This led to the dissatisfaction of Biebai skeleton dragon with it, but Lin really didn’t expect that they would actually kill Wang.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊品茶上课论坛 This led to the dissatisfaction of Biebai skeleton dragon with it, but Lin really didn’t expect that they would actually kill Wang.

However, it is also possible that the white skeleton dragon did this kind of thing … but it is also possible for these selfish species to do it. Although it is possible for ordinary creatures to kill their leaders, biological challenge leaders are never so sneaky and so’ despicable’. What’s this called?
By the way, it seems to be called’ assassin’
"Ga ….." The mountain king is now on the ground, and his abdomen is still bleeding. Before that, the two white skeleton dragons’ assassins’ didn’t hit the point, so the king didn’t die immediately, but he was in serious danger. Some of these white skeleton dragon guards seem to know how to treat it. One white skeleton dragon quickly blocked the wound of the mountain king with a plant leaf and painted it with some strange liquid.
"Let’s hurry up!" In the dark clouds, a group of guards carried the mountain king back to the castle. At this time, the king was unconscious. After entering the castle, he was quickly transported to a special treatment room.
There are many people here who are good at treating white skeleton dragons. They all gather here, but they seem to be able to do something about this kind of wound.
As they usually like to use tools, they also like to use all kinds of things when treating, but Lin found that most of the treatment methods of the white skeleton dragon are aimed at some diseases. They are based on making plants treat them, and they also know how to apply something to the wound to prevent bacteria from invading.
Although they don’t know there are bacteria, they know that applying some plant juice can prevent the wound from changing seriously, which is probably the result of many experiments.
However, they don’t seem to know how to block up the blood in the face of a large area of wounds, and then they can watch Wang Manman recover or die
Lin also checked a little and found that Wang had some dirty injuries, although it was not a temporary death, it was only a matter of time.
Unless … Lynn helps it.
When the white skeleton dragon healers were nervously surrounding Wang, the door of this room was pushed and a special white skeleton dragon entered here.
….. Crystal crazy indeed as expected is it?
"You are …" White skeleton dragons around see crystal craziness, which makes crystal craziness in the castle have a very high status. After all, it is a "creator" and "brave" landing.
"Wang, what the hell is going on?" Crystal crazy came and looked at the king lying on the ground. "Who did this to it!"
And he made a sad expression … as if he was very worried about Wang.
This is not too obvious … Lin feels that Crystal Crazy can’t handle it well here. If it doesn’t come over, it will look real. Although it is said that the king was attacked soon, it’s not so fast. Besides, Crystal Crazy’s room can’t go in and it won’t come out all day at ordinary times.
But now it has a feeling of being exposed as soon as it receives the news so quickly. Although Lin thought of it long ago, it can be more confirmed when it comes here like this.
I see. This is the so-called conspiracy of Crystal Crazy. Let the mountain king go out and stab him when he comes back.
Or let the mountain king die, and the result on land is almost the same, so that the surrounding white skeleton dragons will probably accept it as the new king.
Moreover, Qianlin heard those white skeleton dragons in the street discussing what was "not accepted by the creator". It is estimated that it was also crazy. It may know that Wang could not go to land. At this time, residents of other white skeleton dragons will think that it was not accepted by the creator.
But don’t white skeleton dragon seems to have no doubt. Maybe it’s because they haven’t experienced such a thing? A white skeleton dragon guard said to Jing Kuang, "I don’t know … two dragons suddenly ran out and stabbed the king …"
"I see."
Crystal crazy suddenly got up and said, "I have long guessed this thing, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I know where the two attacks on Wang Bai skeleton dragon came from."
"What?" The surrounding white skeleton dragon suddenly exclaimed, "Who is the assassination king?"
"They are Neptune dragons over there." After Crystal uttered this sentence, the surrounding white skeleton dragons suddenly became noisy.
….. Is it going to be hostile to Neptune so soon? Lin feels that this crystal madness is not well hidden, but there is really no white skeleton dragon around to suspect it?
At this time, another white skeleton dragon walked into the room. This white skeleton dragon is the’ prophet’ that Lin had seen before, that is, the old white skeleton dragon. It pointed at the crystal and shouted, "The attack king is not Neptune! But … "
"Don’t listen to it!" Crystal crazy suddenly roared and interrupted the prophet’s words, "This prophet …" Crystal crazy hesitated at this, and then it said again, "It has violated its own rules, and it is no longer a prophet!"
Lin also noticed that the old white skeleton dragon said that his voice was strange, which was caused by his loud roar. But is the prophet rule known to all dragons?
"arrest the prophet who violates the rules!" Crystal crazy shout a few guards hesitated to go, but they haven’t met the prophet when there is a white skeleton dragon rushed in and cried, "the king out of the situation! A lot of huge wooden water was found on the coast! "
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Enemy at sea
"Huge wood?"
It seems that the White Skeleton Dragon who has just returned the wood is particularly sensitive to the word’ wood’. All the White Skeleton Dragons are attracted, and even the Crystal Crazy cries, "You! Hurry up and have a look! Never let it get close to the island! "
"and those who broke the rules first!"
"Yes!" Several guards dragged the prophet away, and the white skeleton dragons, including the healers, ran out. Now there are only Crystal Crazy and Wang and … spy here.
Lin found out that Jing Kuang has regarded himself as a king now, but it seems to have a higher status, and the white skeleton dragon will listen to it.
"I didn’t expect to die yet …" Jing Kuang took out a ball from her carry-on bag near the lying king, and Lin remembered that it seemed to be a poisonous species.
Crystal crazy hand broke the king’s mouth and then prepared to put this species into the king’s mouth.
"Ga!" Crystal crazy suddenly screamed-it found that its hand was caught by another hand!
"Who are you …? How do you hide here? " Crystal crazy at this time also see spy figure slowly appeared in front of it …
"You’re funny, crazy," said the spy. "I’ve been meaning to ask you why?"
"Ga!" Crystal crazy didn’t answer, but vigorously broke free from the spy hand and retreated to one side. As he was preparing to shout at the outside, the spy rushed forward faster and covered his crystal crazy mouth.
"Your life may end at any time" spy words are emotionless, so that it is difficult for Jing Kuang to judge spy emotions.
"…" Crystal crazy has just seen the spy speed. It seems to know that it wants to call for help, so it says, "What do you want? Want a shell? I can give you many shells. "
"No, why can you be so selfish?" The spy said, "in order to make the resource belong to yourself and kill almost all the same kind, but even if this is not enough, you still want to kill the king and get its position. What?"
"What?" Crystal crazy leng leng to Lin question and then it said, "how can you ask such a stupid question?" Every dragon in this world strives to get more shells, and every white skeleton dragon strives for its own position! But I am braver and wiser than them! I am one step away from getting rid of this king and getting the throne! "
"You must be Kurdonasaurus. No matter what reward it gives you, I can double it. Your skills and hiding skills are very good. We can get along and we will get the whole city!"
I see … Crystal crazy feel very strange about this problem? That is to say, Jing is crazy about’ selfishness’ as a matter of course, and it is not confused about it and will not think about what consequences it will bring.
Generally speaking, when social creatures like them kill their own kind, they will have a feeling of "guilt" and "remorse", which will make them afraid of what they are doing …
And crystal crazy obviously won’t be like this, either it kills too much or it is born with a problem.