"trap!" Wu Xin Typing "We must first discuss what more than 20 ships have entered here, but there is no news about the forum on the Island of the Dead, which means that they did not succeed at all, and they finally died because they chose a certain waterway. Secondly, it is seawater and fresh water. Our position is already relatively light seawater, which can also be said that this is where the Yellow River enters the sea."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, the right eye is the Yellow River, and they meet the sea here. Their water does not come from the waterway, but from the bottom of our boat. This also tells us why the yellow spring in the right eye is not connected to the sea." Wu Xin deeply feels that this analysis is still very reliable. NPC has deliberately lied that he lied about his identity. Besides, the East is not credible and left two credible waterways. So there is still a 5% failure. It is possible to end the clue. Gambling is not a unified idea. There is still a question about where the yellow river flows from the right eye but does not enter the sea.
After Bai Wen’s analysis, although I dare not be 1% sure, the yellow spring water has been seven points reliable. In addition, Bai Wen believes that twenty ship players have choices about Sanshui Road, but there is no result, so it is reliable
Carmen marveled at Wu Xin’s diving in the city, and it was not low for nearly three minutes. After Wu Xin returned to the ship, he typed, "I lost the first clue. The obelisk is not well lit in the daytime. The water is even darker. Only when the sun rises and shines on the wall vent can the light penetrate into the water, can we find the treasure. According to the direction of the vent, it is estimated that when the sun rises in two hours, it is the time to salvage the treasure." This place is another trap. People in China are aware that it is sunset in the daytime. After all, it is a bad habit to drink in the
How to spend two hours? Chat has been rejected. The line has been rejected by Carmen. This is not a line. She is alone. She is afraid that no one will say that English women can’t be afraid of ghosts. Because there is a chess room, poker and other things are not sold.
Rubber band skipping and house playing allow you to play by boat, but no one talks about it. Finally, Carmen came up with a bad idea: "Shall we each tell the most unforgettable story?"
Wu Xin immediately got a headache and took out the fishing rod "I fish". Although there is no unified fishing boat, it tests the fragility of people’s lives, but Wu Xinning can work hard and doesn’t like to play girls. Besides, he has notes and brains and can play a little solo games when he is finished in China.
Carmen compromised. Dova and two women gathered around a notebook and chatted, saying that they felt more interesting. Wuxin Oceania mobile phone card. Oceania. com first found a Chinese game community, or said that there were people in China. After registering an account, they chatted with Chinese people. Everyone praised Wuxin’s Chinese and typed Chinese more neatly. At the same time, they criticized Wuxin for being heartless and heartless at all. Wuxin United some shipping professions, such as no workers, doctors and craftsmen. In the game, if there is a job vacancy, the telephone numbers will be connected with each other. This is the standard wild team efficiency group method. If you go out to train and have fewer occupations, your friend channel will shout "brush one vacancy" and fully say the famous saying of many friends and many roads.
Chatting, sneaking around eating, peeing, and then facing Carmen, condemning Wu Xin for saying that he peed because he was thirsty. Carmen smiled and waved, and everyone took their positions and waited for the sun to come.
While waiting, several rays of sunlight shone into the water through several exhaust holes to form a key pattern. If there is any doubt, Dowa also knows that this is a treasure signal. Wu Xin is even more responsive. It is said that if the treasure is heavy, if there is not enough time, you can get the rope, but a bell is hung on the other end, which is quite awkward for Wu Xin, who often plays with sea poles.
I found that the sea water was not deep in the sun. Wu Xin saw that the bottom of the sea kept pouring out, and the bottom became more and more intense. Wu Xin even saw a dark bottomless cave with a medium-sized black hole. Three notebooks and boxes were lying quietly on the bottom of the sea. Three bags were surrounded by black holes. Wu Xin believed that he had a chance to choose because he was stingy with supercomputers. Assuming that there were thousands of people around the island of the Dead, it was possible for him to take three supercomputers.
Sure enough, as Wu Xin thought, when Wu Xin sank and rushed to the nearest box, the sun was weak, and the three boxes flashed like a fluorescent lamp. Wu Xin grabbed a box with his left hand and sent out a flying claw with his right hand at the same time. When the water surged, he was quickly impacted, but Wu Xin was ready to throw his own force at the left box and grab it for a second with the help of the water surge. Suddenly, the dark sunshine disappeared at the bottom, and Wu Xin felt that his body was being dragged and counted for only one and a half minutes.
