After the old man’s body recovered, he moved mechanically, but his body was still like a machine without lubricating oil. The old man turned his head and looked at Du Yun with an unhappy look. "Who is so bold that he dares to disturb my old man’s rest!"

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 After the old man’s body recovered, he moved mechanically, but his body was still like a machine without lubricating oil. The old man turned his head and looked at Du Yun with an unhappy look. "Who is so bold that he dares to disturb my old man’s rest!"

"rest? If you sleep again, you will become a dead man. "But for this old man who is not clear about his strength, Du Yun certainly can’t be careless; Directly said softly, "Du Yun, the younger generation, is sorry to disturb the dream of the elder generation." With that, Du Yun bowed directly to the old man!
When the old man stared at Du Yun carefully for a while, he didn’t get angry or say anything, so he went silent again, but his sight never left Du Yun. So after waiting for a moment, the old man finally sighed gently, "Smelly boy turned out to be a family member of the God beast. I made an agreement with your ancestors that Yu family members should never enter the forbidden area of the Elf. Now you dare to violate the agreement and enter the forbidden area of the Elf Forest. Do I really dare not kill you?" When the old man said these words, his face immediately became gloomy, and the murderous look slowly spread out and directly stimulated Du Yun to hit a cold face!
"Elder, you misunderstood me. This time, I came to look for the Elf’s sealed skyshatter bow under the orders of the Elf Queen. If I disturb my elder practice, please always look at the Elf Queen’s face and don’t blame me."
"Well, since it is sealed by the Queen’s life, it is easy to discuss." Then the cautious look has slowly receded and the old man’s look has also restored calm
Seeing that the old man has recovered his composure, Du Yun cautiously and tentatively asked, "I don’t know who is the Elf. I don’t know if I know if the Elf is sealed by the Sky-breaking Bow?"
"Ha ha, I’m the ancestor of the Elves. I’ve been here for thousands of years. I’m also very clear about the specific location of the Elves artifact skyshatter bow, but why should I tell you an outsider? "The old man asked with caution.
"Elf ancestors!" Du Yun’s heart gave a fierce shock. Although the old man looked older, he was full of vitality. If Du Yun guessed correctly, the old man should not be too old, just as he saw those elves, heads of families, and all his skin was like dead wood. But the old man’s complexion was very rosy. It looked a little faded and beautiful, which meant that he didn’t look like an old man who had experienced several years.
The old man, of course, also saw Du Yun showing doubts and grunting. "My face doesn’t look old. This is mainly because I take good care of it, okay?" At this time, the old man looked at Du Yun like a full bachelor looking at a kid with disdain in his eyes!
Du Yun felt very uncomfortable about this look, but at this time, Du Yun did not dare to offend the old man. After carefully looking at the old man for a few eyes, Du Yun found that the old man did not have a trace of energy fluctuation. "Hey, what is going on? How can he not have any energy fluctuation when the old man can live for such a long time ?.. Du Yun once again increased his testing spirit, which is still a gain …" Even so, if he said that the old man was not practicing ordinary people and killed Du Yun, he would never believe that according to Du Yun’s guess, it should be that the old man was so powerful that he hid his breath deeply, even Du
After thinking of these, Du Yun respectfully said, "Please don’t take it for granted that the elder was just a junior." With that, Du Yun respectfully gave a big gift to the old man!
Looking at Du Yun respectfully touching the kind of old man is not modest and readily accepted by the original angry look. At this time, the smile has vanished and once again permeated the old man’s face. Just now, this paragraph of touching Du Yun has almost lost the old man’s temper, just like a child. It will not be any crisis to follow him for the time being, and maybe we can get some news from him that there is an elf artifact!
Looking at the old man’s hair seems to be smoothed by himself, Du Yun wondered if he could find out more information from the old man and casually asked, "What did the elder know about you here? If I estimate it is right, it’s extremely deep underground." "Hum, why am I here? It’s not because of the elf queen, otherwise how could I be trapped here?"
