When people went far away, Qin Mu Ye said, "It seems that Prometheus is worried that I will harm you."

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶喝茶资源预约 When people went far away, Qin Mu Ye said, "It seems that Prometheus is worried that I will harm you."

"Well, he is very prescient." Hercules didn’t care that Qin Mu Ye spoke so straight but he didn’t rest assured.
"Aren’t you worried?" Qin Mu Ye asked 1.
"Don’t worry, although Dionysus’s actions are not very just, if these are necessary based on your identity," Hercules didn’t force Qin Mu Ye to do good deeds. He also saw that Qin Mu Ye’s situation was not so good. One who was not careful would die.
For Hercules, there is indeed a view of good and evil, but it is also necessary to talk about positions and camps. If the opposite side is willing to talk peacefully, he will also persuade Qin Mu Ye to converge, but the opposite side obviously wants Qin Mu Ye to die. This is already a war. War can’t talk about good and evil, but it can tell the outcome.
Besides, he came here to help Qin Mu Ye win the war, not to maintain justice.
"Yeah, your speaking art is still very high and much better than mine." Qin Mu Ye felt that Hercules’ emotional intelligence was still very high.
The somebody else how to say it is also experienced in speaking, emotional intelligence is naturally not low, otherwise it is something to be able to complete the twelve trials and get a beauty.
Don’t be a Hercules or a reckless man. Just because Zhang Fei is a reckless man doesn’t mean he has no brains.
"Art has to be integrated into life. By the way, do you have any physical and mathematical qualifications here? I think it is necessary to perfect the dark star of Dionysus." Hercules asked.
"I’ll let someone bring it to you. It’s best to learn from the basics." At the beginning, when Qin Mu Ye taught him, he was forced to learn by academics, but there were still some knowledge points that he didn’t understand but knew little about how to learn.
Hercules would beg Qin Mu Ye for this knowledge.
Qin Mu Ye will not be stingy. Learning knowledge is not of much value to him.
He’s not one of those protagonists who likes to monopolize everything. If he can learn, he won’t understand it.
Except the enemy, of course. Qin Mu Ye is kind to his own people.
He has a pattern, but the pattern is not very big. He didn’t want to make everyone in the device or the deputy be like a dragon, and he didn’t mean it either.
Hercules is barely one of our own, and Qin Mu Ye is not stingy.
In hades … mainly because he refused to learn from Qin and Mu Ye, there was no way out, and so was Persephone.
Hekate, on the other hand, is more interested in taking charge of herself than studying, which is a common problem of Titan.
Hercules is not a Titan. He is a half-blood and has received corresponding education since he was a child.
Ji was soon arranged to be sent over. Hercules read it as soon as he started, but he nodded at it, just like a sports student. His specialty is not here
But if you can’t, you have to bite the bullet and learn. After all, Dionysus’ dark stars are not the general way of cultivation.
It’s not like some protagonists can learn the achievement method without professional knowledge. They just need to absorb energy according to Xuanke. When the realm breaks through, they will change to another achievement method and continue to cycle repeatedly.
Naturally, this fur cultivation body from the four basic forces needs a lot of knowledge to improve and optimize before it can grow further.
It’s like a magnetic field rotating, which can cultivate superpowers. Creation is not a problem.
After reading it, Hercules was a little bitter. "Although Dionysus gave me knowledge, I don’t think I am suitable for this. Maybe Athena can help me."
"You’d better watch it first and wait for me to teach you. Then you can review it yourself." Qin Mu Ye said.
"That’s great. Your magical power is much faster than my self-study." Hercules knows how wonderful Qin Mu Ye’s scholarship is, and he will learn nothing after he finishes. He doesn’t need to work hard. He just needs to concentrate on listening.
Chapter 341 Who tolls the bell
"If the original magnetic field rotates, I really can’t help it. It’s a pity that you are not the original."
Back and forth for a total of two months, Qin Mu Ye finally issued a plan for the terminator.
The other liquid metal can be upgraded, the core program can be updated, but the means of a magnetic field rotation will not change.