"This is the white skeleton dragon, our ancient enemy! They once posed a serious threat to us when our ancestors were far away from the mainland, but the great king led us to defeat them! " General Ebril said and clapped his hands. Suddenly, the statue exploded into dust.
"Ga! This is our initial glory! " "Our king is the greatest!" "The king!" "Selling dragon species guarantees that tree houses can be planted!"
The Emerald Dragon was boiling, while General Ebril smiled with satisfaction. Then it continued to walk towards other statues.
Here, the Jade Dragon is very excited. In addition to the blood fog, it has been looking at the sky except the square.
"It seems that … something is close."
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-six Festival
"Followed by … skeleton dragon they are our old enemies, our ancestors, they have fought many times, but now we have peaceful coexistence! After that, we will move forward towards perfect unity! "
A huge white cloth is pulled to show that in the center of the square is a statue of two dragon lords, who are doing each other to represent a peaceful gesture.
"Ga! Peace is the highest! " "Unity is the best!" "They let me pick a lot of crystals! I like dragons best! " "But I can’t grow anything if they are sold every time. I don’t know if they cheat dragons …" "What? I planted it! "
After another cheer, General Ebril walked up to a statue, then jerked the white cloth of the statue, and suddenly a huge spiral object appeared.
"This is that we have defeated a powerful species again. It is called …" General Ebril said and suddenly stopped …… It turned to look at the spiral statue and then called to the back of the statue "Come here."
"Ga? Coming! " Behind the statue, a dragon wearing construction tools ran out. It said to the general, "Did you call me, general?"
"This statue is how to return a responsibility? Why don’t I know? " General Ebril said, "Are you mistaken about the statue?"
"No, no, no, no, no, how can such a big statue be mistaken …" The dragon hurriedly said, "Besides, we didn’t make this statue, but we were responsible for handling it. This statue is called … well, that …" After a while, it took out a square stone piece from its purse and said, "Ga! This is called a spiral creature. "
"… well, I also thought of telling me my name before the total time. Don’t make this mistake again." General Ebril glared at the dragon and continued to walk to the group of emerald dragons opposite the edge of the high platform. "This is a spiral creature! It has a horrible and weird power to command a large group of Ankylosaurus to fight against strange machinery. In that battle, we got the guidance of the first generation of the master of blood fog and won! "
General Ebril clapped his hands with that and suddenly a spiral biological statue exploded into pieces.
"Ga oh oh oh oh!" "I love master blood fog!" "It is all the dragon heroes!"
"Then connect to this creature! Please cover your eyes with the young jade dragon because it is more … scary! " General Ebril jerked the white cloth and a six-legged creature statue suddenly appeared.
"This is a kind of creature called … virtual people! It is said that they come from far away and think that we are a very low race and want to destroy us! " General Ebril said, "but they can also run away because they have provoked the most horrible swarm in the world!" And we also commemorate their outstanding achievements in the battle! "
"Ga! Too ugly! " "Are all creatures in virtual space so ugly?" "I have seen this creature!" "Yes, I saw it at the pier for the second time and talked to me. I almost threw up when I saw it approaching."
"Quiet is going to explode now." General Ebril clapped his hands, just like the second time. The statue also collapsed, but there was a small statue that was completely damaged after the debris of the statue flew away.
General Ebril said, "There is an imaginary people who are close to us. It has become our friend. It is said that in the recent war, it helped our great ancestor Wang win. You can see it occasionally in the city, so we also set up a statue of it to commemorate its friendship with us."
This figurine is also like a virtual citizen, but its body is like its face, like an emerald dragon, and it is almost no different from the emerald dragon.
"This one looks much better." "Right, right, right." "No, it’s not that beautiful when I see it." "Anyway, the memorial statue should be more beautiful."
"Then it’s our latest war. In this war, the great ancestor Wang led us to the extreme and defeated a wonderful monster! This kind of monster is called brain spirit. They control a group of people who are longer than the virtual people … That creature named Atlan is fighting! "
With that, General Ebril was ready to pull the last statue of white cloth …
And the white cloth has not been pulled, and the whole statue is blown up, and the dust falls to the ground.
"Ga?" General Ebril immediately shouted, "Responsible for the explosion. What’s going on? How can I blow up before I clap my hands? "