A simple exchange of information covered the sun and the shadows gathered together and marched into the northern mainland

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Because the spiral creatures have been defeated, the Inca swarms stopped their activities long ago and gathered in the islands around the east continent. Although the war is over, they are still dissatisfied.
Because they didn’t do anything in the former war, they didn’t hit the spiral biological force, but they intercepted some structures. There was no place for the huge force to display.
It’s as if the enemy fell down first when he finally prepared a huge force but didn’t contribute.
But now the Inca swarm has a new rival, invaders from far away, and the swarm’s hometown’ is raging in the northern continent. There is nothing more suitable for the target …
When the swarm flocked to the northern continent, the western mainland troops had already landed.
Three virtual civilian aircraft, including the original detection ship, have landed in the center of the former battlefield, and their target is obviously the spiral biological crystallization ship
But the west continent has another resource location, which is the rift valley around the continent.
According to the huge amount of resources in the rift valley, they plan to dig the ship before going to other places for excavation.
But I’m afraid they can’t do that anymore.
They will face Lin forces directly.
Because of the former war, many troops gathered in the west continent, and now they will deal with these creatures in the future.
Although it can be infiltrated, it is also interesting to fight face to face directly.
And they seem to be completely ignorant now, but the battle is not so fast, and Lin is going to do something else.
Because the most important thing is not the troops here, but the virtual civilian base in the virtual middle.
Although it is far away, it may attack here at any time, so we should be prepared to deal with them. Just "infiltrate" them there …
Some islands in the sea have set up some virtual arms to get rid of all the targets.
But Lin’s ultimate goal is not to destroy them, but to drive them back
It’s almost enough to defeat most of their troops and make them have the idea of running away, and then they can follow their troops back to their’ homes’ to have a look
It must be a very interesting world.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Protozoan higher organisms
Northern mainland
The sound of digging echoed continuously.
If you come to the edge of the jungle, you can see one hemispherical building after another. Each building has a track connected with each other. Cars, tracks and buildings transport and sort out all kinds of minerals and collected materials back and forth.
The jungle was once densely covered with vegetation, which seemed to have burned a huge gap, and a large number of mechanically blackened ground kept digging.
But virtual people’s attention is not entirely here. Actually, they pay more attention to things in the distance.
"It’s hard to imagine that this creature with limbs can develop such a text."
Here at the edge of the canyon, there are five imaginary people in front of a rectangular aircraft, while the canyon is busy. The hot sun in the Emerald Dragon City illuminates the noisy street. Every Emerald Dragon is trying to earn more crystals and doesn’t notice that there are so many strange creatures watching and discussing them in the canyon.
"How long do you think it should have evolved here?"
"There should be hundreds of thousands of years, which are similar to ours. They have developed to a medium stage. If something stimulates them, they will soon enter the heat source era. These creatures seem to have strong learning ability and have an almost complete society. They are not the same size as us and cannot use our weapons."
"So I’m in favor of cleaning them. What’s the obstacle?"
"Some of these issues have been discussed, mainly because they are still considered to be cruel, and there are several reasons why they are opposed."
"Is there any cruelty? Anyway, there will always be conflicts here after colonization. It is better to kill them all now."
"Yes, the environment here is really good … the creatures here are also quite rich, and there is such a spectacular scene. It will definitely not be possible for hundreds of millions of years. This is definitely a huge treasure for the cue ball that is about to explode. I think the noodles should not give priority to the exploitation of resources, but should first make good preparations for colonization."
"Yeah, when can’t mine …"
"What is ga?"
When these imaginary people were discussing the heat, they suddenly found ten green figures in front of them. These jade dragons were wearing armor. They came to investigate the guards when they saw something strange stopping at the edge of the cliff.
"ah! The scale monster is coming! " An imaginary citizen raised his weapon at once, but one of his companions raised his hand to stop it.
"Don’t be nervous. Look at the weapons in their hands." The virtual citizen pointed to the crossbow in the jade dragon’s hand. "Do you think it is necessary to be afraid of that original thing?"
Virtual people around him laughed, but the former one was still a little uneasy. "What should they do if they call their companions?" Look at the number of hundreds of thousands at the bottom of the canyon. "
"Then let’s just fly away. What are you nervous about this primitive creature of limbs?" A virtual citizen stepped forward and several jade dragons immediately raised their crossbows and became nervous.
However, the virtual people still took a few steps forward without any intention. "And they may worship us as gods after seeing our firepower."
Said it weapons aimed at ten jade dragon feet shot two.
"Ga!" The metal warhead instantly punched two holes, and the jade dragons were scared and retreated a few steps in a row.
"Ha-ha, look at their panic." Xu Min once again shot a few weapons at the feet of these jade dragons, but this time the jade dragons didn’t retreat but the crossbow aimed at it …
"What, are you going to fight back with that rusty thing?" Looking at the Jade Dragon Arrow, Xu Min opened his arms and said, "Ha, I just want some buttons …"
Bang!’ Seemingly thin metal arrows shot out instantly and accurately penetrated the virtual people’s chest together with armor.
"Ah …" If this virtual citizen didn’t wear a helmet, he could see that he fell to the ground holding his chest with that incredible expression.
Because the spiral war has just ended, these jade dragons have not returned their weapons. They are now equipped with’ dream weapons’.
"ah!" It took two seconds for the imaginary people to react. An imaginary people hurriedly rushed to shoot the jade dragons for several times and at the same time helped the arrow companions up.
"Quack!" The Jade Dragons immediately dispersed several Jade Dragons, raised their crossbows and shot at the imaginary people, while others picked up the Horned Dragons and struggled to blow them up.
Hum-the horn sounded from the canyon, and the jade dragons immediately fled into their houses, while a large number of deputy armed guards ran along the road to the canyon.
And the canyon has been shrouded by the shooting of crossbows and metal bullets. Several imaginary people kept shooting. Several emerald dragons were beaten through armor and fell to the ground, and one of the imaginary people was shot by an arrow. They dragged their injured companions into the aircraft …
The virtual people’s aircraft roared and slowly rose from the ground with surging energy, while the Jade Dragon kept shooting at them. A large number of arrows nailed the aircraft disk, but they did not hit the key parts, and they successfully rose to a high level.
"Hurry up! You must send a request to bomb the whole canyon! " The virtual pilot’s companion was nervous and asked to turn the aircraft and put the energy to the maximum planned speed at the same time …
But before that, it saw a large shadow in the distant canyon and something with a bright red light flew this way …