Iron wall fleet side they are completely can’t tell the difference between two kinds of mecha.
I have to say that it is quite insidious for Yun Nie to turn these special mecha into "cannon fodder with the same style" …
Therefore, on the one hand, the Iron Wall Fleet saw that the earth side took the lead in releasing a large number of mechs into the meteorite belt ahead, and the two sides formed a skirmisher front.
"Commander Pavilion, it seems that the other side wants to avoid our frontal fleet battle."
"hmm!" The commander of the iron wall fleet nodded his head, and the intention of the earth people was obvious.
In the face of the embattled earth army, he pondered for a moment and reached a list of orders
"Release the number of mecha units 5 command forces defense Lord shall not be out of 10000 kilometers away …"
"The fleet lowers the speed D3, and the elevation angle is 5, leaving the ecliptic plane, skimming the meteorite belt ahead and entering the sun from the enemy side."
"Black flagship team postponed the free fire of each ship …"
"Five stab targets will be launched in five minutes … Earth!"
The commander knew the principle of "no entry into the forest" and chose to avoid the meteorite belt and enter the sun.
Although still method to get rid of the mecha charge distance, but little moment will be tens of thousands of mecha directly posted to play melee dog fights.
Although one side of the Earth Army has been crushed by itself and seems to have finished fighting, the news that the other side of the main fleet was blocked by a strong enemy made the commander dare not have the slightest carelessness.
"Boom!" Just stop soon after the iron wall fleet fire roared up again.
But this time, with a large number of scattered celestial bodies to cover and the extremely scattered mecha units on the side of the Earth Army, the losses suffered are extremely limited.
However, at the same time, the chaotic naval gun fire covered the five warships of the Iron Wall Fleet Department, but quietly hit the belly magazine and projected gold pieces of reflective black missiles in different directions.
These missiles, about 100 meters long, disappeared in a blur of light and shadow a moment after they were thrown out, and the line of sight flew towards the sun …
However, it is strange that on the one hand, the Earth Army, such a large target, has no idea that all the detection equipment has captured the slightest signal of these missiles.
If Yun Nie can observe these "stab" missiles at close range, it will be found that the strange mecha with impressive shadow assassins are the same cutting-edge technology
Secreted by the imperial royal family-"Mirage stealth system"!
The two sides used their own means to release their own killers.
And it’s interesting that neither side has found out …
Chapter one hundred and fifty Line technology upgrade
30,000 kilometers away from the Kuiper Belt, a small nebula composed of free fine dust is slowly rotating around the sun as if it were eternal.
However, this piece of tranquility for thousands of years was suddenly broken.
Like a sharp arrow piercing a cloud, the center of a small nebula suddenly broke through a gap, and tiny dust spread out like scattered fireworks to form a small nebula flower.
There is a glass-like object in the void, which passes in a flash, disappears in the blink of an eye and gallops towards the sun.
This unremarkable scene happened far away from the inconspicuous corner of the battlefield, which is supposed to be very secret. However, a small probe like ordinary debris in the nebula clearly recorded this abnormal phenomenon.
A moment’s information has been sent to hundreds of millions of miles away …
Code eyes flashing blue light.
"Boss, we have found invisible objects flying towards the sun in the Y75 regional coordinates of the Hawkeye reconnaissance network.
According to the channel calculation, this UFO has a high probability of being launched from the area near the attacking solar iron wall fleet. "
"Huh?" Is observing the battlefield Yun Nie leng a "UFO? How did the enemy break through this position? Our radar system didn’t respond? "
Yun Nie’s early layout of the "Sun Reconnaissance Network" has now spread all over the region, and the battlefield is naturally the focus of monitoring.
As early as a month ago, Yun Nie has strengthened the monitoring of the nearby area. The density is almost one million kilometers, and there will be an "Eagle Eye Scout" of its own.
This kind of monitoring has something that can break through the battlefield and almost slip through the net?
"Is the other stealth technology is quite high-end, which is a bit similar to the’ mirage system’ common radar you copied back from Woolf Empire, which is extremely difficult to detect.
Even when we monitor the density, we find the abnormality only by being disturbed by the other side.
But at present, I have locked this target, and its forward route will be followed by our’ Eagle Eye’ scouts. "
"Mirage system?" Yun Nie eyebrows a pick.
I see!
It seems that the royal secret is so secret … Even the Iron Wall Fleet has used this technology …
From this point, we can see that not only does Grand Duke Horton support the Second Emperor, but he also doesn’t mind sharing some royal cutting-edge technologies, and both sides are highly reliable.
This also confirms Yun Nie’s guess from the side …
"can you predict its goal?" Yun Nie asked.
"The specific goal of the other party is still uncertain, but the approximate area should be in the range of the moon!"