"the elf queen?" Du Yun murmured from the bottom of her heart, "But as far as I know, the fairy queen Xiu is only a holy magic teacher. How can she trap your old man?"
"You and I say it’s really the little girl now elf queen? With her little trick, even if she gave her an elf bow, she would never be able to trap me. I said the first elf queen! Unified elves that amazing figure "the old man eyes staring at the distance show meditation!
Hear the old man Du Yun heart fierce a surprised "the first elf queen! Du Yun read the mainland know more than ten thousand years ago, the elves had a stunning figure, not only her strength, but also all the means are the first chapter four hundred and twenty-nine mysterious old man.
She used means to solve the crisis of ethnic division, and led her people to fight to drive out the monster that invaded the elven forest. The Elven people unanimously elected the Elven Queen. "The old man said that if it is true, then this old man has been sealed here for nearly ten thousand years, but how is this possible? The calculation is that the vitality of the elves is much stronger than that of humans, but it will definitely not last for ten thousand years!
The old man looked at Du Yun’s changing look, and knew that Du Yun had definitely thought of something. He sighed deeply and said, "I didn’t expect that someone would remember her news after nearly ten thousand years. Was it really wrong for me to decide that year?"
"Senior, are you really a character thousands of years ago?" Although I know that the old man is likely to be true, Du Yun is still hard to accept in his heart
"But the elf queen what put you this dark place? Is it because you have a bitter hatred? "Looking at the old man, he asked tentatively with a cold look on his face when he got to the elf queen.
"Hatred ha ha ha! Hate! Hehehe! " The old man’s smile is very piercing, just like a spectre; The original mystery is very strange. At this time, adding his ghost crying makes it even more scary. Even Du Yun, who has always been very brave, feels the hair on his back "sou" pricked up at the moment!
The old man laughed for a long time, and Du Yun didn’t dare to interrupt to be an audience. Until the end, the old man’s laughing voice was hoarse. Finally, he stopped to look at the darkness. The old man Du Yun said in a hoarse voice, "I remember that ten thousand years ago, when the whole continent was in turmoil, and the elves were not unified at that time. All tribes were fighting each other to make the whole elves malodorous and it happened in the mainland." At that time, the Elves were invaded by foreign countries, and all of them were very strong and numerous. The Elf Forest tribes were destroyed by them one after another, which made the whole Elf Forest panic. At this time, she came out and took the initiative to unite with the leaders of the major tribes to call on everyone to unite, so that the Elf could get rid of the genocide crisis.
At that time, all the major tribes, the Elves, felt the crisis and knew that only when they were United could they have hope. Therefore, after her organization, most tribes agreed to unite. However, there were still some people who were stubborn and unwilling to join her, so they used thunderous means to kill them directly and then took over those tribes. Although she was still very young, she didn’t know what the secret method was. At that time, the whole Elves were people and her opponents.
In addition, she still holds the Elf Bow in her hand, which means that people have the ability to fight against foreign invasion. In this way, she finally integrated the forces of the major Elf clans to fight against foreign invasion, but at that time, the strength of the foreign clans was too strong, even the forces of the middle Elf clans were also used to repel them. That is why she actively contacted the top experts of the Terran Orcs. Although I don’t know what measures she took, the Terran and the Orcs were also facing a serious crisis at that time. Finally, all the top experts finally killed the foreign leader after the shocking World War. After several years of cultivation,
Moreover, when * * happened in mainland China, the Elves were invaded by foreign countries. All of them were very strong and had a large number of Elves, and another tribe was destroyed by them one after another, which made the whole Elf forest panic. At this time, she came out and took the initiative to unite with the leaders of major tribes to call on everyone to unite so that the Elves could get rid of the genocide crisis.
Du Yun was shocked to hear that the old man had confided such secret things to him. But at this time, Du Yun was not clear about what the old man told him and what he had, so he hurriedly asked, "What happened later?"