Two or one? Wu Xin helped the deck guardrail to jump into the boat, then put the box deck in his hand and pulled out the flying claw to be a frequent fisherman. Wu Xin deeply felt that the flying claw surface had some strength. This time, the flying claw was not tied or tied, but’ broken’ practice. It was to pierce the waterfall and kill the waterfall tree, but could the flying claw penetrate the box and firmly grasp it?
Two women came to celebrate, but when they saw Wu Xin’s sombre face, they went to the deck to watch Wu Xin’s tug-of-war together, only to see Wu Xin’s hands together. After praying to the Buddha first, they pulled hard and then looked at the flying claw and actually hung a glittering dress. Three people were overjoyed by Wu Xin’s typing, "The undead suit component is specially green and equipped with high-end base to defend against 1% damage and transform life."
Great! Two women slapped each other.
"The damage degree is more than 2%, and the damaged state cannot be equipped." Wu Xin wanted to cry and fly his claws. The water surge force was much more malicious than he thought. He not only wore the box, but also the back cover of the box, and he pulled back a piece of junk.
Carmen really wanted to slap Wu Xin, but she didn’t tease herself so much. Dowa gave Wu Xin a powder fist and then bared her teeth to express her dissatisfaction with Carmen’s two brain bows. Typing "At least we have a box", the Chinese-Russian friendly messenger Carmen is very hard.
Unregistered treasures are unrecoverable parcels. There are two kinds of treasures, one is a numbered gold medal, and the other is wearable equipment, such as a hunting island ring. Although it has no attribute bonus, it can be equipped. Of course, unregistered treasures or equipment have a 1% chance of falling after death.
Wu Xin took a deep breath and boxed …
At the center is a small gold medal with a treasure number of seventy-three. Besides the gold medal, there are a pair of finger gloves and a belt. Wu Xinle is both a glove and a belt. Is it necessary to engage in a boxing championship? Things are right in front of the three people. The belt is high-grade gold equipment, and the running speed is increased by 1%. Although it has this additional attribute, everyone in the world knows that this belt is precious. When everyone runs for 100 meters, it is 9.7 seconds. Now you are the fastest runner in the world. In the game, the speed equipment is very scarce, and often you can’t get a cockroach with a fear number. One person has a pair of shoes that accelerate by 5%.
Gloves are special green equipment. There is no difference between the color of the special green and the color of the green font. For example, the stone cutter’s wrist guard is the most well-known person in China. It is also rare that a special green can be violently attacked directly without adventure monsters. The access channel is Fuzhou Moon Bay, where the name is prefixed with the word calm. Pirates such as calm pirate boatswain have wrist attributes such as defense and life limit of 1%. 1% damage is converted into life, that is, if someone cuts one thousand blood, you will recover one hundred blood. Although this equipment is a 15-level equipment-based defense attribute, it is
This glove base has a high attack power. After all, it belongs to high-modern production. However, if you look at the special green, you generally don’t look at whether the base attribute is rubbish or not. It depends on the attached attribute. Wu Xin narrowed his eyes so that he can read and introduce it line by line. This posture cannot be made by people who have been gambling for half a year.
First, it’s not bad to increase the lethality of the main weapon by 1%
The second one is to reduce the skill cooldown by 3%. This one is more practical. The cooldown of Wu Xin’s professional skill combination boxing is 2 seconds, and the base cooling is nearly one second. After being equipped, Wu Xin’s combination boxing is 14 seconds at a time. Although it is not flexible, the attack power is quite good. When fighting in groups, violent gunners specialize in sharp weapons, and real gunners also have this bright spot. Not everyone has a strong combination attack for one and a half seconds.
Good, good! Wu Xin is very satisfied. He believes that the gloves should be distributed according to the interests. Even if there is no accident, the belt belongs to Dova. Carmen has already obtained a good mini-gold suit with attack and defense. Of course, it depends on everyone’s tacit understanding and cultivation. There is no doubt that the special green suit is the most dazzling special green three-piece suit, which can compete with the three pieces of hidden gold. Of course, this undead suit is not generally difficult to brush. If everyone has to shout, especially green Wu Xin also claims that he has always pursued low equipment and rarely pondered it.
However, they are all gentle people or cultured people. The system is to divide all the benefits equally. Carmen is the captain, and then he gives up throwing points on these two pieces of equipment. He gives up throwing points on his belt and throws points on his gloves. If Dowa is going to the city for justice and martial faith, he can choose to kill Dowa. Carmen may exile the crew … Dowa has also seen people who are amazed at this extraordinary green and has no greed to give up his gloves. You are welcome to take the belt.
