"You even don’t know" LeiMei chuckle.


"What we were able to get in at that time was also due to the fact that the Lord was deliberately pretending not to know."
"The Lord’s adult is indifferent on the surface, but he is very concerned about you in his heart."
"More than" clear night sounds cold.
"I didn’t want to go at that time. My father took a whip and asked me to go."
"You this man" Ouyang Huan language reached a finger to each other.
"Always such a wet blanket"
"Maybe you didn’t come until your father asked you to come today?"
LeiMei manual meal.
Looking at Lei Mei in the clear night, the sound of the glass was as cold and cheerless as ever.
"This is not"
"Xi …"
Lei Mei chuckled and two women raised their glasses to collide.
"It seems that I am still more popular than Sister Huan."
"Come is" jade chuckled lightly.
"When you were a child, you were stronger than anyone else. Those boys bullied us, and you drove them away every time."
"Of course the most popular!"
"This is not a good name, so I haven’t been able to say Mr. Right." Lei Mei shook her head repeatedly and several women laughed one after another.
Although I still laugh, my mood is completely different.
Nowadays, Lei Mei is not always being teased by others, and his habitual sense of direction has long since disappeared.
She can see that there are still some differences between several women although they treat themselves as usual on the surface.
From time to time, Ouyang Huan remembered that it was difficult for his father to be a duke, and then talked about how good it would be if the decepticons could cooperate.
Even after the duke mansion decepticons help lay a good foundation.
Although the conversation is not obvious, people have to think so.