"Later?" After a cold hum, the old man fell silent, and his face changed rapidly, just like flashing things in his mind. It was a long time before the old man asked with a wry smile, "Little guy, do you think it’s strange that I said such a lot of nonsense, but not a word is related to me?"
Du Yun smiled awkwardly and quickly explained, "My predecessors didn’t say that nature has its own reasons, so I listened carefully." But at this time, Du Yun’s psychological face is another set of statements. "You still have a lot of self-knowledge and long-winded things, but there is not a word that is the key. If you talk about it according to his current teaching method, you can only finish it."
The old man is not a worm in Du Yun’s stomach. Of course, Du Yun’s idea in his heart is not white. After hearing Du Yun’s answer, he nodded with satisfaction and remained silent for a moment before continuing. "The elf queen was injured in the body tendon when she was fighting with the invading master. Although the injury recovered, his skill did not recover. Although she was brilliant, she was suspicious by nature; At this time, it was suspected that someone would be bad for her and take away her position as the elf queen. Therefore, she killed many elf masters one after another, and it was me who did these things for her. She was the first master in her hand, her guard, her captain and her husband.
Although Du Yun was shocked by the deeds of the old man, he did not interrupt, but listened quietly, just like listening to a story.
At first, I had no objection to her arrangement, but as she became more and more suspicious, she finally suspected that her own daughter would be bad for her. At that time, our daughter completely inherited her cultivation talent and made rapid progress. Although it has not reached the point of threatening her, it will definitely become the first master of the Elves in the future.
Suspicious, she actually asked me to abolish my daughter’s practice. As the saying goes, a tiger poison is a human being even if it doesn’t eat well. After I went against her meaning, she lost her temper with me and threatened to expel me from the elf forest. At that time, I knew that she was going crazy and was no longer fit to be the elf queen. Therefore, the elves considered it in the future and joined several elders to persuade her to abdicate and give it to her daughter.
At this time, it happened that her old injury recurred and her body was not properly buried when she gave birth to her daughter. At that time, it was out of kindness to find someone to persuade her. I wanted her to have a good rest. It didn’t mean anything: but it was almost crazy at that time. She didn’t believe me at all, and she insisted that I wanted to usurp his queen’s position and drive me out of the elf forest in anger.
I went abroad for three years. At that time, I was the first master of the Elves. It was very comfortable to help the weak in the world, but when I was helping my daughter prepare a birthday present in the Arctic ice field of mainllang China, I received a very bad news. She finally started to encircle our daughter and took back the Elves artifact Skyshattering Bow.
At that time, after hearing the news, I immediately rushed back to the Elf Forest to ask her why she did it, but it made me feel a little strange. At this time, I did see my daughter eating with her and the Elf bow was still in her hand. At that time, I misunderstood her and sincerely apologized to her. At that time, she didn’t seem to forgive me, and we seemed to go back to the old days when we wandered in the Elf Forest together, just like when we first got married. The old man’s face showed a happy look here!
Hearing this, Du Yun frowned and sighed lightly and said, "In my opinion, since your wife has such a strong desire for profit, she will never give up easily. I think she must have her own purpose in doing so?"
When I heard Du Yun say this, the old man showed an appreciative look. "You said it was good for her to let my guard down. When I persuaded her to give up the Elf throne to my daughter again, she and I were able to enjoy the Elf family and go to the places where the orcs and humans lived. After thinking about it for a few days, she really agreed to come. I was very excited at that time. She really changed her mind and took her to the Elf Forest Palace to prepare for the abdication of the throne. But when I got to the palace, I found that everything was a scam against me.
"Deception? Is everything she shows in front of you false?" Du Yun asked doubtfully.
The old man sighed deeply. "Alas, when I returned to the imperial city, I found that she had arranged a series of killings to deal with me. Only then did I know that the root she was most worried about was not her daughter but me." The old man looked crazy when he said this! Grabbed Du Yun desperately shaking.