After observing a big circle, I found that there was an uninvited spiritual master not far away, and the other person was holding a lump of mud in his hand, which looked a little disgusting.

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He estimates that it is for this reason that few people around him see this, and his eyes are bright.
It stinks a little, but without him, it is rare to have such a good place to camp and have a good rest.
For one thing, this uninvited spiritual master poses no threat to him, and it is more stable for him to rest when there are fewer people.
This is a rare place.
"Does this little brother mind if I set up a camp here to have a rest?" Wang Aokou asked 1.
At present, the situation is eyeing around. Although the other party is an uninvited spiritual master, he can live to this day. Maybe someone will protect him or ask politely.
"Of course, you can do whatever you want. This is a public place, not my place," the other party said politely.
"The word" public place "is accurate, so don’t disturb the little brother. You play with me and have a rest first." Said Wang Ao, looking around, he found a slightly leeward place, took the camp and assembled it.
Efficiency still quickly plunged into the camp and then went to sleep.
It’s Wang Ao who looks like a heavy sleeper, but he doesn’t sleep too much. Once there is any trouble, he can wake up instantly and take countermeasures.
These things have been engraved into his mind, which has transformed him from a noble family brother into a sophisticated summoner.
You know, he has suffered a lot in crossing a state these days, from being cheated to being beheaded. Everything forced him to grow up. If he didn’t grow up, he wouldn’t have made it here. He would have died long ago. I don’t know which deep mountain or forest.
These honed combat experience, raw experience and so on are naturally going up.
And aside Qin Mu Ye is also interested in looking at the new protagonist. Naturally, he let the Grinch see each other’s talent through reconnaissance, and such a talent is impressively listed.
However, unlike Xiao Fan, this new protagonist has gone through a lot of experience and gained many opportunities.
For example, the other person can actually integrate the spirit with himself, which is a rare ascending technique. In the mainstream secret method, it is similar to this and should belong to the magic way.
But there is no magic in this world that can become stronger and killing the enemy is the most important thing. It is another matter that the tactics are not good for the spirit.
"This secret method seems to be more valuable than the one I saw before." Qin Mu Ye carefully observed it and came to this conclusion
Wu Ling Dharma Body can make people share the power of the spirit, which makes their own combat power stronger than that of the same rank, and even stronger than their own. Because the strength of calling the spirit master in the same rank will be far inferior to that of the spirit master in the same rank, Wu Ling Dharma Body is equivalent to training people into the spirit.
But the other party is different, and the other party directly turns the spirit into itself, so it loses a fighting power, but the corresponding potential of the spirit is no longer a problem. It is equivalent to breaking the bottleneck directly by practicing, which is a great advantage in practicing.
It is precisely for this reason that Wang Aocai was able to digest a large amount of grain so quickly that he made a breakthrough from one to three.
If Xiao Fan had been given the corresponding resources in this period of time under the same conditions, he would not have entered the country so soon because he would have been stuck in the bottleneck or limited by the potential of the spirit.
This is the difference between the two secret methods, one is to enhance combat power and the other is to enhance growth.
It seems that Qin Mu Ye’s two secret methods at the same time make Wang Ao’s secret method have fused the spirit, which is a part of him.
Naturally, it’s impossible for "Wu Ling Dharma Body" to share its own strength. Wouldn’t it be a natural enemy if it could succeed in making dolls?
Sharing one’s strength to the body first and then sharing one’s strength to the body is not to repeatedly set up dolls to improve their strength?
Although this thing is magical, it also pays attention to the conservation of energy. This extra strength is not gained by birth, but by drawing on the spirit, which means it can take effect once.
And since the other party has integrated the spirit, it must be that the law has taken effect.
"Then find a way to realize the accumulated points of my chance and double them again." Qin Mu Ye pondered such as deepening cause and effect
Gift-giving is the lowest level, a way to deepen cause and effect. What is a positive supporting role to give gifts to each other?
It’s not difficult not to let him lick himself.
Although there is a temporary skill bonus of positive supporting role, it takes a certain plan to let the new protagonist take the initiative to lick himself and deepen the cause and effect.
Of course, these are not the key points. The key point is how to make the new protagonist bear the aura of the protagonist and be more than 4 thousand lucky and not die.
Otherwise, if you can’t bear to die, then Qin Mu Ye’s follow-up can’t continue to BUG, and you have to wait until the new protagonist appears
But the problem is that after the new protagonist appears randomly, Qin Mu Ye doesn’t know what to look for.
"Take your time, take your time."
Qin Mu Ye knew that he couldn’t be too hasty, otherwise he might steal the chicken and costly.
He is still quite afraid of the power of the protagonist’s aura. Although it does not pose any threat to him, it can also make him sick.
So … He wants it, too!
He has good luck. If you add the halo data of the other protagonist, you can definitely reproduce something similar.
It’s just a little difficult
"If you can’t do it, double it. Grasp it and be an experiment." Qin Mu Ye felt that since the other party couldn’t survive, it wouldn’t be enough to treat the protagonist as a one-time consumption.
Anyway, the world is not bad, and the protagonist can appear again after he dies. It is better to leave him as an experiment.
Soon a new experimental project came out, which combined the protagonist’s aura and the consumption of good luck and clergy.
The first step is to make a device that can accurately locate the protagonist’s aura so that he can find the protagonist quickly instead of waiting for him.
In this way, it can be realized for the first time and accumulated, and finally the lucky and disgraceful protagonist can be taken away as consumables.
A perfect closed loop was born.
The hardest part of the whole project should be the deepening of cause and effect. It’s not so difficult …
After all, they are all in the same body, and there should be no big problem.
Qin Mu Ye was thinking about it. Sudden shock seems to have something coming out.
"Tsutenkaku? Actually, before arrival, "Qin Mu Ye looked at Wang Ao without trace. This must be the reason for the protagonist’s aura because Wang Ao had a good rest and could enter the plot.
All eyes were drawn to the past, one by one, ready to enter the Tsutenkaku.
Chapter 52 True Chaos Ghost Tactics!
Tsutenkaku as a whole is really very luxurious, giving people the first impression that it is mysterious and cold. Qin and Mu Ye know that this thing is just a facade. Actually, this thing is a large-scale mechanical equipment, but the skin is better.