Jin Guangbao’s long Dao was also bounced far away.


"Uh …"
Zhou Yi’s eyes are glassy and vacant.
"What’s that?"
Li Jingyang, the "golden amulet", landed lightly.
"I spent a lot of money to buy the protective talisman, but there were only three. I didn’t expect to get two today."
Although the meat hurts, it’s worth it
Previously, the monk who killed Qi Xuanmen was surrounded. He escaped heavy losses by a golden amulet, and this time he was also robbed.
However, after that, the amulet was broken with one blow, and now it can still be one
Visual Zhou Yi Li Jingyang’s eyes are amazed.
"It’s amazing to be able to push the old lady to this point. If I can die today, I’m afraid I’ll be another old monster Lin."
"What a pity!"
Shaking his head, he lightly threw himself out of the ebony stick in his hand.
With a talisman to protect him, he is not defending this time. He relies on extremely good posture and better crushing.
Buddha’s finger!
Zhou Yi’s sullen face is sometimes a compassionate Buddha, and sometimes a ferocious evil spirit, and his mysterious palm technique and superb Zen are integrated.
Li Jingyang sighed even more for Zhou Yi’s palm method.
At such an age
The physical strength is comparable to the innate skill of using saber, and the palm skill is outstanding. If it is not repaired, I am afraid that even if I have a talisman to protect myself, I am not an opponent.
What a pity.
Sighing in my heart and killing in my body are more prosperous
At present, there was a flash of silver light, and Li Jingyang’s consciousness tightened and his face was exposed.
That’s it again!
This move is really great, even if it is a congenital master, it is extremely difficult to avoid it, but now he doesn’t hide if he has a talisman to protect his roots.
The silver ingot hitting the golden light can only cause some ripples.
Before that, that knife could dim the golden light