The camera stopped firmly at the gate. The linguist obviously knew the fourth team stationed in front of the screen and read out those three words with an icy expression.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 The camera stopped firmly at the gate. The linguist obviously knew the fourth team stationed in front of the screen and read out those three words with an icy expression.

"Anatomy room!"
Chapter two hundred and one Granting holidays ()
"Alarm alarm! Prepare for war! War preparation! " In the fortress of Gaohe and others, a synthetic warning suddenly sounded, and the shrill siren sounded wildly. All the defense fronts were ready to go, and the soldiers quickly hit the weapon charging system to alert the radar to scan crazily.
Sitting in front of a huge telescope, the crane stared at the direction of the defense fleet in the computer room. One hour a day, they were in charge of the fortress and turned to this direction. This direction has always been the direction of the exile star domain leading to the diplomatic star domain, which is the temporary name of the alien star domain.
It’s been 24 hours since the diplomatic ship lost contact, but it’s only been half a day since the exile star. At this time, all military departments entered a state of emergency and waited for orders
The joint parliament and the military have not been so weak. Since the enemy has rejected human kindness, it is impossible for two neighbors to get together so close except war.
It has been confirmed that one of the messages sent back just before the intelligence diplomatic ship lost contact was a very precious one. A hidden camera in a hidden corner of the diplomatic ship accidentally photographed an alien picture.
Maybe it’s because the alarm was lifted, maybe it’s because they think that all human beings on the diplomatic ship are under control, and those people feel at ease and boldly take off their sealed clothes.
From the picture, we can see that it is a typical atavism phenomenon similar to the ancient hominid skeleton fossils, whose face is furry and body is completely similar to that of human beings, and there are many hairs on their bodies.
No one can explain why they have such a great hatred for mankind. Fifty diplomatic representatives, at least ten of them, were dissected alive. Those diplomatic ships who don’t know what is going on lost contact after sending back these signals. They should have been magnetically shielded or destroyed by the enemy.
In the face of some illusory myths, it is cruel to dissect the human race on behalf of the living, and even the most conservative guy shouted the war slogan angrily.
Occasionally, there are some discordant voices among human beings who oppose war and need peace. What’s the slogan of mountain ringing? However, as soon as these slogans are sent to the diplomatic envoys to seek peace with aliens, they immediately shut up. Perhaps the peace-loving human beings shouted the slogan of war for the first time!
The vanguard of a special task force stormed into the jumping point. It was relatively easy for them to get to the base in the early stage and bring back as many diplomats as possible who were still lucky.
The war process is no longer broadcast live to the people, and it has entered a state of war. Although it is far from the star field, war is still a war, which will affect some human lives more or less.
Less than all the soldiers have cancelled their leave, and they have been assigned to continue their execution. They have not been assigned to strengthen their vigilance. The general nerves will collapse as tight as possible, and the atmosphere will be as tense as possible. As soon as they enter the military camp, they will be out of breath due to depression.
There are also many extra things in people’s lives. The media reports that some parliaments and military departments release news every day. People keep paying attention to the progress of the front line, while military families pay more attention to the list of victims. Fortunately, the war side has not reached the point where it is necessary to send back the list of victims.
After the powerful task force entered the star domain, it won the gate red, which was too base. A group of peak sexually warships fought bravely. When the landing personnel rushed to it, they found that it was already a swinging base with nothing. Everyone didn’t know where they fled, leaving a few minutes to print the human anatomy in color and a communication equipment receiver.
This range is obviously the working range of the receiver. When the landing special soldiers handed this thing and the detailed human anatomy map to the fleet commander after layers of inspection, the receiver rang at the right time.
"Very well, it seems that you have got the receiver and the pattern." I don’t know what people speak slowly, as if they are afraid that people here can’t understand. "We have got a lot of things from the warships you brought. We have left this and communication equipment. I hope you can discover some of our technology from the surface as soon as possible." The voice paused and added "If you have the ability!"
"Who are you? What is going to declare war on us? " The commander of the fleet didn’t fly into a rage as expected. It was cool to throw something out of his hand.
