The transpirator also fought back. The tactics described in the data are very similar to … Qian Lin met.

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They can decompose flying objects approaching them, whether they are explosive bombs or raw rock bodies, and their fighting waves reach some bases of the Ershi people, which makes the Ershi people have to build rocks together to fight against transpiration.
And when new rivals appeared … Ershimin also found some new allies.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and ninety-six Transpiration
Transpirator seems to be … the most difficult opponent ever.
Although the transpiration tactic is simple, it is evaporation.
Evaporating everything, flying missiles, huge warships and all … they want to evaporate things.
From this data, it seems that the transpirator is … very powerful because Lin saw this description …
Even light can make the distortion disperse and finally disappear’
The general transpirator’s engagement is not as easy as Lin heard before, and the raw rocks of Ershi troops have been destroyed a lot in this battle
Although several transpirators were successfully killed, they were not completely destroyed because the transpirators were not interested in vines.
They didn’t take the initiative to attack vines, but they just broke down rocks everywhere, but sometimes they broke down to Ershi people to build some rock bases.
In any case, there are so powerful species here that the people of Kirsh feel a serious threat, and they are constantly thinking about what tactics to deal with transpiration.
At this time, some people in Ershi once again thought of … solidified organisms, and they thought of developing new weapons by using solidified organisms again.
The original projects that were stopped were weapons research. They thought that if these weapons were made, they should be able to deal with transpiration.
But they are worried about what will happen to the solidified organisms.
When Ershimin hesitated, the transpirators suddenly took the initiative to attack. They attacked a branch of the bus vine. They destroyed the noodle base and broke the vine into several sections.
For the sudden attack of the transpiration, although the people reacted and fought back, the loss was still avoided. Finally, after the transpiration left, they could see a scene of destruction.
However, when they mobilized the fleet to detect the wreckage of the vine branch base, they noticed a strange thing.
There are many … small creatures in the broken section of the vine.
These creatures have never been seen before. According to later research, they are cell creatures. They are like … climbing out of vines.
At first, these creatures were called’ Zank bugs’ because they looked like bugs. At first, the people of Ershi didn’t regard them as intelligent creatures.
They found that Zanzibar appeared to repair the broken vines, and they could secrete a substance to make the broken vines continue to grow and connect again.
And when Ershimin came to investigate, they would actively communicate with Ershimin, which confirmed these … biological intelligence.
Zanke worms said that they used to live in the vines, and the people of Ershi have never found that the vines are seriously threatened, and they intend to confront this threat.
This is a little different from what Lin has read before …
Thanks to their efforts, the vines were quickly repaired, but the robot Ershi people did not dare to set up a base here … for fear that the transpirators would attack again.
However, the Zanke worm said that it can strengthen the strength of the people. The people are surprised by these creatures because they seem to be very original but seem to know a lot.
Zanke worms say that they have watched Ershi people develop from a very early age and know them well.
What happened before, the vines were not threatened, and they were not going to show up.
But now it’s different. They will help the people of Ershi to resist this threat, so the Zanke worm took the people of Ershi to … some places.
These places are the trunk of vines.