing is wine? "
Mom, I don’t believe you when you say this thing is not a magnetic gun!
Zhang Nan raised his eyebrows and pointed to the white line in front of him
At this time, the white line is curling away like melting in the air.
Then, a strong, almost indestructible smell of wine came to the sight and made people drunk.
It was wine!
What wine!
It turned out to be wine!
"Have you forgotten my true identity as Uncle Zhuang? He’s a brewer! Of course, friends are coming, and good wine enemies are coming … Hehe … There is a bottle cap! "
In the crowd dumbfounded Zhang Nan don’t know where to touch out a glass of wine.
"A toast to the ancients!"
finish off the drink with one gulp
Then another drink.
"A toast to the hero!"
One last drink.
"A glass of … respect for promise!"
After drinking, Zhang Nan threw the glass to the ground and laughed. "Cool! Cool! I’ve dreamed of doing this once! Ask who is the hero, I am Zhang Nan, hahahaha! "
Then he reached out and pointed to Bohei. "You lost!"
Not far from Zhuang, he leaned over and whispered, "Brother Nan is handsome! Yi Bohei wants to run, don’t you chase? "
"What chase after me a little drunk dizzy quickly hold me! It’ s going down! "
Zhang Nan comes with three drinks, but this time he drinks three drinks, but it’s 96% super spirits!
Chapter 94 This is my meal money.
A bottle of wine broke through the anti-hammer alliance and devoted itself to building a new production line of rusty gold shield-the blade is completely quiet.
Of course, Zhang Nan is also angry.
Many people extended an olive branch to Zhang Nan to dig him to do marketing for his own arms company.
They just want to see Zhang Nan, a guy who sells arms at all costs.
But Zhang Nan was drunk and lying behind the booth, muttering blindly.
Zhang Nan is drunk, but Fan Li and Zhou Ye are not drunk. Chasing Bohei’s ass and asking him to cash a reward of 100 million yuan.
Bohei didn’t expect that his shield would actually be broken. It was just an expression. At this time, he wanted to shirk everything and let others in the anti-hammer alliance help him share it.
It’s a pity that both Olion and Lao Bang are absolutely penniless. How can they give him money?
Don’t worry too much when Bohei finally takes out the money in tears.
There were four days during the arms exhibition, and the first day was lively, and then the next few days seemed relatively calm.
When the arms exhibition is over, of course, it’s time to divide the spoils.
To feel that they are cheap labor, three people are almost stunned by serious accounting.
According to the original agreement between Zhuang Ma and three people, they can get 1% of the turnover.
Zhuang Ma received orders as high as 700 million, even if it was 1%, there were 70 thousand.
Zhuang’s father promised to be twice as successful as Zhuang’s mother. Although it is a cutting edge, there are millions of production lines.
Divide it equally. Everyone has about 50 thousand
Earn 50 thousand a week