"Boom …" Before it finished, a huge figure appeared in front of this group of white skeleton dragons. While squeezing the surrounding trees, it came to the front of the white skeleton dragons, and its mouth was still chewing the body of the captain who had just been burnt by it …

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 "Boom …" Before it finished, a huge figure appeared in front of this group of white skeleton dragons. While squeezing the surrounding trees, it came to the front of the white skeleton dragons, and its mouth was still chewing the body of the captain who had just been burnt by it …

"This something …" Crystal crazy shouted "shoot! Shoot! "
"Ga!" The soldiers immediately raised their crossbows and hit the creature with several arrows, making a crackling sound. They were all bounced out without exception. Although they were not injured, the creature seemed angry. It swallowed the body in its mouth and roared at the white skeleton dragons.
"The arrow is not! Break up! " The white skeleton dragons hurriedly hid around. With a wave of his paw, this creature directly flew two slow-running white skeleton dragons out. Their bodies slammed into the tree and then stopped moving. Then it spewed out a flame again, and the two white skeleton dragons next to it also melted coke …
"Push the crossbow gun quickly!" Crystal crazy while backward said "what the hell is this monster …"
Feilong, it doesn’t live in volcanoes anymore, and its cubs have their own living ability, so it doesn’t keep them anymore, but flies all over the land to hunt …
Recently, it just flew to the place close to the white skeleton dragons and was attracted by the dwarf fragrance and came to the crystal crazy before them
"That stupid creature!" In the dream, Lin also established that the display that can see outside is not just a map. After seeing this, the brain worm immediately rolled out of the dream. It rolled out of the cabin, and a large group of bees flew out of the cabin, lifting its body and taking it to high school to fly to land.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Dragon set out
The jungle is full of burnt smell, and the dragon is slowly eating several charred bodies on its stomach, while its eyes are also looking at the white figures in the jungle.
"What does it have with those green dragons?" The white skeleton dragons in the jungle have a small discussion about flying dragons.
"I don’t know, it’s probably nothing. It’s a wild animal. It looks like Jay the creator."
"We are the real Jay. Bring that thing here!" Crystal crazy ordered a group of white skeleton dragons to carry the crossbow here. They were placed with trees and their arrows were aimed at the dragon.
Fei long didn’t react particularly. Maybe he didn’t think it was a threat.
Bang!’ With a loud noise, a huge arrow suddenly ejected and hit the dragon’s left head perfectly. The powerful impact made the dragon’s head tilt in the past.
But it quickly turned its head back. It looked at the white skeleton dragons in the jungle with anger, and the place where its head was shot was not hurt at all …
"How is that possible?" All the white skeleton dragons looked at this scene in surprise. They had never seen anything that could resist the ballista …
But … Fei Long managed to resist.
The scales of flying dragons are different from the scales of ordinary creatures. Usually, creatures get the materials needed to form the carapace from food, but flying dragons mainly eat some solid stones near volcanoes and decompose them in a special way, and form their own scales. Flying dragons have extremely strong scales and there are many layers of structures in them to prevent themselves from being injured by impact and shock.
They need this powerful scale for one reason, but we can’t fully understand it at present, but obviously it makes it stronger than the plague, fungi, giant dragons and perhaps the shadow of all living things in this continent
"shoot! Shoot! " Crystal crazy kept giving orders, and arrows as thick as spears hit the dragon body one by one, but they were bounced out in an instant, and some of them were broken into two parts.
"Roar …" The dragon’s mouth was in a deep voice, and a fierce fire poured out. Two white skeleton dragons with crossbows hurriedly hid to one side. When they looked up again, they saw that their crossbows had turned into a flame.
Then the dragon looked at the other white skeleton dragons again. The white skeleton dragons hurried back when they saw it. The dragon was going to continue to catch up, but its action was suddenly interrupted …
"Stop! Stupid creature! "
A sound made the dragon leng leng. When it looked at the sky in disbelief, the white skeleton dragons immediately retreated out of its sight …
This sound is not a head bug, but Lin called Lin spy back here day and night before and the head bug stopped it from going.
If it really fights with the white skeleton dragon, it may cause a lot of trouble. After all, the number of dragons is still very small, and its cubs may not live …
And the white skeleton dragon will also cause great damage to a certain extent, which is not easy to calculate.
"Oooo …" After the dragon looked around, it went back to the place where it had landed. It spread its wings and flew in.
Where is it going? Speaking of it, it didn’t go back to look for the brain worm after raising its young, but it wandered around and expressed great anger at the brain worm, but it didn’t look for the dragon either. Maybe they should meet again now …
On the other hand, the white skeleton dragon almost fled back to the camp on the edge of the cliff. They had some bigger crossbows, but they were not suitable for carrying in the jungle.
Then several crystal fanatics stayed at the edge of the cliff day and night. It used to be very interested in exploring the jungle with a large army, but now it has become timid because the big crossbow can be placed here and it will stay here.
Crystal crazy at the same time let many white skeleton dragons go to the jungle to investigate. Although they haven’t seen the dragon again, it is still not at ease. Lin found that Crystal crazy cherishes her life quite much, but it is only natural that there is no important thing in her mind except herself.
Later, Crystal Crazy was obviously impatient, and the progress of exploration had been stagnant, so he came up with a way …
"Put the weight on the surface!"
Crystal crazy once again boarded his huge fish boat with his troops, but this time he wanted it to leap over the jungle.
Many white skeleton dragons removed the stones from the fish boat. These stones weighed heavily to limit the height of the boat, but if they were released, the boat would rise even higher.
When the white skeleton dragons hooked the rope, the fish boat slowly climbed to a higher height, which was higher than the cliff and the trees on the cliff. Finally, they didn’t stop throwing the ballast until they were much higher than the tallest tree.
"Very good" crystal crazy boat head looking at the front view is more and more wide, it also issued an order to the opposite forces.
Because it is impossible to hear the shouting clearly at this height, the white skeleton dragon changed to paint large leaves red to command.
When the white skeleton dragon captains saw the red leaves waving in front of them, they also gave orders to the surrounding white skeleton dragons. All the troops followed the huge boat and moved towards the jungle …
Boat Crystal Maniacs have been equipped with the most powerful weapons to deal with possible threats.
At the same time, almost all the white skeleton dragons have landed, and they have formed a huge army to follow the fish boat to their goal-the city of scorpion.
The main goal of Crystal Crazy is to defeat the Jade Dragon. Crystal Crazy thinks that Jade Dragon is the main opponent, but it takes several days and nights before it discovers a problem …
"Wang! Our fin card tree! "
This is not the first time that something has gone wrong. There are all kinds of air currents in the Woods, and there is no way to fly as smoothly as there is in the rift valley …
After careful consideration, Crystal Crazy decided to give up the fishing boat, which landed the fish in a tree base and went to the ground to lead the troops to move on.
After dozens of days and nights, Crystal Crazy finally came to the edge of this jungle … There is a shining light in the distance as far as it can see …