There is no doubt about his tone, and the students who believe in it have little choice.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 There is no doubt about his tone, and the students who believe in it have little choice.

Just as Chen Yi said, they dare not agree to the conditions. There are always more brave companies to promise, especially this kind of often proprietary software can be made cheap and expensive with simple modification, and they are unwilling to give up even if the payment peak is delayed.
The leader sighed, "So according to what we said earlier, the down payment problem …"
"The down payment of $10,000 will be made up to one-third after one week’s running test, and then we will talk about it after one or three months." Chen Yi’s earlier offer was very harsh, and many small companies were afraid to take over because they were afraid of being dragged down by it, but in today’s economic environment, few companies paid happily.
Chen Yi turned down Raymond’s car and left the room for himself to carry the box back to the subway.
Kingdom of San Chio
Compared with skyscrapers, the number of people in giant buildings has increased again. Timothy is a little tired but excited.
For him, it is better to look forward to the arrival of the master than to pray for God’s care. Perhaps treating the master as a messenger of God can satisfy both religion and realistic ideas.
"Master Chen"
"Master …"
Chen Yi used to smile and drag out the suitcase. There were three boxes, two from Jiangning and two from Paris. Finally, there were some small things packed in the box from Paris, and the LV logo showed that it was of special origin. Unfortunately, the gentlemen of the Kingdom of San Chio didn’t care about the cards.
"It’s all you." He waved angrily.
Timothy’s eyes are boxes, and now if there are beautiful women around, they will be abandoned-beautiful women of his age are about eyeballs.
Regardless of old age and infirmity, the two old men took the box over and watched their arms move steadily. Chen Yi guessed that they all had power scrolls and things like that.
Crystal screen suspended and imperceptible flashing two.
Timothy was surprised to see his heart thumping at the huge box half a man high.
The kingdom is so weak and the master is the best hope.
In fact, Chen Yi didn’t let them wave their feelings.
According to the classification, there are Thai semi-objects floating in the air and a quarter of them are yellow, which means that the materials of level 4 scrolls or the matrix of corresponding levels of elements are high-grade goods that can play an effective role in the frontal battlefield.
The remaining two or three levels of small scroll paper are full of red areas. Although there are no nine levels or seven levels of high-level scroll paper, there are several times as many as before and they can still be used strategically.
On the contrary, Chen Yi is a little strange. It seems that the rules of wizards are not simple. Pure wood pulp was originally favored by him, and many papers were classified in the red three-level classification.
There are many newly bought flavors in the red area, but the most attractive ones are still the 6 or 7 grade materials floating at the junction of yellow and green.
Timothy stimulated his thighs and shook desperately. Twenty-one years ago, he was not so excited when he played games with a little girl in bed for the last time.
"The department is worth 620,000 gold coins." A young mage carefully calculated it twice before reporting "Seven-level scroll materials, six-level scroll materials, 17 five-level multi-element substrates, 52 20,000 gold coins per bottle and 120,000 gold coins per can of five-level single-element substrates …"
The so-called single-element matrix is part of the essence and spice that Chen Yi bought, and there are 5 liters in a can.
Timothy doesn’t seem to be worried at all about how many things will be replaced. He is happy that Hu has become warped up and has little impatience. "Before Master Chen, we discussed that Mr. Grendler, the paladin, is outside at the moment. If you have any exercise problems, he has many secrets."
"Then invite him in quickly." Chen Yi narrowed his eyes. The paladin sounds very cool and strong.
Timothy Jude introduced there that "Grendler paladin is the general trainer of the paladin army in the kingdom of San Chio and the four paladins in the kingdom-he is the most suitable person if he wants to exercise his physical strength".
Chapter 53 Exercise Body Art
The mage tower is as big as a plain.
Compared with the statue hundreds of meters high, the paladin of Grendler came in far away with almost a small black dot.
Just then, the crystal screen in front of Chen Yi and Timothy flashed at the same time
"Low-level training is 12 gold coins per hour, and the paladin instructor adds 1 intermediate training, 3 gold coins per hour and 20,000 advanced training per hour …"
Chen Yi can’t help frowning. This training is still closed.
Timothy stared awkwardly and quickly explained, "Master Chen, I didn’t know this was required."
"I hope Mr. Paladin can be satisfied." Chen Yi really doesn’t care that after spending thousands of gold coins, he will definitely get more and more gold coins. There is no doubt about this.
At present, only the "low-level training" logo is on, and Chen Yi naturally points to the crystal screen and flashes again.
"What’s the matter?" He especially hates surprises at such times.
It was a surprise.
Timothy intoned, "The weeping oil just appeared in the master crystal screen can enhance the human body’s induction to the external environment, and it is the favorite thing of knights to apply it to strengthen the body and enhance the exercise effect."
He said, waving his hand to let the noodle people prepare.
Chen Yi felt that it was "naked oil". Does this oil have unexpected effects?
Click on the crystal screen to see that there is indeed a new "Crying Oil". The price of level 1 is 12 gold coins, and the level 3 is equivalent to 5 energy recovery potions.
"Za" armor finally appeared in the ear. The paladin came face to face in bright plate armor and saw his left hand pressing his sword waist with a helmet in it. He was 2 meters tall and stood as loose as a tiger’s back. On the front side, there were three or four models with different thicknesses, which could be seen carefully and felt quite harmonious.
The sauce-red face is more like altitude sickness. Grendler looked straight ahead and walked near.
The center of the mage tower
The most mysterious part of the whole kingdom
"Master" Thornton bowed to Chen Yi and said, "This is the Paladin Pavilion in Grendler."
Timothy bowed his head to the paladin and said, "This is the master."