In the past day, each of the three men has gained a higher level of equipment. Of course, it is necessary to normalize the city and dock to complete the treasure transportation.
There is some truth in this sentence. When Dream turned around and went home and went out to sea, three second-class combat ships were waiting for them. Dawa was stunned for a long time and communicated with the other two crew members. "One is the Red-haired Queen, a pirate ship, and the other two are my enemies of the Polar Bear Association."
Wu Xin wondered, "How do they know about our treasure?"
"… I told a friend of the guild." Dowa’s sad expression didn’t pretend that she didn’t know whether she was sad that she was betrayed by a man who still had a glimmer of hope or that she had brought trouble to her companion.
"…" The ship’s horn shouted in Russian, and the crew of the Red-haired Queen shouted, and a ship’s horn rushed over next to it. A woman spoke Russian, and Wu Xin was able to listen to her anger, which was somewhat ironic. Of course, this is very unreliable. Wu Xin and dialect speakers always feel that they are talking about themselves when sitting together.
However, it is certain that the captain of this pirate ship is so arrogant that he has to meet the ship! Wu Xin sighed and rushed the enemy ship with a preemptive strike, threw it into the sea while others were stupid, poked the boatswain’s body with a finger, and converted it into a deadly hole. Wu Xin killed the boatswain before the Russian pirates beat him.
Strong fighting capacity has caused the ship’s women to have ears … Wu Xin thinks so. It must be said that Dowa, a fox, has found a man to raise and say that he can despise the Lord by the way, and then slander China people. Since he can’t understand how vicious Wu Xin is, how to think’ mocking’ skills quickly fills up the hatred value of that dead woman.
Overwhelmed by the deck battle, two ships trying to watch the excitement caught fire in a hurry. They surrounded the dock, two ships, the lookout and the boatswain, and so on. They all had the means of long-range attack to kill the members of the Dream. They all saw the tragedy of the Dream, that is, life could be less and less without doctors.
Suddenly, Dova shouted a horn, and the Russian attack stopped. Dova hugged Carmen and then hugged Wu Xin happily. Dova seemed to want to say something, but she didn’t know how to say it. After thinking for a long time, she didn’t take notes. The typing expression was very tragic.
In the end, it was Wu Xin who typed "reinforcements arrived!"
"Proud of the battle to avoid idle boats!" Ten warships braved the wind and waves, and the first one was very arrogant and shouted, "Fuck off, or your mother won’t even know you."
"dizzy!" It turned out to be a proud war dance. The dispute between the proud war dance and the proud war Lianyun finally came to an end before the event. The proud war dance was very high-minded. Finally, it was admitted that it was not as good as the proud war Lianyun, and it was very polite. Because of the problem of line time, it was determined that the two sides would be formally harmonious and harmonious
"The shepherd didn’t expect me to lead the team, did he?" Proud to dance three nautical miles away, he shouted, "Haha, I didn’t expect you to be in trouble one day."
"You MB!" Wu Xin is cultivated, but he still can’t help it. Although he knew that the proud war dance was very arrogant, he didn’t expect to save himself.
"Did you hear that? Come and save him. He’s the same bitch! " Proud of the war dance shouted "just pay the money"
Wu Xin sighed, "No matter what you say, I owe you this favor."
"It’s ungrateful to be unkind but afraid of the number is our long-term guest but to help each other."
Carmen was very angry when she saw Wu Xin. Type carefully "Is it reinforcements?"
"Yes!" Wu Xin added, "I didn’t expect such a disgusting person to lead the team."
Carmen asked, "You knew someone was bothering us?"
"No, I asked for an escort after I found the treasure." Wu Xin knew what Carmen wanted to ask and explained in one breath. "I apologize to you every time. The enemy doctor contacted me and said that he could help me to escort the treasure once. I contacted him after I got the treasure."
Carmen nodded. "Oh! It turns out that there are such men in the enemy’s number, and I have a very bad attitude towards him. "I typed the Russian brain and translated it for Dowa to read."
Before the battle here is official, everyone already knows the ending. Even if the Dream is killed, the Russian ship can’t escape from the clutches of the China ship. The equipment and treasures are still proud of China’s sailors, and the president will definitely not take the last treasure or the Dream.
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Philosophy
Two Russian ships are actually doomed to have no need to take two ships, so they said a few words about the Russian scene and left the sea area. Ten ships shouted a few words, all of which were mixed with the proud war and dance. It was very eye-catching for people to go to the realm of wolves and thousands of miles. The dream was despondent and at least it felt very despondent to follow the proud warships.
My captain said thank you.
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