"You don’t know who we are. You need to remember that we are a hundred times better physically and mentally than what you call noble and superior human beings." Suddenly, the voice became loud and excited. "I’ll give you two days to see what you can find from the surface!" With some ridicule, "it’s already very generous when I leave it for you, isn’t it?" It only took us four hours to master your body structure. "
"What kind of king eggs are you?" The commander of the fleet could no longer resist his anger and swearing.
"We are not kings, we want to prove that we are the truly superior and noble race." The commander was angry, but the opposite person seemed very proud. "I left you so many things to give you a chance to see if you can find anything from this side. Of course, we got something from your ship in exchange. We are fair. Now we are on the same starting line. I hope you can seize the opportunity!"
"Fair? To be fair, why don’t you king eggs send dozens of people over for us to dissect? " The commander of the fleet didn’t care about his tone and cursed each other.
"None of us volunteered to come to your place as research materials!" The sarcastic tone rang again. "We asked those people. It is said that they all volunteered before they came!"
Speaking of this, the opposite person changed his breath. "I quite admire that we are not as good as your race on some occasions of sacrifice!" "
Chapter two hundred and one Granting holidays ()
Having said that, the commander of the fleet has been telling the truth, but the other party’s estimation is also gone. The interest in continuing to communicate is to leave a sentence "Two days will give you two days!" 24 hours! Remember that we will declare war then! "
The commander of the fleet spoke to the other side directly back to the rear and received an outrage from the information wisdom center. These guys are simply naked and provocative!
It’s rare for Mr. Chairman of the Military Commission to bring together several members and the Speaker’s Pavilion through a direct emergency line. Facing General Zhao Qi in front of so many bosses, it’s just an angry roar: "Ma arranges your best manpower to teach these rabbits a lesson! I don’t care what you do. I want to see a hundred live bastards. I’ll be a mouse in my research room! "
Anger seems to be transitive, and the increase effect obtained in the process of handing it is stronger than some three aunts and six old wives’ rumors. "General Hammer told you not to stay in those mouse holes and let them move. I don’t care what you do, I don’t care if you have any way. I always want to see two hundred live bastards as my mice two days later! Do you hear me? And pay attention to confidentiality! "
"Camel!" General Hammer directly called Gao He to "let all you have come out of that rat hole". Similarly, General Hammer was also stained with anger layer by layer. "You can give me a vacation at Diplomatic Star now. You can choose any vacation category and take any vacation in any name. I don’t care if you are a tour guide for two days and bring a’ voluntary’ tour group back to our place. The more people you can!"
Gao He didn’t know what happened, but the general told him to go to the diplomatic star for a casual holiday. Obviously, it was very serious, and the general also named Gao He to bring some people back. Even if he didn’t hear the conversation between the two sides, Gao He knew that the general and the noodle people were angry this time and the consequences were very serious.
At present, Gaohe can choose to stay and guard the fortress when there is danger of killing others, not because others are not good enough, but because the dangerous workers are still for themselves.
The task force was also worried when Gaohe was ready to leave.
The whole thing is not big enough to float some basic things in the Pacific Ocean, but they are still generous enough to stay. As they said, they got a space ship from the human side and left a space base for the human beings. It seems that the two sides have been tied and generously given it to the human beings for two days, but they have studied it for one day. These two days are just to make them study the human beings more thoroughly.
I know there is a problem in it, but this kind of information is not white. Don’t keep the engine, but the fuel is gone. It is necessary to haul it back by a large transport ship. It is impossible to put it in the fleet, and there is no professional scientific research personnel who can’t compare with others.
The commander has reported these situations to the face. These cunning opponents really have a way of delaying their declaration of war by two days, but it seems that human beings have declared war on them, which is negligible. Now they have just entered this star field, and they are unfamiliar with everything, but they have to be cautious.
There is no hope of saving lives now. It is estimated that we can explain it to the people, but those guys have given such a big guy a good name as fairness, and it seems that they have given it two days. Strictly speaking, at least one day is really not authentic.
Several people’s reconnaissance satellites have been released, and the star map of this star field still needs to be completely described. Find out less the lair of those damn kings and eggs. Where is the most found living planet? Like the exile planet, it seems that they have realized for a long time that human beings will take war against them. The joint parliament has decided for dozens of days that they have moved all equipment and personnel to leave a bare planet and can temporarily repair a temporary base by fleet.
