When he eats, he doesn’t like to have someone watching with a close-fitting eunuch ready to wipe his hands and mouth. He likes to enjoy the food silently by himself.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿夜网 When he eats, he doesn’t like to have someone watching with a close-fitting eunuch ready to wipe his hands and mouth. He likes to enjoy the food silently by himself.

Therefore, he will not be as elegant as he was when he grabbed a roast chicken with his hands and chewed it with his mouth full of oil, from which he realized the long-lost pleasure.
While munching on delicious chicken, he felt that even if the army was about to rush into the city, he still held the roast chicken in his hand tonight.
Then a noise outside made Zhao Shen very unhappy. He didn’t like being disturbed when eating, so he immediately asked Wang Chengen, the personal eunuch, to go outside and see what was going on.
Wang Chengen was also unhappy.
It’s not the first time that someone has been punished. Why don’t you have a long memory?
He pushed open the door of the bedroom and began to scold people outside at the top of his voice.
"Are you blinded by oil? Don’t you know that the regime doesn’t like noise? You don’t want to … brain … bag … bag … "
Wang Chengen was speechless.
Because he looked at something wrong.
He watched the soldiers slowly burning torches outside the sleeping hall, and then many maids and eunuchs knelt down, and some people lay covered in blood.
The soldiers watched the soldiers coming out of the palace with torches. He looked very playful.
"The king knows how to come out? I’m going to visit the butler inside. Is the butler having dinner? Hehehe, the butler’s appetite is really good. It’s a good blessing that we ministers can’t eat anything without appetite. "
Shen should dress neatly and go to the front of Wang Chengen.
Wang Chengen looked at Shen in shock.
"Shen Shen" xianggong "you …"
"In the butler? I’m going to meet the butler. "
Shen should have waved his hand and immediately rushed to several powerful imperial soldiers to drag Wang Chengen, and then he was killed without waiting for him to react.
Wang Chengen has repeatedly mocked Shen, and Shen doesn’t like Wang Chengen’s offensive and defensive translocation. Of course, he has to export evil spirits.
Wang Chengen was killed in the palace, and Zhao Shen also sensed something was wrong and shouted, "Wang Chengen? Wang Chengen? Where have you been? Come back soon! "
Shen should have a smile.
Okay, I’m coming.
So Zhao Shen saw that Shen should come to him with Zhou Lin, Zhang Wei, Lu Yongyan and a group of strong and armed imperial soldiers.
Seeing this scene, Zhao Shen leng one.
"Shen the? You … "
"Officials and ministers have come here to ask you to abdicate."
Shen should bow down and speak earnestly.
Zhao Shen opened his mouth and didn’t say anything. The half-chewed delicious roast chicken in his hand should fall to the ground
"You … what did you say?"
"I have come to ask you to abdicate!"
Shen should have repeated it and got up and said seriously, "The pursuit of succession to the throne came to the Song Dynasty, and the country lost its land. Facing the country, it became more and more timid. The army lost again and again, which really made people suspect that it was caused by the loss of virtue of the government."
Now, the national army is just outside Lin ‘an. This is the third time that the regime has been surrounded by foreign enemy troops since he ascended the throne. The regime has forced them to fight a war that is doomed to fail, which is not good for everyone.
Even for Dasong, this is not a good thing. Since the regime assumes that the country is out of conditions, it does not want to destroy the country. Dasong can negotiate with the conditions, but what the regime really does is to make the minister feel chilling. "
"Shen should you …"
Zhao Shen finally realized what happened on striking table and roared, "How dare you rebel? ! And you! Zhou Lin! Zhang Wei? You here, too? Lu Yongyan! You! You betrayed me! ! You rebels! How dare you betray me! !”
"It’s not that they betray the regime, but that it’s none of their lives! I don’t care if they pay! "
Zhang Wei’s face is angry. "If you treat me like a hand and foot, I will treat you like a heart. If you treat me like a dog and a horse, I will treat you like a Chinese. If you treat me like a mustard, I will treat you like a hatred!
The government regards us as dirt, and it has no kindness to us. It is very indiscriminate to beat and scold. If you don’t let me wait, will you be chilling? In this case, don’t blame us for treating the butler as a feud! "
Zhao Shen was furious.
"Zhang Wei! You are a traitor! !”
"My father sin? To be slaughtered? !”
Zhang Wei glared at the emperor who had already made him awe. "My father devoted himself to the butler, but he was killed by his ministers who slandered the butler!"
The Yellow River levee is a private plot between the government and Yu Yunwen, but you are responsible for the sins and stupidity of the whole Song Dynasty! What are our mistakes? ! "
"Zhang Wei! You … you traitor! You have no regard for your country! You are shameless! You … "
"Butler, you’d better say less."
Shen should be calm and interrupt Zhao Shen’s output speech before he left.
He pointed to his head wrapped in gauze and gauze faintly revealed blood color, and his face was full of cold emotions.
"The official’s head was smashed out by your own hands, but the wound still hurts, and there is blood oozing out. Would you like to have a look with your own eyes?"
Chapter 1137 Back pot too queen
Looking at Shen’s face, I got it. Zhao Shen was trembling with anger and his voice trembled.
He pointed his finger at Shen.
"Shen the … I pull you do prime minister I believe in you so much! You … incredibly … incredibly betrayed me! !”
You pull it?
You pull a ghost!
Shen should be very disdainful of such remarks.
Zhao Shen not only didn’t pull him out, but also denounced him many times. His current status is no higher than when Zhao Gou was emperor.
Still pulling me?
"As a minister, I have been studying hard for ten years! The position of prime minister is the result of decades of ups and downs of my official career! Moreover, I was already a prime minister before the butler ascended the throne. The butler is not very big. Please don’t say that! "
Shen should sneer. "What’s worse, the butler and Yu Yunwen have done such a thing that the whole Dasong will be in danger, but they still don’t let anyone know. Can we expect the minister and others to bear the consequences together with the butler?"
"You … you … you … a bunch of fucking things! ! !”
Zhao Shen was so angry that he picked up the food on the table and smashed it to death.
At one time, the delicacies of the mountains and seas turned into meteors, which hit Shen and others. Shen and others quickly avoided being hit by this delicacy, and it was too difficult to wash them when the time came.
Zhang Shi ran past with a quick eye and a quick load, and Zhao Shen’s hateful face was in his eyes. He thought about it day and night, for example, if he did something to retaliate against this face, he would kill his father and hate him.
At this moment, there is nothing in front of the two people to hinder him. Before he takes a quick step, he will condense the hatred of killing his father and hate a punch and severely hit Zhao Shen’s face.