Luo Shifeng had to laugh. "If there is really a 10-meter old Luo, I will be the enemy."
"At present, as far as I have done hundreds of experiments myself, there is no scope when the speed of light is distorted.
A node can appear.
And distortion is your body area.
It will not have an impact on the outside world, "Luo Shifeng said.
"That is to say, you have more than 5 milliseconds to react when the outside world actually changes." Xu Hui directly grasped the quality
"That’s true!"
Luo shifeng nodded, "but at present, as far as I’m concerned, I need more data research support.
What about you? When are you going to start? "Asked Luo Shifeng.
"Me? Come now! "
Xu tui has been irrepressible.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five The main gene base point of phase ability
This ninth neural response speed gene base point has been continuously focused for more than ten days.
Although it is twice as difficult to start the gene base point compared with the first neural response speed
But there is actually not much difficulty for Xu tui.
Mainly according to Luo Shifeng’s advice-the speed must be slow when expanding new gene base points, which can not only minimize possible side effects but also avoid fatal dangers!
Generally speaking, if a gene base point is turned on, it will lead to irreversible damage, even when the genome collapses, all kinds of physical reactions will occur during the turn-on process.
So the ninth neural response speed gene base point has already been retired.
So far, I haven’t started, mainly to avoid the danger of possible expansion, and at the same time, I am also trying to increase my experience by doing so.
After all, the probability of irreversible side effects in the extension of neural response speed gene base points is very small.
Xu retired in front of Luo Shifeng, just opposite Luo Shifeng. The chair eyes were slightly closed, and the breathing was adjusted to enter meditation. The attention switched to the illusory visual state, and the ninth nerve reaction speed gene base point was locked in an instant.
Xu retreated without swallowing the E-level energy supplement agent and started directly.
A few pounds of fat in recent days can make a contribution at this moment.
Think of it as losing weight.
Just five minutes.
Phantom visual state, which is located in the ninth nerve reaction speed gene base point in the head, is allowed to retreat and light up.
Turned white.