Moreover, before Shang Long and Cheng Fengxi left a warning, they all woke up and promised not to put the most important things on the top of the artificial intelligence.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 Moreover, before Shang Long and Cheng Fengxi left a warning, they all woke up and promised not to put the most important things on the top of the artificial intelligence.

This question makes it easy for Xu tui to draw a conclusion that the original group of people of Daxi nationality were probably betrayed and split from the guards of heaven in those days.
Then according to the ancient heaven’s control over the celestial guards, the normal situation is that the law betrays the ancient heaven.
You see Dong Yujiajiu, these people have been blocked by the dead years in the small universe of heaven, and they can still serve the ancient heaven for two thousand years, so you know that this rule is powerful.
But it happened that there were traitors among the guards in heaven.
So at first, the Daxi people were betrayed?
Or is it a loophole in the ancient heaven?
Xu tui is very curious
I feel that there are too many secrets in the ancient heaven department.
What’s even more amazing is that according to the current research of Blue Star Department, it is found that robots such as celestial guards or Daxi people have appeared in Blue Star for a long time.
At present, the most popular among the people is the ancient Atlantis.
Part of ocean monument excavated by Blue Star points directly at Atlantis, which is also called Daxi Country and Daxi Family.
Xu tui would like to know that Atlantis, the blue star, appeared as a celestial guard.
Or did Daxi, an alien invader, appear?
If it is the former, it may be easier to understand. If it is the latter, there will be more mysteries.
In recent years, successive discoveries have completely changed Xu tui’s understanding of the ancient heaven.
Xu tui’s understanding of the ancient heaven is a bit like a real myth, but because of the great gene era, many people have gained extraordinary ability to make Xu tui recognize those Chinese myths as true!
But now the recognition of Xu tui has been changed.
The ancient heaven is not only a real myth, but also a universe empire with extremely developed technology.
In science and technology, computers are not science and technology. Many technologies in ancient heaven are high. Now there are several levels of so-called science and technology.
On life science or bionic science or traffic technology
"We must be in awe of all the productions of the ancient heaven!" Xu tui made a rule for himself to completely break the idea that the twenty-second century gene and new human wisdom in his mind must be far stronger than that of ancient humans in all aspects!
Ancient humans are terrible!
"Jiajiu, if you want to break through and become a grand marshal, it’s not enough to rely on innate soul beads, is it?" Xu looked back behind a high-speed flight JiaJiu asked.
"My Lord, it is true."
Dong Yu Jia Jiu is very humble and behaves like a veteran in the workplace. No one will believe him if he says he is a robot.
"Congenital soul bead is after I was promoted to grand marshal, give me a reward to raise my strength! My promotion to the Grand Commander requires not only the seal of the heavenly king to bless the promotion document, but also the seal of the Grand Commander.
Is grand marshal custom armor is dispensable, but there is also a possibility that "Dong Yujia nine abrupt looked up at Xu back.
"What is possible?"
"promotion grand marshal Wen and grand marshal seal can’t be sealed at the root and lead the strength, but the grand marshal seal should contain some special rules that can make the promoters easily break through to the nine-guard star.
But without these two things, if there are a certain number of innate soul beads, I may also break through to the nine satellite stars, "said Dongyu Jiajiu."
"Continue" Xu knows Dong Yujia’s nine words haven’t been finished yet.
"adult, if I break through to the nine-guard star, although the law promotes the grand marshal in the rules, there is no grand marshal, but there can be a grand marshal.
For the time being, I have a nine-guard in the eastern Tianmen, and I can suppress other commanders and let them listen to our military orders to help adults unify the eastern Tianmen guard army, "said Dongyu Jiajiu.
Xu looked back at Dong Yu Jia Jiu.
There is no grand marshal, but there can be grand marshal.
To tell the truth, from these points of view, this Dongyu Jiajiu is far stronger than many Blue Star Terrans, and he has found the right demand point.
Of course, his goal is also very accurate-that is, to get Xu to return the innate soul bead in his hand, that is, the spirit silver box, to raise himself
Fundamentally speaking, this is a very good suggestion and very practical.
If you want to guard the 360,000 troops in the eastern Tianmen city according to Dongyu Jiajiu’s words, you can listen to Xu’s retreat instead of the first 36 divisions.
There is a world of difference between a unified command force and a fragmented force.
It can be said that Dongyu Jiajiu really wants to break through to Jiuwei Star to achieve this situation, then in the short term, the tens of millions of Eldar troops will not be able to break through the eastern Tianmen and fight a cruel war of attrition with the defenders of the eastern Tianmen!
But do you want to give it?
Do you believe Dong Yu Jia Jiu?
At this time, Xu tui suddenly thought of how the Daxi clan, which betrayed the most from the celestial guards, escaped the control of the ancient celestial program and completed the betrayal.
Is it possible that Dong Yu Jia Jiu said this method?
He has a heart-to-heart feedback, and everything is normal. Dongyu Jiajiu has no thoughts.
But Xu retreated in hesitation.
"Really? I’m looking forward to helping me unify the eastern Tianmen garrison." Xu laughed and threw two silver boxes to Dongyu Jiajiu.
Dong Yu Jia JIU da Xi
"this is a reward for you
I still need to consider the matter of giving you ten innate soul beads to help you break through to the nine-satellite star level.