"Those guys die a natural death!" The commander of the fleet cursed and cursed the enemies who had not met in his heart, and at the same time he had to send the technical arms of his fleet to the people who were being dragged back. A visual communicator was appointed by the research experts in the rear, and some simple things that could be judged and analyzed were analyzed clearly before being dragged back to this period.
"Report!" When the commander was in a bad mood, he suddenly heard the voice of one of his adjutants, and he couldn’t help but feel a little angry. If the adjutant can’t come up with any good reasons, then he must look good. Let’s take it out on those guys and charge interest first!
"Sir, the latest order!" Fortunately, it’s not something that can make the commander angry.
"What is this?" I just stabilized my emotions and looked down at the order. I immediately turned my face and became angry. "Are you sure this is an order? Or do you find somewhere to amuse me? " The order slammed back into the adjutant’s chest. "What the hell order is this?"
Of course, his commander’s temper adjutant knew that his bad luck had been taken as a scapegoat this time, but the adjutant didn’t dare to question the order in this tone. "Yes, sir, I have confirmed it twice!" "
The commander stared at the adjutant’s eyes until he was sure that he didn’t mean any jokes. He took the order from the adjutant and looked down at his eyes thoughtfully. "What do you mean by face?" This joke at this time? Vacation? Still going to the diplomatic star for vacation? Which bastard had the idea? "
The commander of the task force is not up to the level yet to know that there is a story about the holiday nemesis of Gaohe. For this joke, it means more than an official order, but it is indeed an official order. I am puzzled. Why can’t anyone at this place be trapped by a diplomatic star at this time? Or a soldier? And let the fleet go?
Gao He doesn’t know how many people and the coordination department have gone through this holiday order. I am very angry this time. I can give up selling Gao He and take any vacation at will. I am still willing to transfer people at will. This body has already said that I am determined to cross the rubicon.
When it is finished, Gaohe always communicates with the ice demon quickly without delay. After the horse flies away from the fortress in his own private warship, he can still enjoy the treatment of his own private warship in wartime. Among the soldiers at the school level, Gaohe is one.
Embarking on the journey, Gao Hecai received the ins and outs of the incident from the private warship Gao’ an communication equipment. The ins and outs are finally understood. Why are you so angry? It is necessary to give them a hard lesson when treating the whole human race as a monkey.
This large-scale task force fleet is absolutely impossible to complete. When a small enemy encounters a fleet, it must be an escape brigade. When a warship encounters a large scale, it is absolutely necessary to leave a few alive and not easy to land. Maybe there are some possibilities for success.
Or others, including the commander of the advance task force, think this order is somewhat puzzling, but from Mr. Chairman to General Zhao Qi, including the Speaker’s Pavilion, they are very satisfied with the final report arrangement of General Hammer. Others don’t know the power of Gao He’s vacation. Can they still know it?
In the end, the nemesis of Gaohe’s vacation became more and more excessive. General Zhao Qi occasionally had a little idea in his mind to let Gaohe take a vacation, but it was already turned upside down before he said it. Now I don’t know what will happen to the diplomatic star. It is better to predict what will happen if there is an earthquake exceeding magnitude 10 in the place where those guys live. See what those hard-talking guys say?
The commander of the advance fleet is now mixed with a trace of anger and curiosity. Staring at Gao He coldly, I don’t know where this guy jumped out. The little lieutenant couldn’t find any information. Is it that some big shot dude regards the battlefield as a tourist?
Lai Ke was directly brought to him by the order of the fleet chief through Gao He. Looking at this silent chief, Gao He also made an honest ceremony and waited for instructions. However, there was no notice that there was such trouble. It should be that the identity of the fleet commander Zhang Gaohe, including the executioner troops, is a distant thing for these conventional troops. They don’t know that it is normal, and it seems that this commander is not a bad person.
"This is not a tourist resort, Lieutenant!" After all, it is a war against aliens, and human beings should still huddle together. The commander of the fleet is very patient and exhorts with some threats.