First of all, special warfare must be the general direction and the keynote. In this situation, although a large-scale ground war is certainly winnable, it is also easy for Charles to make the last resort beheading, which is the most likely and safest way.

上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊桑拿品茶嫩茶wx First of all, special warfare must be the general direction and the keynote. In this situation, although a large-scale ground war is certainly winnable, it is also easy for Charles to make the last resort beheading, which is the most likely and safest way.

It’s not that decapitation is easy. This situation accidentally alerted Charles or made Charles feel that it was the last moment, so the consequences were unimaginable. For the time being, no one knows exactly how Charles controlled those fuel air explosive, but it was nothing more than his own confidant control or remote detonation.
Who will carry it out? This problem has been put before the military again. The intelligence department promised to do its best to investigate. What if all the information is clear but something goes wrong in the implementation? Moreover, in this situation, there are still a few practitioners who can’t support the practitioners.
Shortly after the ground war, the military got information. Charles still had the support of a group of practitioners. Although I don’t know why they dared to ignore the warning of cold killing, these people did have their support. If they want to start work, they must consider the strength of practitioners
Gao He almost immediately entered the high-level sight of the military. The military trained people from scratch to be loyal and reliable, 10,000 times more reliable than those who recruited practitioners from outside, and the strength was outstanding. The roots of the idle practitioners were not opponents. There was a deep-rooted hatred for Charles, and there would never be any thoughts or thoughts of deliberately letting Charles go.
The only thing that needs to be considered is that there is another important key factor of new materials when the crane appears. Without the crane, it is impossible to realize the process of people entering and leaving the wormhole. Although the materials that need to be modified are deliberately programmed through the crane battleship and the rescue capsule, the mass production of new materials can be achieved if there are enough materials to be modified, but the human experiment is still a problem.
Do you want Gao He to leave this project and turn to the military? Just for the military, this problem is a good choice. Charles threatened to force the eyebrow wormhole experiment, but he didn’t know when new results would appear. He quickly decided to insist that Gaohe temporarily leave the top secret project team and enter this one.
When I got the news, Gao He walked out of his dormitory and got the briefing. My heart really jumped a few times and then quickly understood the situation.
The intelligence department has confirmed that some suspicious things have been found in some residential areas, which are suspected to be fuel air explosive in Charles’ mouth, but the intelligence personnel didn’t dare to do it. It seems that those things are quite complicated and can be lifted for a while. If Charles is disturbed, it will be bad.
Practitioners in several important departments have also been marked one by one. It is estimated that there are only a few fugitives in Charles’ hands. Charles’ residence and office are also very unclear about what actions can be taken to ensure the safety of those hostages "hijacked" by Charles.
These days, Charles seems to have stepped up his efforts to issue decrees, which is almost like a joke in history. Those famous tyrants or fatuous monarchs generally don’t know what to say, but the people are miserable to accept it. It is a law to endure and not accept it, but a large number of soldiers suppress it.
Even Charles’s soldiers have been estranged from Charles, and all kinds of unpopular and unpopular policies have made people around him gradually move away from the original group with him. Some of them have already pondered the way out, and there is absolutely no future in fooling around like Charles.
Now Charles is not the former leader who led the whole regiment to the peak of higher power and desire, but a crazy one who was hit by various failures and didn’t know what he was doing.
Yes, it’s crazy. From the perspective of a normal politician, there is no difference between Charles’ behavior and madness. A mature politician should never have done such childish and absurd things.
Speaking of which, Charles is really pitiful. Everything is bad from the beginning to the end. From the energy war to the final split, there is nothing but Andrew being easily solved by Gao He. It is also conceivable that Gao He may not be called a holiday jinx, but a Charles nemesis.
Most people around Charles have been in secret contact with the joint parliament. Anyway, the great evil is that Charles organized these people. They are just accomplices with meritorious service, and maybe they can get a promotion that is not too bad.
A large amount of information has to be summarized into the military intelligence department. The mutiny of Charles regimental personnel has made many Charles arrangements naked in front of the military.
The former fuel air explosive threatened to prove that Charles was bluffing. Now this man has become moody, and no one knows what he has made. But now he doesn’t really believe that most of these low-level people are working with him to recruit those practitioners and fugitives, and many people don’t know what to do.
