He didn’t think it was thunder eyebrow, but he didn’t say anything.
Qiu Baimen suddenly glared at his brother with anger.
"Brother, what are you talking about? Let me poison Lei Mei. If you want to fight for the Lord, fight fair and square."
"I feel ashamed of such means!"
"What did you say!" Qiu Yingchen’s face turned pale and raised my hand, which was a slap in the face.
Qiu Baimen greeted him with a high hand, not to be outdone.
Strength collision two people back at the same time.
"What are you doing?"
Mrs. Qiu thumped with her crutches.
"Why haven’t you figured out how to deal with outsiders and the family have already started fighting? It’s really a good thing for you two."
"Mom!" Qiu Yingchen nu way
"Look at your baby daughter who helps outsiders and doesn’t help me kill that bitch named Lei, but I can’t poison her?"
"And …"
"I don’t want her to die!"
"Then what are you going to do?" Qiubaimen raises eyebrows.
"Poison is not necessarily to kill people" Qiu Yingchen cold hum.
"Some poisons can help men and women."
"An aphrodisiac?" Mrs. Qiu was not surprised that her identity and age have long been used to some things.
"Isn’t Ying Chen looking at her eyebrows?"
"So good!"
She nodded slowly.
"Your eyebrows have become a family, and you have saved the position of Wang and continued to quarrel. This is the best of both worlds."
"Mom!" Qiubaimen stamped their feet.
"Lei Meigen doesn’t like eldest brother, and such means take up her body, which is impossible and even counterproductive."
Lei Mei’s temper is clear to her
Tough personality
Even if you are really occupied by Qiu Yingchen, you will never lose. More likely, you will bear a grudge and double your revenge.
And Qiu Yingchen’s doing such a thing is also unique to the decepticons.
Who would choose such a person as a leader?
"I’m not so stupid" Qiu Yingchen cold hum.
"Su Fen is very interested in Lei Mei"
"Su Fen? Su Jia San Fang, who idles around all day, is so angry? " Qiubaimen first one leng and then a full face of disdain.
"If you do it yourself, even if you can’t win the position of Wang, I can admire your courage. It’s amazing that even a woman can make a big brother!"
"You …" Qiu Yingchen was full of anger.
"What do you know!"
"Su Fen seems to be idle, but his physical strength is not weak at all. You even don’t know that he is ten."
"And …"
He took a deep breath and said
"Lei Mei was occupied by Su Fen. No matter what the reason, Xiaolangdi people will never give her the position of Wang again."
Can the decepticon gang leader talk to Sue’s family?
in due course
What if Lei Mei becomes a Wang and is pregnant with the Su family’s children and the Tianhu gang? Is it Xiaolang Island industry or Su family industry?
"That won’t do either!"