"Why hasn’t his empire come yet?" The friar always can’t keep calm and his face is slightly violent. He turned to a friar in the later period and said,

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿洗浴会所 "Why hasn’t his empire come yet?" The friar always can’t keep calm and his face is slightly violent. He turned to a friar in the later period and said,

"Brother, our camp has been shrouded by an array. I don’t know what happened here somewhere else!" The monk’s face turned white and slightly frightened in the late period.
The tide is gone!
As soon as the first monk heard this idea, Du Yunlei’s fire fighting skills had already approached him, and he finally took a look at resisting it, but he was seriously injured.
Du Yun hand-held Fang Tian painting Ji Ling threw a sharp wind, and if it thundered quickly, it arrived in front of the monk and then penetrated into his chest. Then there was still room for him to nail his body straight to a wall. Chapter 244 The Five Kingdoms fell (in the middle)
The wind is cold and biting, and the bloody atmosphere in the Xiaoxiang Empire camp is filled with a kind of desolation and loneliness. The rise and fall of a kingdom is slightly gloomy.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
When the first person in Xiaoxiang Empire died, everyone else was born and retired. Du Yun’s posture of beheading the enemy in a thousand troops made them feel scared and could not help but tremble.
The fact is that the cruel monks of Xiaoxiang Empire may be able to resist it for a while, but now when the first man dies, they lose their fighting spirit and flee everywhere.
At this time, the suspicion is that at the moment of their demise, Du Yun and his party are United, and their fighting spirit is terrible and revenge is close at hand, which makes them excited.
The speed of the spread of war is a horror. First, the friar perished in the later period, and then the friar ascended to the immortals in half a step. And the friar ascended to the immortals’ realm, where he could escape, was firmly locked in by Du Yun and his party.
Four immortal second-order strong men and seven immortal first-order strong men are not weak in this advanced kingdom. However, compared with the camp behind Du Yun, this person is obviously not enough to see the situation. Du Yun’s combat effectiveness is that he once killed a immortal third-order strong man.
This kind of powerful Xiaoxiang Empire has only monks to escape. Occasionally, some people who escape to the door will meet Qin Sisi, who is powerful but can’t bear to kill people. As a result, they will be stunned by Qin Sisi.
About an hour or so, the advanced kingdom of Xiaoxiang Empire finally entered the iron gate empire, and the posterior road was destroyed one after another. In the end, even the monk who was knocked unconscious by Qin Sisi failed to be beheaded by everyone.
"Now there are two left in the five kingdoms. Then our goal is to get the agate empire to fight for the fifth watch, and then there will be one der untergang left in the beginning, so they won’t be a problem!" Du Yun hesitated slightly and then looked into the distance as if he had seen the agate empire camp.
"Starting from blood out, they deserve it!" Li Mao eyes firmly nodded his head.
Everyone else is so law of the jungle!
To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself. Everyone has a rock-solid heart and will not be lost by killing. He wants to protect the people around him only by becoming stronger.
At the beginning, the five empires were so powerful that they ran around and dared not show their faces. Now the strength of the people has increased and they are afraid that they should fight back.
Whoa, whoa!
Several broken winds resounded to Du Yun, where a bunch of people left the Xiaoxiang Empire camp to leave a body and air-dried blood, which was extremely sad and desolate.
Agate empire camp Du Yun and others sneaked here and saw that four monks were casually guarding the gate at the door. Du Yun sneered at it and immediately oppressed it.
Qiang Qiang!
Du Yun’s sacrifice to Fang Tianhua Ji was covered with blood just after a bloody battle. These blood were all his two fallen imperial monks.
His thick black hair stood on end, his blood stood on end, and his figure was almost ghostly, and the four monks didn’t notice it until they came near.
Four monks just wanted to speak, but Du Yun didn’t give them a chance. Fang Tian painted a halberd, and the first two and a half-moon blades of the halberd passed away. Four monks in the later period suddenly fell down without any defense.
Du Yun took out the deceives the big array of round beads and crushed them, then a silvery white curtain flashed, and soon the whole agate empire camp was enveloped by deceives the big array.
"Do it quickly!"
Du Yun said that the sound was cold, and with that, he took the lead in suddenly and violently plundering out and entered the agate empire camp. Others did not lag behind and looked at each other, followed by Du Yun.
"People break into my agate empire camp?" Du Yun and others just entered the camp of the agate empire, and the monk of the agate empire found out and then the monk asked with a drink.
The great effect of this sound is that in a short time, he, the monk of the Agate Empire, was moved by the wind and suddenly appeared from the camp.
"Debt is coming!" Du Yun sneered at the three-meter-long figure of Fang Tian’s painting Ji, which was extremely eye-catching with the blood ShaQi that he gave off all over.