But one thing is for sure, those important facilities and key locations are guarded by these yogis. They must have something to do with these facilities. Once the line fails and threatens Charles Ann, Charles will be desperate to destroy them.
Speaking, the destruction of these key facilities can directly cause billions of people’s livelihood to depend on, which is not small compared with the direct explosion of fuel air explosive. General Jordan’s decisive order to withdraw troops is also a very correct decision
But in any case, the facilities were destroyed, after all, there were still some material losses. How can the joint parliament solve the direct threats to the lives of billions of people? As soon as the remaining ones are removed, Gaohe will let go and do it.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Resentment subsided ()
In this way, it is easier for Gaohe to deal with the target, and the requirements are relatively reduced. Many of them can ensure the safety of those key facilities and solve Charles and those practitioners as soon as possible. If they can’t, they can sacrifice those key facilities if they can guarantee the necessary situation of Charles and his followers.
Even so, it is still not a simple task. These people are located in various places and are quite far away from each other. Moreover, these people often contact each other. In case of any accident, it is quite difficult to start at once. Charles has torn off his face and decided to rely on this situation. It is almost impossible to successfully complete it.
Of course, Gao He didn’t show any concern, but he was a little happy with a little excitement. This guy Gao He will have nothing to do for more than ten days in a row, and his eyes will light up as soon as he hears it.
People in the Supreme Command never seem to doubt Gao He’s ability. Generally, no one has expressed any worries or worries since this was officially handed over to Gao He. It seems that they have never considered what will happen if Gao He fails to finish these things. Perhaps it is because Gao He never let them down before!
The Gaohe warship, like a black ghost, took off quietly from the apron of the high command and quickly merged into the background of the black universe. Perhaps the only one who can station combatants in the high command is Gaohe, which is also the first in the history of the military department.
Gamma Star has been firmly controlled by the joint parliamentary army, and the last surface is given to Charles, and 99 of the 100 Charles troops who guard the surface are unwilling to clash with the joint parliamentary army. I believe that the battle is the result of the surrender of the established system
Those facilities controlled by Charles’ confidants have been marked with accurate maps by the intelligence department, and the cranes should be constructed according to the map.
Many commanders wonder how Gaohe can attack multiple targets at the same time, but they are also strange, but they never doubt whether Gaohe can do it. It is strange that no one can say anything. It seems that all the problems are in Gaohe’s hands and only the victory result is left.
The warship entered the atmosphere of the gamma planet, and the gamma military scanner found the first target out of sight. The Gaohe warship landed quickly and put it away, while he quietly touched it in that direction alone.
When the distance is right, Gaohe separated a part of the solidified gold, like fresh life, and the black metal instantly turned into the environmental color like a chameleon, and infiltrated the past in that direction.
By setting gold, the crane can clearly feel all the ground condensation water flowing like another pair of eyes and skin, and it was discovered that it soon entered the target place and found the target place.
That’s a yogi who is responsible for guarding this huge dam. Once something happens, his first thing to do is to blow up the dam and then try his best. However, it may not be possible to achieve this goal by being stared at by Gao He from a distance.
I feel that I can suddenly solve this guy at any time. Gaohe is far from walking out of this building’s field of vision and flying by warship to another goal.
Do the same thing. Several reservation targets have been assigned by Gao He, and some of them have been guarded by gold. After flying around the gamma planet several times in a warship, Gao He found that several yogis were not one of us. After that, Gao He treated the enemy’s standards and left quickly after leaving a deadly threat.
The surrounding eagles and dogs have been solved, and the only thing left is Charles, a Charles, who is so easy to find that he doesn’t even have a bunker like Andrew’s, so he is so arrogant that he can hardly lead the way to the tallest building in the capital without looking for the crane in his magnificent palace.
All the troops haven’t changed. Gaohe has been wearing the uniform of the joint parliament and walking down the street. No one doubts him. He also said from the side what the whole gamma star garrison has become. After a joint parliamentary attack, almost no army is willing to continue to perform their duties except Charles, who controls the core forces. Even the capital is like this. You can imagine what his place is like.
At night, people occasionally see the crane in the street with a cold look as if they were looking at some bad guy. The soldiers here are very unpopular. Fortunately, the crane has been wearing a tactical helmet, otherwise those people will definitely recognize the crane from its face. Fortunately, otherwise, once they recognize it, the crane may be in trouble again.